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WUVT Premiums Now on Sale!
Written by Carlos Vializ   
Friday, 13 December 2013


Radiothon may be over, but you still have a chance to make a difference at WUVT, and get some discounted swag, too!

Visit the WUVT Studio Offices at 350 Squires Student Center to get yours NOW

This is a limited time offer, ending December 20th!

  • Sweatshirt $30
  • T-Shirt $10
  • Glass Mug $8
  • Messenger Bag $8
  • Thermos $5
  • Coffee Mug $5
  • Mason Jar $5
  • Grocery Bag $5
  • Poster $5
  • Stickers $1
Latest Adds
Written by Jacob Wilbanks   
Sunday, 08 December 2013
Because The Internet Album Art

Title: Childish Gambino - “Because The Internet”
Label: Glassnote Records
Genre: Hip Hop / Rap
Description: This is easily Donald Glover’s best musical output to date. He’s really honed in and found his voice, taking the best from “Camp” and “Royalty,” finally making a consistently great record that’s vulnerable and risky, exploring topics of depression, loneliness, and the loss of identity. He’s just doing him better than your doing you.

The Magnolia Electric Co. Album Art

Title: Songs: Ohia - “The Magnolia Electric Co.”
Label: Secretly Canadian
Genre: Indie Rock / Alt Country
Description: The 10th anniversary deluxe reissue of Jason Molina’s acclaimed 2003 album. It was so good he often recorded as The Magnolia Electric Co. after the albums release until his untimely death earlier this year of alcohol related organ failure. The songwriting is impeccable, the music just as good. Demos of all the tracks on disc 2, minus #4. Don’ t sleep on them. Genuine, heartbreaking, and honest. Simply great.

Sum/One Album Art

Title: bEEdEEgEE - “Sum/One”
Label: 4AD
Genre: Experimental Rock / Electronic
Description: This is Brian DeGraw of Gang Gang Dance’s first solo album. Not a huge sonic leap from that groups sound; still lots of percussion, house and dancefloor leanings, and synth soundscapes. Guests from Hot Chip (5) CSS (5,7) Gang Gang Dance (2) and Douglas Armour (3).

Singles Collection Volume 3 Album Art

Title: Thee Oh Sees - “Singles Collection Volume 3”
Label: Castle Face
Genre: Psychedelic Garage Rock
Description: mmmmmmmmm this is an oh so tasty collection of demos, rarities, live tracks, as well as covers of Sonic Youth (4) and Mr. Quintron (6) from the prolific Mr. Dwyer and Thee Oh Sees. Peep the inner sleeve for more info on the tracks.

Pop Obskura Album Art

Title: The Low Frequency in Stereo - “Pop Obskura”
Label: Long Branch Records
Genre: Experimental Pop Rock
Description: Of all the bands that supposedly sound like Stereolab that come across my desk, this is the only one that actually lives up to that comparison. These Norwegian’s are like a mixture of them and The Sugarcubes, with singsong and layered vocals, organs, and analog synths. Part of the “lo-fi post-rock” scene, so they say. Whew, this is surprisingly pretty good.

Latest Adds
Written by Jacob Wilbanks   
Monday, 02 December 2013
Oblivion Hymns Album Art

Title: Hammock – “Oblivion Hymns”
Label: Hammock Music
Genre: Ambient / Post Rock
Description: Well, this is about as breathtakingly beautiful as music can get. Just do yourself a favor and listen to this. These are orchestral works of pure splendor.

Nightmare Ending Album Art

Title: Eluvium – “Nightmare Ending”
Label: Temporary Residence
Genre: Experimental Ambient / Post Rock
Description: This is very much like that Hammock album, with no real standouts, as it is all about one product that flows seamlessly and really should be digested together. A decent amount of piano as well.

Small Sound EP Album Art

Title: Tennis - “Small Sound EP”
Label: Communion Music
Genre: Indie Pop
Description: The husband-wife duo offering up a short little EP before their new record in 2014. They’ve jumped from Fat Possum, and this feels less lo-fi with more of a mainstream pop appeal, but it still has all that charm.

Drown Out Album Art

Title: Daedelus - “Drown Out”
Label: Anticon
Genre: RPM / Electronic
Description: For his 10th album he’s moved over to Anticon, and this supposedly sublimated 90’s west coast gangster rap, rave, classical, jazz, footwork, juke and a lot more into its sound. You can apparently even hear the sound of eyes drying, whatever that means. A bit pompous but still good.

The Shaw Tapes: Live In Detroit 5/27/88 Album Art

Title: The Gories - “The Shaw Tapes: Live In Detroit 5/27/88”
Label: Third Man Records
Genre: Garage Rock / Lo-fi
Description: Jack White seems determined to bring to light forgotten bands of the past, and here he presents The Gories. It’s gritty, lo-fi as hell, house party thrashing music! Covers of John Lee Hooker (5) The Stooges (6) and Willie Dixon (13). A lot of them have lots of chatter at the end of the songs.

Friendly Unit Creation Kit Album Art

Title: Sonic Graffiti - “Friendly Unit Creation Kit”
Label: Self-released
Genre: Garage Rock
Description: This reminds me of that Orwells EP that is in rotation right now. They can rock out pretty hard, but also temper back (5). Pretty straightforward garage rock, a little anthemic at times, but they also add some flavor, like the harmonica in 2.

Sister Faith Album Art

Title: Coliseum - “Sister Faith”
Label: Temporary Residence
Genre: Rock / Punk
Description: Fourth album, first with new bassist Kayhan Vaziri. An fairly unyielding pace throughout except for 4, covering weighty topics like death to lighter ones like punk wizards. Guests from Sebadoh, Boris, Jawbox, and more.

WUVT Charts 11/17/13 - 11/23/13
Written by Jacob Wilbanks   
Sunday, 24 November 2013
  1. DucktailsWish Hotel
  2. Arcade FireReflektor
  3. Crystal AntlersNothing Is Real
  4. Nils FrahmSpaces
  5. Okkervil RiverThe Silver Gymnasium
  6. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.The Speeed of Things
  7. Gringo StarFloating Out To See
  8. King Khan & The ShrinesIdle No More
  9. Mutual BenefitLove's Crushing Diamond
  10. of MontrealLousy With Sylvianbriar
  11. PampersPampers
  12. The Black HolliesSomewhere Between Here and Nowhere
  13. Washed OutParacosm
  14. Cate Le BonMug Museum
  15. CaveThreace
  16. CFCFOutside
  17. Cass McCombsBig Wheel and Others
  18. Dent MayWarm Blanket
  19. CrocodilesCrimes of Passion
  20. Juana MolinaWed 21
  21. Parquet CourtsTally All The Things That You Broke
  22. Russian CirclesMemorial
  23. La LuzIt's Alive
  24. CultsStatic
  25. Mike DonovanWot
  26. Cut CopyFree Your Mind
  27. HuntersHunters
  28. JelLate Pass
  29. The History of Apple PieOut of View
Latest Adds
Written by Jacob Wilbanks   
Wednesday, 20 November 2013
Old Album Art

Title: Danny Brown – “Old””
Label: Fools Gold
Genre: Hip Hop
Description: It’s Danny Brown, the crack head, misogynistic, toothless Detroiter, killing it with his signature delivery and high-pitched yelp. I love this dude and you’ve been sleeping if you haven’t heard of him. Drug infused hysteria and a balance of comedy and real stuff over supreme beats. Side A is the regular jams, and Side B is the festival bangers.

Love's Crushing Diamond Album Art

Title: Mutual Benefit – “Love’s Crushing Diamond””
Label: Other Music
Genre: Baroque Folk Pop
Description: Mutual Benefit is the project of Jordan Lee, who makes lush, watery pop songs. First Bandcamp release to be named Best New Music by Pitchfork, so cool. These are undeniably pretty, like a little drop of dew glistening in the sun.

Pastel And Pass Out Album Art

Title: No Joy - “Pastel And Pass Out”
Label: Mexican Summer
Genre: Shoegaze
Description: This is a new 12” to coincide with their upcoming tour, following last springs “Wait to Pleasure.” These Montreal girls kill it, offering up shredding wall of noise shoegaze (2) to atmospheric guitar pop (3). Ugh this is just good.

Purgatory/Paradise Album Art

Title: Throwing Muses - “Purgatory/Paradise”
Label: Harper Collins/It Books
Genre: Indie Rock / College Rock
Description: This is a long, cluster of an album, but what would you expect after 10 years since their last release? There is some pretty slick stuff here, throwback to 90’s college rock sound, and none of the tracks are bad, it’s just a lot to wade through.

Beauty Meat/Language Juice 7 Album Art

Title: Sun Club – “Beauty Meat/Language Juice 7””
Label: Self-released
Genre: Indie Pop / Dance
Description: These guys from Baltimore threw down one of the sweetest, sweatiest, fun-frenzied dance parties of a set at Ceritano’s for us. If you weren’t there, you missed a fucking fantastic show. Now you know to go to Chuck’s shows and to listen to this.

Late Pass Album Art

Title: Jel - “Late Pass”
Label: Anticon
Genre: NCP / Sound Collage
Description: Jel is a co-founder of Anticon, but he also makes music with a bevy of samples over hip hop beats to drive the songs, and occasionally sings and raps. He is not great at rapping, but it works and there is enough in the production to keep things interesting.

Spaces Album Art

Title: Nils Frahm - "Spaces"
Label: Erased Tapes
Genre: NCP / Piano
Description: These are all live recordings of Nils Frahm, a classically trained pianist from Berlin. He has chops and his arrangements and meticulously slow pace in most songs provides a huge reward for a patient listener, while incorporating enough analog synths to keep it modern. As sonically pleasing as it gets. A lot are silent at the beginning and end for some time so be careful.

Live In San Francisco Album Art

Title: White Fence - “Live In San Francisco”
Label: Castle Face
Genre: Psychedelic Garage
Description: A live album of White Fence in San Francisco, as the title says. If you dig the other stuff coming out of Castle Face, pop this on.

WUVT Charts 11/10/13 - 11/16/13
Written by Jacob Wilbanks   
Sunday, 17 November 2013
  1. Arcade FireReflektor
  2. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.The Speeed of Things
  3. Washed OutParacosm
  4. Cut CopyFree Your Mind
  5. DucktailsWish Hotel
  6. Russian CirlcesMemorial
  7. CFCFOutside
  8. Frankie RoseHerein Wild
  9. La LuzIt's Alive
  10. Crystal AntlersNothing Is Real
  11. PolicaShulamith
  12. Son LuxLanterns
  13. The Black HolliesSomewhere Between Here And Nowhere
  14. Au Revoir SimoneMove In Spectrums
  15. CaveThreace
  16. CHVRCHESThe Bones Of What You Believe
  17. CultsStatic
  18. DJ FraneHi Dusty Stranger
  19. Ghost WaveAges
  20. Gringo StarFloating Out To See
  21. Kelley StoltzDouble Exposure
  22. of MontrealLousy With Sylvianbriar
  23. Parquet CourtsTally All The Things That You Broke EP
  24. SuperchunkI Hate Music
  25. The Dismemberment PlanUncanney Valley
  26. Ty SegallSleeper
  27. YuckGlow & Behold
  28. Cate Le BonMug Museum
  29. Juana MolinaWed 21
  30. Knotted CordHeavy Minerals
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