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Written by Jacob Wilbanks   
Old Album Art

Title: Danny Brown – “Old””
Label: Fools Gold
Genre: Hip Hop
Description: It’s Danny Brown, the crack head, misogynistic, toothless Detroiter, killing it with his signature delivery and high-pitched yelp. I love this dude and you’ve been sleeping if you haven’t heard of him. Drug infused hysteria and a balance of comedy and real stuff over supreme beats. Side A is the regular jams, and Side B is the festival bangers.

Love's Crushing Diamond Album Art

Title: Mutual Benefit – “Love’s Crushing Diamond””
Label: Other Music
Genre: Baroque Folk Pop
Description: Mutual Benefit is the project of Jordan Lee, who makes lush, watery pop songs. First Bandcamp release to be named Best New Music by Pitchfork, so cool. These are undeniably pretty, like a little drop of dew glistening in the sun.

Pastel And Pass Out Album Art

Title: No Joy - “Pastel And Pass Out”
Label: Mexican Summer
Genre: Shoegaze
Description: This is a new 12” to coincide with their upcoming tour, following last springs “Wait to Pleasure.” These Montreal girls kill it, offering up shredding wall of noise shoegaze (2) to atmospheric guitar pop (3). Ugh this is just good.

Purgatory/Paradise Album Art

Title: Throwing Muses - “Purgatory/Paradise”
Label: Harper Collins/It Books
Genre: Indie Rock / College Rock
Description: This is a long, cluster of an album, but what would you expect after 10 years since their last release? There is some pretty slick stuff here, throwback to 90’s college rock sound, and none of the tracks are bad, it’s just a lot to wade through.

Beauty Meat/Language Juice 7 Album Art

Title: Sun Club – “Beauty Meat/Language Juice 7””
Label: Self-released
Genre: Indie Pop / Dance
Description: These guys from Baltimore threw down one of the sweetest, sweatiest, fun-frenzied dance parties of a set at Ceritano’s for us. If you weren’t there, you missed a fucking fantastic show. Now you know to go to Chuck’s shows and to listen to this.

Late Pass Album Art

Title: Jel - “Late Pass”
Label: Anticon
Genre: NCP / Sound Collage
Description: Jel is a co-founder of Anticon, but he also makes music with a bevy of samples over hip hop beats to drive the songs, and occasionally sings and raps. He is not great at rapping, but it works and there is enough in the production to keep things interesting.

Spaces Album Art

Title: Nils Frahm - "Spaces"
Label: Erased Tapes
Genre: NCP / Piano
Description: These are all live recordings of Nils Frahm, a classically trained pianist from Berlin. He has chops and his arrangements and meticulously slow pace in most songs provides a huge reward for a patient listener, while incorporating enough analog synths to keep it modern. As sonically pleasing as it gets. A lot are silent at the beginning and end for some time so be careful.

Live In San Francisco Album Art

Title: White Fence - “Live In San Francisco”
Label: Castle Face
Genre: Psychedelic Garage
Description: A live album of White Fence in San Francisco, as the title says. If you dig the other stuff coming out of Castle Face, pop this on.

WUVT Charts 11/10/13 - 11/16/13
Written by Jacob Wilbanks   
  1. Arcade FireReflektor
  2. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.The Speeed of Things
  3. Washed OutParacosm
  4. Cut CopyFree Your Mind
  5. DucktailsWish Hotel
  6. Russian CirlcesMemorial
  7. CFCFOutside
  8. Frankie RoseHerein Wild
  9. La LuzIt's Alive
  10. Crystal AntlersNothing Is Real
  11. PolicaShulamith
  12. Son LuxLanterns
  13. The Black HolliesSomewhere Between Here And Nowhere
  14. Au Revoir SimoneMove In Spectrums
  15. CaveThreace
  16. CHVRCHESThe Bones Of What You Believe
  17. CultsStatic
  18. DJ FraneHi Dusty Stranger
  19. Ghost WaveAges
  20. Gringo StarFloating Out To See
  21. Kelley StoltzDouble Exposure
  22. of MontrealLousy With Sylvianbriar
  23. Parquet CourtsTally All The Things That You Broke EP
  24. SuperchunkI Hate Music
  25. The Dismemberment PlanUncanney Valley
  26. Ty SegallSleeper
  27. YuckGlow & Behold
  28. Cate Le BonMug Museum
  29. Juana MolinaWed 21
  30. Knotted CordHeavy Minerals
Latest Adds
Written by Jacob Wilbanks   
Wed 21 Album Art

Title: Juana Molina - “Wed 21”
Label: Crammed Discs
Genre: Experimental Pop / Latin
Description: An excellent offering from Argentinean musician Juana Molina. A perfect balance between folk pop and playful electronic experimentation. The recordings of the lost daughter of Cat Power and Deerhoof, abandoned in La Boca and raised on Tango!

Heavy Minerals Album Art

Title: Knotted Cord - “Heavy Minerals”
Label: Mythical Carpet
Genre: Experimental Noise / Shoegaze
Description: The third album from the solo project of Rebecca Keehner of California. She plays everything (guitar, drums, bass, keyboards, vocals) and makes experimental noise rock with some shoegaze influences in the guitars and mostly indecipherable lyrics. Cool stuff.

Free Your Mind Album Art

Title: Cut Copy - “Free Your Mind”
Label: Domino
Genre: Indie Electronic
Description: The follow up to Grammy winning “Zonoscope” These are ultra uplifting tracks to dance your ass off to. Warm pleasant tones and bongos and synths and hand clapping and just an all around good time!

Wish Hotel Album Art

Title: Ducktails - “Wish Hotel”
Label: Domino
Genre: Indie Rock
Description: This is the solo project of Matt Mondanile, who happens to also play guitar in a little band called Real Estate. Similar to that sound, but with more of willingness to experiment. 2+3 are essentially same song. “Pay no attention to the things they say.”

Somewhere Between Here and Nowhere Album Art

Title: The Black Hollies - “Somewhere Between Here and Nowhere”
Label: Ernest Jenning Record Co.
Genre: Psychedelic Rock / 60's Garage
Description: The Black Hollies are the fur-lined hood on your favorite winter jacket, insulating you with its fuzzy goodness from the winter air. Propelled by Korg synths, moving just quick enough to avoid the onset of hypothermia and mental confusion.

Lanterns Album Art

Title: Son Lux - “Lanterns”
Label: Joyful Noise
Genre: Electronic Pop Rock / Indie Pop
Description: Ryan Lott combines a lot of electronic shindigs with indie pop that wants to be grandiose, settling somewhere between Sufjan Stevens and James Blake. Guests include The Antlers, Lily & Madeleine, My Brightest Diamond, and more.

Out of View Album Art

Title: The History of Apple Pie - “Out of View”
Label: Marshall Teller Records
Genre: Indie Rock
Description: This is a throwback to 90’s indie rock, with lots of lush guitars loaded with feedback and crunchy drums. Actually a romantic couple between guitarist Jerome Watson and vocalist Stephanie Min. Sugary guitar noise pop perfect for summer with Min’s candy sweet vocals.

EP Album Art

Title: Higgins Waterproof Black Magic Band - “EP”
Label: ZNA
Genre: Indie Rock
Description: This is a side band of Tunde Adebimpe of TV On The Radio. A pretty similar sound to them, especially since it’s the same vocalist. Post-punky indie rock with some reggae and dub elements.

Memorial Album Art

Title: Russian Circles - “Memorial”
Label: Sargent House
Genre: Post-Rock
Description: Russian Circles are superb at taking the expansiveness of post rock and filling that space with sometimes lush, gorgeous rock and at other times loud, bludgeoning, heavy rock. “Memorial” features Chelsea Wolfe, and the rest are sweet, sweet instrumentals.

Butter Knife Album Art

Title: Audacity - “Butter Knife”
Label: Suicide Squeeze
Genre: Garage Power Pop
Description: Garage rock that sometimes wants to be punk but you can tell these kids were raised on power pop like Weezer. Quick paced and a little bit goofy.

Double Cup Album Art

Title: DJ Rashad - “Double Cup”
Label: Hyperdub
Genre: RPM / Footwork
Description: Unfortunately, some of the best songs have FCC’s, but there is still a lot of good stuff here. Drug infused tracks to get you moving. The love for weed is evident. “Why you smoking reggies” hahahahahaha

Guilt Trips Album Art

Title: Ryan Hemsworth - “Guilt Trips”
Label: Last Gang Records
Genre: RPM / Genre Mashing
Description: This release goes all over the place. Genre mashing you could say. He is pretty damn good at it though, blending hip hop with dance and even a little r&b, but it never strays so far as to sound misguided or cliché.

Cave Jenny Album Art

Title: Like Like The The The Death - “Cave Jenny”
Label: Latest Flame Records
Genre: Post-Punk / Noise
Description: This mouthful of a band name, taken from a Silver Jews song, is some kids out of Milwaukee playing fast loud post-punk with some noise and hardcore elements in the mix. They have koozies with a picture of Jesus that says Like Like To To To Drink on them and I want one.

Cupid Deluxe Album Art

Title: Blood Orange - “Cupid Deluxe”
Label: Domino
Genre: Soulful Electropop
Description: Devonte Hynes used to be in Test Icicles, but now he’s making soulful, funky electropop under the Blood Orange moniker, and working with everyone from Clams Casino & David Longstreth of Dirty Projectors (4) to Despot (7). Think a slower paced Toro y Moi that’s not as dance-y with dashes of Prince.

Bitter Rivals Album Art

Title: Sleigh Bells - "Bitter Rivals
Label: Mom + Pop
Genre: Hardcore Indie Pop
Description: If you haven't heard them before, Sleigh Bells is the literal combination of a teen-pop singer and a HC guitarist. They play around with a lot of distortion and synthetic sounds. What makes this album unique for them? A more varied use of instruments and this time the girls is writing so the range fits her voice a little better.

Mug Museum Album Art

Title: Cate Le Bon – Mug Museum
Label: Wichita
Genre: Guitar Pop
Description: The Welsh guitarist returns for another album of guitar pop that checks boxes for me. Previously, she combined the pop vocal of Nico with the strange, bright wooziness of Pavement’s Brighten the Corners album, but this one ups her musical sophistication. There’s a bit of interplay here that at time recalls Tom Verlaine’s weaving guitar from Television and the forward bass playing of many more great post-punk bands, but neither is a truly dominating force, with Le Bon preferring the guidance of the rhythm guitar. Still, don’t let me suggest by these comparisons that this is an overwrought, largely inaccessible record; she’s really got great pop here.

Latest Adds
Written by Jacob Wilbanks   
Reflektor Album Art

Title: Arcade Fire - “Reflektor”
Label: Merge
Genre: Indie Rock
Description: It’s Arcade Fire and it’s good and you were already going to play it. Huge press unveiling, worked with James Murphy…you’ve heard it all already. Win Butler summed the album up great: “Ideally you'd be shaking your ass with a little tear in your eye!”

It's Alive Album Art

Title: La Luz - “It’s Alive”
Label: Hardly Art
Genre: Surfy Garage Pop Rock
Description: These girls rule! La Luz is Spanish for light, like their shimmering guitars, blended with surf rock, 60s pop harmonies, and some synthy keys, all filtered through a gloomy and death occupied mind. Perfect songs for a Tarantino film. Great stuff!

Vapor City Album Art

Title: Machinedrum - “Vapor City”
Label: Ninja Tune
Genre: RPM / Ambient Techno
Description: These tracks are supposedly set to different districts in Travis Stewarts recurring dream of a place called “Vapor City.” It’s got those distant, ghostly vocals and sometimes gets super glitchy. It’s good.

Threace Album Art

Title: Cave - “Threace”
Label: Drag City
Genre: Psych Rock
Description: If you like long ass instrumental tracks this is for you! These are fairly minimal tracks (no effects, no vocals) that lock into a rhythm without managing to sound stagnant, thanks to a driving pace and enough subtleties to propel the songs. A definite nod to krautrock acts like Neu! and Can.

Shulamith Album Art

Title: Poliça - “Shulamith”
Label: Mom + Pop
Genre: Electropop
Description: Poliça is Minnesota duo Channy Leaneagh and Ryan Olson, who make superb electropop with dancy synths, but lyrics with much darker vibes. It’s solid throughout. Justin Vernon sings on 8.

The Coincidentalist Album Art

Title: Howe Gelb - “The Coincidentalist”
Label: New West Records
Genre: Alt-Country/Folk Rock
Description: The leader of Giant Sand’s 7th solo release. It’s dusty desert music kept at a leisurely pace by Gelb’s panty dropper delivery, which crawls to regular speaking several times.

Outsidet Album Art

Title: CFCF - “Outside”
Label: Paper Bag
Genre: Electronic Pop/Chillwave
Description: This is super chilled out pop music over hazy electronic backdrops. Yea, it’s just chill.

Wot Album Art

Title: Mike Donovan - “Wot”
Label: Drag City
Genre: Rock
Description: This is Mike Donovan’s first solo album after the dissolution of Sic Alps. It’s mostly mellow acoustic stuff though there are a few quicker jams, but nothing like the frenzied garage rock of past. Quite a few interesting song names, especially for some with no lyrics (6, 10)

WUVT Charts 10/20/13-10/26/13
Written by Jacob Wilbanks   
  1. Boards Of CanadaTomorrow's Harvest
  2. Cass McCombsBig Wheel And Others
  3. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.The Speeed of Things
  4. Gringo StarFloating Out To See
  5. of MontrealLousy With Sylvianbriar
  6. CultsStatic
  7. Jessy LanzaPull My Hair Back
  8. Hot ChipDark And Stormy (EP)
  9. Crystal AntlersNothing Is Real
  10. Parquet CourtsTally All The Things That You Broke (EP)
  11. King Khan And The ShrinesIdle No More
  12. SuperchunkI Hate Music
  13. The Pack A.D.Some Sssongs (EP)
  14. The Cactus ChannelWooden Boy
  15. Washed OutParacosm
  16. CHVRCHESThe Bones Of What You Believe
  17. BoardwalkBoardwalk
  18. IslandsSki Mask
  19. Jacuzzi BoysJacuzzi Boys
  20. HuntersHunters
  21. Dent MayWarm Blanket
  22. Elf PowerSunlight On The Moon
  23. Volcano ChoirRepave
  24. YuckGlow & Behold
  25. Courtney BarnettThe Double EP: A Sea Of Split Peas
  26. BraidsFlourish//Perish
  27. FuzzFuzz
  28. Pure Bathing CultureMoon Tides
  29. Frankie RoseHerein Wild
  30. WeekendJinx
Latest Adds
Written by Jacob Wilbanks   
Nothing Is Real Album Art

Title: Crystal Antlers – “Nothing Is Real”
Label: Innovative Leisure
Genre: Indie Rock/Noise Rock

Floating Out To See Album Art

Title: Gringo Star - “Floating Out To See”
Label: My Anxious Mouth
Genre: Psych Pop/Garage Rock

Big Wheel And Others Album Art

Title: Cass McCombs - “Big Wheel And Others”
Label: Domino
Genre: Indie Rock/Alt-Country

Boardwalk Album Art

Title: Boardwalk - "Boardwalk"
Label: Stones Throw
Genre: Dream Pop/Glo-fi

Static Album Art

Title: Cults - "Static"
Label: Columbia
Genre: Indie Pop

The Speed Of Things Album Art

Title: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. - “The Shape of Things”
Label: Warner Bros.
Genre: Indie Pop

Julia With Blue Jeans On Album Art

Title: Moonface - “Julia With Blue Jeans On”
Label: Jagjaguwar
Genre: Piano

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