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Radiothon Recap: Day 3
Written by Anh Ngo, WUVT General Manager   
Wednesday, 03 November 2010

DAY 3 is almost coming to a close, and as of 9:57PM we've raised $5,093!!
Once again, a big big thank you to everyone who has donated and pledged.  I
think this is a new record for us!

To wrap up Day 3 we've got "The Don" Rastberger presenting Begathon  V 3
hours of The Cure and to start DAY 4 Billy Bile "Balogna Beat": Everyone's
favorite songs about cold cuts.

Tomorrow will be our first remote down town in front of Moe's from 10AM-5PM
depending on the weather.  Again, if you have time, stop by and have fun
with us! It's been a party every day.

Onwards to $15,000!!!


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