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Loren Cass
Written by Matt Dhillon   
Sunday, 11 October 2009

Indie filmmaker Chris Fuller's 12-year project Loren Cass will be released Nov. 23.  Here is a

     At the age of 15, filmmaker Chris Fuller began his 12-year-long work on the independent film “Loren Cass.” After 7 years of saving funds, the film was finally shot over a 14-day period and awaits its upcoming DVD release on Nov. 23.

     The story follows Jason, a down-on-his-luck skinhead, as he traverses St. Petersburg, Fla., in the aftermath of the 1996 rebellions. Set in a era marked by police brutality, the film is sure to be ripe with cops running face-first into steel-toes, burning donut shops, and the general mayhem that so uniquely grasps for freedom. But that’s not all: contained within the span of the movie is a live performance by punk-rock gods and homeless drug addicts Leftover Crack as they play “One Dead Cop” to a crowd probably containing more scabies than people; surely a scene where no drug could find neglect.

     As Jason, his friends, and his enemies search the streets for some clarity, they are accompanied by the words of Charles Bukowski, Robert Desnos, and others echoing the bitter-sweet torture of life. These poetic scenes will hopefully highlight the curb-stomping of many a blue uniform and spirals of emotion holding in close relation the borders of sanity.

     Understandably, audiences will be expecting a lot from this one-time nominated film for “Best Film Not Playing at a Theater Near You.” To those few for whom the touching story of nihilist skinheads finding their place in the world is resistible, consider breaking down for this film. “Loren Cass” will undoubtedly be in the current of subculture for years to come.

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