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A conversation with caroline on their debut album...

written by Bryce Roper on


WUVT's Music Director, Bryce Roper, and Woove Editor in Chief Michael Haddad were joined by the band caroline on the Thursday leading into the release of their debut album on Feb 25 to discuss topics ranging from creativity in the musical space as an 8-piece, the origin of their name, the power of suspense in performance, and what lies ahead for the band.

Click the image to be redirected to the Woove site to listen and read a full transcript, and for a link to the artists bandcamp.

A Pre-Show Interview with Indré!

written by Zane Kidwell on


Indré is performing at the Milk Parlor TONIGHT with Orange Culture and Cherry Moon.

Today WUVT's General Manager, Katherine McArdle, had a chance to talk with Indré about the band's new album Misfits in the Sun and their favorite songs from the album. The band also recorded a live session in Studio C. Click read more to listen to both!

A Pre-Show Interview with Loudness War!

written by Bryce Roper on


Loudness War is in town performing with Bone Machine at the Milk Parlor TONIGHT

Yesterday WUVT's Music Director, Bryce Roper, had the opportunity to have a conversation with Loudness War right before their show in Lexington, KY to discuss their most recent EP, Dream Popped, as well as things like their creative process, and the albums that inspire them. Click "read more" to listen to the full conversation!

New Music Is Back!

written by Bryce Roper on

We at WUVT have decided to revive our New Music page. We will be making monthly posts on this section of the website with a selection of our new adds, along with the shorter reviews written by our music staff.

Also - check in for occasional full-length album reviews, written by our Woove staff in collaboration with our music staff.

New Music Adds - September 6th, 2016

written by Ben Kodres-O'Brien on

We've been playing these for about a month now.


Preoccupations - Preoccupations

Label: jagjaguwar
Reviewed by: Harrison Grinnan
Good shit. Post-punk, krautrock. I prefer this over their first album, back when they were called Viet Cong.


Carnival Youth - Propeller

Label: Popup


Local Natives - Sunlit Youth

Label: Loma Vista
Reviewed by: Harrison Grinnan
Better than I expected from them, honestly.


Yohuna - Patientness

Label: Orchid Tapes
Reviewed by: Harrison Grinnan
The first thing orchid tapes has ever sent us! It's a little slow and less weird than most of their stuff but still fun if your favorite slowdive album is souvlaki but you wish it was slower and made by a girl alone in her bedroom.

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