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New Music Is Back!

written by Bryce Roper on

We at WUVT have decided to revive our New Music page. We will be making monthly posts on this section of the website with a selection of our new adds, along with the shorter reviews written by our music staff.

Also - check in for occasional full-length album reviews, written by our Woove staff in collaboration with our music staff.

New Music Adds - September 6th, 2016

written by Ben Kodres-O'Brien on

We've been playing these for about a month now.


Preoccupations - Preoccupations

Label: jagjaguwar
Reviewed by: Harrison Grinnan
Good shit. Post-punk, krautrock. I prefer this over their first album, back when they were called Viet Cong.


Carnival Youth - Propeller

Label: Popup


Local Natives - Sunlit Youth

Label: Loma Vista
Reviewed by: Harrison Grinnan
Better than I expected from them, honestly.


Yohuna - Patientness

Label: Orchid Tapes
Reviewed by: Harrison Grinnan
The first thing orchid tapes has ever sent us! It's a little slow and less weird than most of their stuff but still fun if your favorite slowdive album is souvlaki but you wish it was slower and made by a girl alone in her bedroom.

New Music Adds - August 30th, 2016

written by Ben Kodres-O'Brien on

Thirty days ago today, some actual live humans started to play this music on WUVT FM 90.7.


Megafauna - Welcome Home

Label: Pirate Press
Reviewed by: Harrison Grinnan
Austin psych rock. Fun stuff


Crystal Castles - Amnesty (I)

Label: Fiction
Reviewed by: Harrison Grinnan
Apparently people like this band


The Veils - Total Depravity

Label: Nettwerk
Reviewed by: Laura Wollinsky
FUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKK this rules. Going into this I kind of hated Harrison for giving it to me, but it all worked out in the end. With Total Depravity, The Veils blend ominous tones with catchy melodies and smart lyrics sure to give your séance that extra flare. This album was produced by El-P (Run the Jewels), which is random but also makes complete sense. You should play this.

New Music Adds - June 24th, 2015

written by Ben Jaques on

Creepoid Cemetery Highrise Slum

Creepoid - Cemetery Highrise Slum

Damaged Bug Cold Hot Plumbs

Damaged Bug - Cold Hot Plumbs

Eternal Summers Gold And Stone

Eternal Summers - Gold and Stone

Frasier A Gorman Slow Gum

Frasier A. Gorman - Slow Gum

J Fernandez Many Levels of Laughter

J Fernandez - Many Levels of Laughter

Tough Age I Get The Feeling Central

Tough Age - I Get The Feeling Central

New Music Adds - April 27th, 2015

written by Steve Ibanez on



Label: Wilsuns RC
Genre: Rock 'n' Roll
Reviewed by: Steve Ibanez
So much grit and filth. Sheer Mag are back with another four song shredder where everything is coated in distortion and hair metal licks sound sick. Music like this just isn’t made anymore but Sheer Mag revives the style with no mercy and the attitude of real rock and rollers. They also got one of the most badass looking bandcamps I’ve ever seen. Keep an eye out for these peeps in the future.

Aero Flynn

Aero Flynn - Aero Flynn

Label: Ooh La La
Genre: Folk/Ambient Pop
Reviewed by: Steve Ibanez
Originating out of the same tightknit Wisconsin music scene that birthed Bon Iver, Josh Scott aka Aero Flynn makes delicate and hazy pop songs that indicate his Bon Iver relations. Electronics are sprinkled in that remind me a lot of Radiohead. This is thought to be a record that he created to deal with depression and an autoimmune disease.Justin Vernon of Bon Iver produces.


Toro Y Moi - What For?

Label: Carpark
Genre: Electro Infused Guitar Pop
Reviewed by: Pierce Sprague
I went to a Toro concert once. It was fun because his songs were so energetic, but Chaz just kind of stood behind his keys the whole time and sang indifferently. What For? is kind of like that, but this time, the sound guys put his mic too far away and he’s too lazy to move it. Don’t be dissuaded by the uninspired singles, though (2,4,9)—he still shows his creativity on this album, you just have to dig a little bit to find it.

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