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Show Descriptions


DJ Cowboy Killer
Fridays 7am - 9am
Genres: Americana (Folk/singer-songwriter/bluegrass/classic country) A perfect soundtrack to listen to while you smoke a cowboy killer as you drive to meet your grandparents at the Golden Corral breakfast buffet. Regularly played artists include Townes Van Zandt, Emmylou Harris, Uncle Tupelo, Johnny Cash, Gram Parsons, etc.

Pete French
Saturdays 7am - 9am
Genres: Americana
Let me be the soundtrack for your Saturday morning. From the latest in Americana, Alt-country, and Bluegrass to time traveling into '60s blues and rock, I will start your weekend right. We got to get ourselves back to the garden!

Day Art

Linda DeVito - The Winds of Change
Mondays 9am - Noon
Genres: Jazz, Americana
Everything goes--from new music to old folk and rock and EVERYTHING in between--beautifully woven together in a musical tapestry.

Ken Ostrander - Brother Ken
Thursdays 9am - Noon
Genres: any and all! super groovy delicious radio: a smörgåsbord of sweet sounding sumptuousness to satisfy all appetites (with fabulous themes and musical history).

Michael c Johnston
Saturdays 11am - 1pm
Genres: Rock, electronic I play mostly vinyl classic rock. By request. With touch of Dubstep. Just to peak your interest!

DJ BK - Your Sunday Morning Jolt
Sundays 11am - 1pm
Genres: Indie rock, dream pop, garage rock, synth pop
Get your Sunday rolling with a variety of good tunes, ranging from mellower melodies to upbeat rock featuring my hand picks from the last 3 decades with an emphasis on modern alternative rock.

Saturdays 5pm - 7pm
Genres: Neo Soul, Lo-fi Psych Rock
A show best described as “Songs Your Mom Plays on Sunday Mornings to Clean to That You Have to Admit Are Absolute Bops.” This program is truly catered to your parents, serving them 70s soul on a silver platter. Modern day funk and psych rock are tossed in to appease millennial ears but don’t be surprised if punk and shoegaze make an appearance. Listeners, please beware of socially awkward commentary.

New Music

Reed Krahulec
Fridays Noon - 2pm
Genres: Rock, Alternative, Indie, Hip-Hop, Electronic
From Alt-J to Beastie Boys to King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard to Daft Punk, I'll keep you guessing on what you'll hear next. Always looking for new music, so if you have any requests send them my way!


Commodore Ace Fever - The Mystery Secret Theme Show
Wednesdays 5pm - 7pm
Genres: Jazz
a cross section of types of jazz music, delivered in a mystery secret theme. highlights include new music, be-bop, hard bop, acoustic or quiet jazz, big band, focused on instrument (saxophone, female singers or piano etc.), focused upon certain artists or band leaders and sometimes cheesy new age jazz someone's mother probably likes but we just laugh at.

Night Art

Mondays 7pm - 9pm
Genres: Hip Hop, Sad boi indie, Gay, Female-fronted bands Join me for a mix of New Music Rotation, JPop, killer female vocalists, queer bands, and literally anything else I feel like playing! Been around WUVT for a few years and have stumbled across some cool stuff – listen to it with me!

Tuesdays 7pm - 9pm
Genres: Folk-rock, roots, alt-rock, radio-friendly-early-2000s-alt-rock, soft-rock. Indie artists in all their sounds.
Night art kicks off on Tuesdays with two hours of rock in whatever variety fits the weather or the day or DJ MC's mood. A mix of new, old, and older.

Len Comaratta - The Rare Groove
Thursdays 9pm - Midnight
Genres: Mixed Discs, Specialty
The Rare Groove is a program that aims to go beyond strict definitions and explore what is rare and what is a groove? It is a blend of styles and sounds, with the show's flow carrying you through. Some nights may be jazz-centric whereas others could lean more towards soul. Psych rock often makes an appearance as does material that could only be described as sublime and surreal.

Jacob Kansco & Reece Peters - Kansco and Peters
Fridays 7pm - 9pm
Genres: Indie, Alternative, Hip-Hop, House
We play just about anything, and like to talk about our lives and current events in between songs to keep the airwaves interesting.

Thursdays 12am - 2am
Genres: Metal, especially post-metal and blackgaze
It's true. Metal is the greatest kind of music that humankind has created, and you can listen to it on WUVT. Join me as I play many different kinds of metal in the middle of the night. Don't listen if you're trying to go to sleep.


Wednesdays Noon - 2pm
Genres: 80's
VTPD Cops on the radio playing amazing 80's music, mixed with mediocre talk and flavored with the much requested cowbell! We know you listen!

Hickory Dickory Dock
Saturdays 9am - 11am
Genres: Children's
The Hickory Dickory Dock Show is the longest running show on WUVT - for over 40 years, it has graced the Blacksburg airwaves with children's music on Saturday mornings. Hickory Dickory Dock is a show for children of all ages. Each week is a new musical theme, i.e. Food, Trains, Americana, Outer Space. Featuring live performances and giveaways!