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Show Descriptions


Tuesdays 7-9:00am
From classic rock to new age alternatives. Not your main stream hits but songs you may have not heard from your favorite artists.

Appalachia Grass
Wed 7-9am
Genre: Americana
That high, lonesome sound with your host, Big Bud.

Regional roots music, traditional bluegrass tunes, and new explorations of old themes.

Genre: Americana
Saturdays 7-9:00am
Great way to start your weekend. Bluegrass, jams and rock will wake you up and get you moving.

Day Art

Brother Ken / Super Groovy Delicious
Thursdays 9am-2pm
super groovy delicious radio:
a smörgåsbord of sweet sounding sumptuousness to satisfy all appetites (with fabulous themes and musical history). any and all genres !

Dr. Sue
Sunday 11am-1pm
classic rock with the occasional creative surprise

New Music

ANArchy (Ana Z)
Mondays 12-2pm
Genre: New Music
As the name constitutes, ANArchy is a show free of rules & full of a disordered arrangement of new music, old music, and anything in between. Mondays 12-2pm, this is Ana's 3rd and final semester with WUVT .

Future Present Past
Mondays 2-3:30pm
Genre: New Music
Named after an EP from my favorite band the Strokes, my show, future present past, highlights underground sounds to groundbreaking hits from the past, the present, and beyond. As a new music show, I dedicate about the first 30 minutes of my show to music hot off the new music racks. I then rotate through music from the decades past and today. Indie, alt rock, post punk, neo-psychedelia, classic rock, and new wave rock are primarily featured.

The Louie Agenda
Wednesdays 12-2:00pm
Genre: New Music
My show is a nod to my interest in politics/current events and my never-ending list of things that I want to do (an agenda, if you will). I typically build my shows around the New Music rotation, with a healthy mix of new wave, classic rock, americana, jangle pop, and soul in between. From jokes that don't land to music trivia, I would say that my show is an accurate representation of my personality. I hope to see you for next week's Agenda!

Thursdays 2-3:30pm
Genre: New Music
I play the best new pop, rock, jazz fusion, and electronic music on the planet Earth, usually highlighting indie and independent artists. My perspective is that of an instrumentalist and an amateur music producer, so I look for harmony and melody above all else.

Good Day
Saturdays 1-3pm
my show focuses on more alternative music such as MGMT, Animal Collective, The Smiths, etc. with a little bit of classic rock and jazz thrown in there.

Saturdays 3:30-5:00pm
Join DJ Almost Alright Also Known As Abby in exploring an interesting mix of new tunes and some oldies here and there; you’ll probably be just as surprised as she is by some of them!


Wednesday 5-7pm
Genre: Jazz
I'll be highlighting a different subgenre of Jazz for each one of my shows. Tune in if you're interested in expanding your musical horizons!

Night Art

The Sound
Friday 7-9pm
My show consists of a good mix of random music I find in the stacks that looks interesting/I feel like playing. Most of the time I don’t even know what I’m pulling, but I tend to play rock, soul, alternative, electronic and more. You’re bound to hear at least one song you like while listening.

Thursday 7-9pm
Expand ur taste in music with wumbos genre deep dive

Hip Nick's Haunted House
Saturday 9pm-12am
What's that misshapen shadow rattling chains in the dark of a Blacksburg Saturday nite? It could only be Hip Nick, welcoming you--if you dare--into the Haunted House. Open to the public since 2019, Hip Nick's Haunted House presents a ghoulish cacophony of bizarre musick from around the world. Journey through a labyrinth of electronic, industrial, noise, psychedelic, experimental, and graveyard rave. Emerge at midnight shocked, unsettled, forever changed, but most of all, entertained.

Here, There, and Everywhere
Sundays 9pm-12am
Here, There, and Everywhere is aptly named as I don't stick to one consistent genre or theme. Listeners can expect to experience music from all genres and all eras ranging from classical to classic rock and more. Maybe I'll surprise you? Tune in!


Wednesdays 3:30-5:00pm
Genres: 80's
VTPD Cops on the radio playing amazing 80's music, mixed with mediocre talk and flavored with the much requested cowbell! We know you listen!

Hickory Dickory Dock
Saturdays 9am - 11am
Genres: Children's
The Hickory Dickory Dock Show is the longest running show on WUVT - for over 40 years, it has graced the Blacksburg airwaves with children's music on Saturday mornings. Hickory Dickory Dock is a show for children of all ages. Each week is a new musical theme, i.e. Food, Trains, Americana, Outer Space. Featuring live performances and giveaways!