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Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Listening with the WUVT Web Player

Available Web Stream Versions:
Only an HTML5 capable browser is needed!

If you have problems opening the web player, make sure that your pop-up blocker is set to allow pop-ups from WUVT, and that you are using an up-to-date browser. If problems continue, try a lower quality stream.

Listening without the WUVT Web Player

A few media players that are compatible with WUVT's Ogg-Vorbis webstream:

Foobar2000 Windows www.foobar2000.org
Winamp 2.x, 5.x (Not 3.x) Windows www.winamp.com
MPlayer Windows / Mac / Unix www.mplayerhq.hu
VLC Windows / Mac / Unix www.videolan.org
Whamb Mac www.macupdate.com
Audion Mac www.panic.com/audion
Zinf Unix / Windows zinf.sourceforge.net
XMMS Unix www.xmms.org
Xine Unix www.xinehq.de

Listen to WUVT without our Java Player:
High Quality Stream (320 kbps, stereo)
Broadband Stream
(64 kbps, stereo)
56k Dialup Stream (32 kbps, stereo)

If those don't work...

Windows users can access the stream through Winamp. We've sucessfully tested the stream on the "Full" (not "Lite") versions 5.03, 5.01 and 2.78.

1. Right click on Winamp's main window
2. Click "play"
3. Click "URL"
4a. Broadband listeners copy and paste this URL:
4a. http://engine.collegemedia.vt.edu:8000/wuvt.ogg
4b. Narrowband listeners copy and paste this URL:
4b. http://engine.collegemedia.vt.edu:8000/wuvt-lb.ogg

MACs can access the stream using Whamb version 1.2 or Audion version 3.0.2.

1. Click "file"
2. Click "new playlist"
3. Click "file"
4. Click "open URL"
5a. Broadband listeners copy and paste this URL:
5a. http://engine.collegemedia.vt.edu:8000/wuvt.ogg
5b. Narrowband listeners copy and paste this URL:

Linux/BSD/Unix users can access the stream through XMMS.

Some users have reported that removing the "http://" from the front to the URL allows them to connect.

If you are running a software-based personal firewall on your computer, you'll need to set a rule allowing incoming connections on port 8000. Consult your software's documentation on how to achieve this.

If you're still having trouble, This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it us for help getting connected.

Our webstream is generated through 100% donated hardware, 100% free sofware. WUVT uses the Ogg Vorbis, an advanced audio codec built for streaming audio...with better quality than most commercial codecs (MP3, Real, Windows Media, etc.)

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