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Two WUVT Shows This Week
Written by Pierce Sprague   
Monday, 15 September 2014

WUVT is hosting a pair of concert events this week.

First, Brooklyn-based band The Boston Boys and Pakistani group Khumariyaan will be playing at 130 Jackson Street, located behind Bollo's, on Thursday, September 18th. The show is jointly co-hosted by WUVT and Monkey House Concerts and starts at 8pm with a $5 cover charge.
You can buy a ticket online here.

Monkey House Concerts and WUVT Present: An Evening with The Boston Boys and Khumariyaan

Then, on Saturday, September 20th, Rhode Islanders Roz and the Rice Cakes join local favorites Houdan the Mystic at Gillie's. The show will start at 10pm and will have a $5 cover charge.

WUVT Presents: Houdan the Mystic with Roz and the Rice Cakes

Written by Pierce Sprague   
Tuesday, 09 September 2014

WUVT welcomes anyone who wants to submit art, poetry, prose, and more.

We've rebranded the WOOVE as a literary and arts magazine, and we want your help! If you want to show off your artsy side to the VT community, the WOOVE is a great way to get published and to get your name out there!

You can submit in any of the following ways:

  1. Visit our Google Drive Submissions Page and drop your files right into the folder.
  2. Find us on Tumblr and submit your work hassle free.
  3. Bring in a physical copy to the WUVT studios at 350 Squires Student Center and place in Mari Thomas' box, located along the left-hand side of the hallway.

All submissions must include your real name, email address, phone number, and local street address. We will never distribute this information—it's purely for contact and legal purposes.
WUVT retains the right to use submitted material in any manner and over any medium we choose.

If you have any questions, contact the WOOVE Editor-in-Chief Mari Thomas at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or the station's General Manager Pierce Sprague at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

WUVT ORGY and Sycamore Event
Written by Pierce Sprague   
Thursday, 04 September 2014

Interested in college radio?

Our Fall Organizational Meeting, or ORGY, is Thursday, September 11th at 7pm in Squires Brush Mountain Room.

Join us to find out the many ways you can get involved at WUVT.


Afterwards, the first WUVT-sponsored show of the year will be at Sycamore Deli at 10pm.

WUVT Presents: Paperhaus with Nevin Kight and Orbit Eyes
Latest Adds
Written by Jacob Wilbanks   
Wednesday, 30 April 2014
Clear Lake Forest Album Art

Title: The Black Angels - "Clear Lake Forest"
Label: Blue Horizon
Genre: Psychedelic Rock
Description: These guys got their name from a Velvet Underground song, and that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. They draw a huge influence on the psychedelic and rock & roll bands of the 60’s to craft some bluesy psych jams. The droning strings and tambourine on the last track makes it sound quite a bit like “Venus in Furs.” Hm….

With Light and With Love Album Art

Title: Woods - "With Light and With Love"
Label: Woodsist
Genre: Guitar Pop
Description: The high and soft voice of Jeremy Earl fits superbly well with the lighthearted indie pop that Woods are crafting. Pleasant pop with a slight jangle.

No Mythologies to Follow Album Art

Title: Mø - “No Mythologies To Follow”
Label: RCA
Genre: Electropop
Description: Luscious lips make bubblegum hits, and this Denmark gal has got that going on. Very dancey music, she gets compared to Grimes a lot, so give it a shot if you dig her.

Cadillac Girl EP Album Art

Title: Only Real - "Cadillac Girl EP"
Label: Harvest
Genre: Bedroom Pop / Dream Pop
Description: Reverby bedroom dream pop with distant drums and the nasally spoken word lyrics of Niall Galvin will supplant these tracks into your head for days. He’s like a weird mix of Cities Aviv and King Krule with a dash of Mac DeMarco; genre-bending music that you can’t really dance to, can’t really sing to, but will have you doing both with your friends around hairpin turns on the coast. Summer anthems for sure.

Under Color of Official Right Album Art

Title: Death - "III"
Label: Drag City
Genre: Protopunk / Garage Rock
Description: The Hackney brothers saw The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show, picked up instruments, and become one of the first “punk” bands, getting dropped by their label for their refusal to change their name. “III” is a collection of their songs dated between ’76 and ’92 that showcases their ripping guitar skills but also how they stylistically moved beyond punk to incorporate some soul.

Shrink Dust Album Art

Title: Chad VanGaalen - "Shrink Dust"
Label: Sub Pop
Genre: Indie Rock
Description: I like Chad VanGaalen; I think he’s funny and who’s bold enough to call an album “Diaper Island” and follow that up with a cover depicting the vaginal version of Russian nesting dolls? A nice blend between slower folky alt country songs and more upbeat jams infused with some psychedelia.

Mistakes Album Art

Title: Sonic Avenues - "Mistakes"
Label: Dirtnap Records
Genre: Power Pop
Description: Short, happy songs with fun guitars and all around good vibes. Just cheery music with a little lo-fi sound. Basement summer party jams to get sweaty to.

Television Album Art

Title: Doe Eye - "Television"
Label: Self-Released
Genre: Pop
Description: Maryam Qudus is the multi-instrumentalist behind Doe Eye. She seems infatuated with the past even though it doesn’t sound too pleasant. Lots of retro synths abound over pretty simple drums, but her voice really leads the songs, with nice intricacies like glockenspiels popping in.

Latest Adds
Written by Jacob Wilbanks   
Friday, 18 April 2014
Fly Rasta Album Art

Title: Ziggy Marley - "Fly Rasta"
Label: Tuff Gong Worldwide
Genre: Reggae
Description: Ziggy continues to bring the positive vibes on his eighth solo work. It bleeds love and sunshine; just look at the track names. If the sun is out, or if it isn’t, play this to brighten up your day and spread some love. Fly Rasta!

Enter the Slasher House Album Art

Title: Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks - “Enter the Slasher House”
Label: Domino
Genre: Experimental Pop Rock
Description: It’s Avey Tare’s first solo work since 2010’s “Down There” and the first of the Slasher Flicks moniker. Not sure what the purpose of said moniker, as these aren’t frightening or dissonant in any way. Quite a lot of commotion in the songs, though not as compelling as AC stuff but if you dig their music it is worthwhile.

Shriek Album Art

Title: Wye Oak - "Shriek"
Label: Merge
Genre: Pop Rock
Description: Woooaaaah, was my first thought after hearing Jenn Wasner was ditching her guitars for keyboards, as I thought they were vital towards making “Civilian” the good album that it was. This album, while completely different, is tremendous and showcases her excellent voice. I applaud her for making a daring artistic leap, and, though a little front heavy, commend her for creating something thoroughly enjoyable from top to bottom.

Wasted Years Album Art

Title: OFF! - "Wasted Years"
Label: Vice
Genre: Punk
Description: These guys know how to play fast and loud. They explore tempo changes a lot and their lead singer loves to scream. Blasting society and capitalism for all of its absurdities in less than 2 minutes.

Under Color of Official Right Album Art

Title: Protomartyr - “Under Color of Official Right”
Label: Hardly Art
Genre: Rock / Post Punk
Description: These Detroit rockers lay somewhere in the void between pop and post-punk, between an abandoned warehouse littered with beer cans and cigarettes and a studio apartment with satellite television. Like a bug that won’t bite, on the cusp of sweet rawness but never quite forgetting to please those with soft ears.

Jekyll/Hyde Album Art

Title: Your Friend - "Jekyll/Hyde
Label: Domino
Genre: Bedroom Guitar Pop
Description: Your Friend is Taryn Blake Miller. Here on her debut EP she’s collected a nice assortment of bedroom pop songs that are very bare boned and slow, allowing for a nice exploration of her voice (which is very sweet) and the subtle instrumentation going on, giving it a very exposed and personal feel. These songs are really great.

Latest Adds
Written by Jacob Wilbanks   
Friday, 04 April 2014
Here and Nowhere Else Album Art

Title: Cloud Nothings - "Here and Nowhere Else"
Label: Mom + Pop
Genre: Post Punk / Noise Pop / Power Pop
Description: Baldi returns with the aggressive noise of Attack on Memory but the guitars and vocals aren’t as clean, giving off more of the lo-fi pop feel of his older stuff. Most songs build into these ferociously epic musical culminations with Baldi screaming his head off in an examination of the duality between boredom and fascination with life as well as how to escape the past and embrace the present.

Salad Days Album Art

Title: Mac DeMarco - "Salad Days"
Label: Captured Tracks
Genre: Jangle Pop / Soft Rock
Description: Mac Demarco has interested me as a songwriter for a while now, and he’s started to show some serious skills on this one. His warped guitar playing is now a little more expansive, with a more exploratory bass to match. The songs are a bit more serious in tone than most of his last one, but every track still feels strongly like Mac. I think we’re seeing some incredibly mature and advanced tracks that will go down as Maccy classics. Nearly no stumbling on the entire album. A grade “A” LP from a guy who probably hasn’t reached his ceiling yet.

Singles Album Art

Title: Future Islands - "Singles"
Label: 4AD
Genre: Indie Rock
Description: I haven’t found anything particularly unique about this, pretty standard indie fare with four on the floor beats.

Saudade Album Art

Title: Thievery Corporation - "Saudade"
Label: ESL
Genre: Bossa Nova
Description: World music chameleons Thievery Corporation indulge in the smooth rhythms of bossa nova on this release. Draws influence from bossa nova legend and pioneer Antonio Jobim. Ladies be singing in Portuguese and French super seductively. Put this on if you’re feeling exotic and sexy.

Darlings Album Art

Title: Kevin Drew - "Darlings"
Label: Arts and Crafts
Genre: Baroque Pop
Description: Kevin Drew is one of the two founding members of the Canadian collective Broken Social Scene. With his second solo album “Darlings,” we see how much influence he has on the band as he maintains the airy, chamber pop sound that makes their music so distinctive. However, what makes this record individual from a BSS record is the prominence of the keys and synths, with the guitar usually serving as an accent. It gives Drew’s music a little more laidback and textural vibe than BSS, feeling more minimalist and not as much crazy production and orchestral instrumentation. The theme of sex is pretty heavy throughout, but that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise with a guy whose band has a song called “Handjobs for the Holidays.” Solid record, I’m a sucker for reverb-y vocals and well produced drums.

Love Letters Album Art

Title: Metronomy - "Love Letters"
Label: Elektra
Genre: British Electropop
Description: Caressing melodies are superimposed on a combination of both dreamy electronic leads and intimate acoustic rhythms. Really cool stuff going on here. Metronomy takes it back to the 60’s with pop influences Lennon and Supertramp inherently prevalent. And to top it off, this was recorded completely on analogue; TAKE ME BACK!

The Great Pretend Album Art

Title: Should - "The Great Pretend"
Label: Words on Music
Genre: Shoegaze / Dream Pop
Description: Should has been doing shoegazy guitar pop since the 90’s, so they definitely have a knack for the signature clean, airy sound. The best songs on this album are the ones with the vocals mixed low, because some of these lyrics are a bit cringe-worthy. Can’t deny the textured and sweeping instrumentals though.

Hard Boiled Soft Boiled Album Art

Title: Odonis Odonis - "Hard Boiled Soft Boiled"
Label: Buzz Records
Genre: Industrial Surf-gaze / Lo-fi Noise Rock
Description: Somber tunes that pack quite a bit of punch, tied together with atmospheric overtones to achieve the ultimate crossbreed of pop-gaze delight. The first half of this 12 track album goes hard, literally, in a good way as the pressure builds approaching climax. The second half represents a release in the built up pressure, crossing the threshold coincidentally on the 6th track, “Release”.

It's Reggae Album Art

Title: Rafter - "It's Reggae"
Label: Asthmatic Kitty
Genre: Dub Pop / Contemporary Reggae
Description: Jah man, these be some instrumental roots rock reggae dub jams for yah. Red headed Rafter Roberts is back again fearlessly tackling a range of roots and genres into one big glob of sound that’ll have your reaching for that spliff and the summer daaaaaazzzzzeeeeeee.

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