WUVT: Radio for Everyone! 90.7 FM



  • General Manager: Bryce Roper
  • The General Manager oversees all station operations, and seeks to be a resource for general questions as well as general organizational support. Email the general manager if you are unsure of which staff head to speak with, and the GM will connect you with the appropriate member of the team.

  • Business/Sales Manager: Katherine McArdle
  • The Business/Sales manager is responsible for underwriting sales, budgeting, and radiothon premium management. Email the BM with any questions regarding purchasing underwriting times.


NOTE: WUVT does not accept digital music submissions.
Our address can be found here if you want to mail us physical music submissions.


  • FM Program Director: Kristen Kircher
  • AM Program Director: Justin Louie
  • If you want to become an FM DJ, you have to go through our AM Program first! The semester-long program is centered around a weekly 90 minute show, where you will have the opportunity to explore the station, play some of your favorite tunes, and find some of your new favorite artists. You'll also have the chance to shadow an FM DJ and join another staff! The only prerequisite is to love music!

  • News Director: Alexandra Krens
  • Reports local, state, national and international news at 5PM on the air every week day, and hosts Tech Talk, a news talk show, every Sunday at 4PM.

  • Traffic Director: Jeremy Becker


  • Promotions Director: Truitt Elliott
  • In the promotions staff, we make movies, hang posters, and find new/innovative ways to make more people aware of WUVT! In the past, we've made promotional material for several events, as well as helped do cross promotion with other student organizations.

  • Digital Promotions: Sam Kash
  • Special Events Coordinators: Jack Ross
  • PR/Outreach Director: Emilie Apel
  • The PR/Outreach director interact with the public to help them get their message across in a concise way through a PSA. This director oversees all PSAs submissions and reviews before they are put on the air. This position does not have an AM staff.


  • Art Director: Zoey Apelt
  • Woove Editor-In-Chief: Michael Haddad
  • The Woove is WUVT's music and art journalism publication. We publish everything from articles about new releases and upcoming artists, to deep dives into genres and interviews with bands as well as publishing poetry and visual art. If you're interested in getting involved don't hesitate to send me an email.


  • Chief Engineer: Sarah Robins
  • The engineering staff's main jobs are to fix any broken equipment in the station and to run any live concerts or events. Join if you're interested in soldering, running a sound board or doing technical stuff in general.

  • IT Director: Jason Davidoff
  • IT has a lot of programming projects (web dev) and software support that we need help with. Also if u like linux or music preservation and storage u will like some of the things we got going here.


Due to COVID19 all office hours have been moved to appointment only. Please email the staffhead that corresponds with your request to schedule office hours.