If you're interested in being a DJ, please contact the AM Program Director!



NOTE: WUVT does not accept digital music submissions.

Our address can be found here if you want to mail us physical music submissions.


  • FM Program Director: Kate Stanko (
  • AM Program Director: Ethan Harris (
  • If you want to become an FM DJ, you have to go through our AM Program first! The semester-long program is centered around a weekly 90 minute show, where you will have the opportunity to explore the station, play some of your favorite tunes, and find some of your new favorite artists. You'll also have the chance to shadow an FM DJ and join another staff! The only prerequisite is to love music!

  • News Director: Felix Redmond (
  • Reports local, state, national and international news at 5PM on the air every week day, and hosts Tech Talk, a news talk show, every Sunday at 4PM.



  • Art Director: Nina Cava (
  • Woove Editor-In-Chief: Nich Powell (
  • The Woove is WUVT's music and art journalism publication. We publish everything from articles about new releases and upcoming artists, to deep dives into genres and interviews with bands as well as publishing poetry and visual art. If you're interested in getting involved don't hesitate to send me an email.


  • Chief Engineer: Corey Carpenter (
  • The Engineering team maintains all the audio infrastructure in WUVT; including microphones, turntables, audio-over-ip systems, and anything else necessary to keep sweet jams flowing from studio to transmitter. We also work closely with the Production Manager to set up and run equipment for live events. The Engineering team is always looking for extra hands, so if you're interested in joining you should email the Chief Engineer. No experience required!.

  • IT Director: Eric Kauppi (
  • IT manages all digital infrastructure including our broadcast encoding, web stream, website, track logging and reporting, and music archival. We develop most of our software tools in-house and release them under an open-source license. We have plenty of ongoing programming and ops projects, and are always looking for people eager to learn more about Linux, Python, Kubernetes, Go, and more.

  • Production Manager: Sebastian Giro-Martin (
  • The Production Manager is responsible for running and managing the production of live music events put on by WUVT. In addition, the Production Manager maintains and oversees the usage of WUVT’s live recording studio, Studio C. Any and all questions or concerns about live music or Studio C should be directed to the Production Manager. Join the Production Staff if you are interested in running live events and learning about the recording process in a professional recording studio!

  • Wetmaster: Amir Lahoud
  • The Webmaster is responsible for updating the WUVT website with information about live events, show schedules, recent WUVT activities, new music ratings for the week, and more. Any questions or concerns regarding the website and its content should be directed to the Webmaster. If you're interested in getting something published on the website, reach out to the current Webmaster!