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IT Wishlist

What follows is a list of items our IT department would like to have donated. It is non-exhaustive, but if you have other hardware you would like to donate, or would like some clarification, please contact the IT director at it@wuvt.vt.edu, to see if we can use it.

  • 3.5" SATA Hard Drives, any capacity. Please verify there are no SMART errors.
  • PCI Express or USB Recording DACs (e.g. Focusright Scarlett 18i20)
  • Managed Gigabit switches (at least 16 port; prefer 24 or 48 port).
  • DDR3 RAM (both ECC and non-ECC, both DIMM and SO-DIMM; not FB-DIMM)
  • SATA DVD-RW Drives.
  • Narrow-SCSI (50-pin ribbon cable) CD-R Drive.
  • 2.5" Disk Caddies for Dell Poweredge 8-10th Gen servers (e.g. Poweredge 1950).
  • 3.5" Disk Caddies for Dell Poweredge 11th Gen (or newer) servers.
  • Rackmount servers, such as Dell Poweredge 10th Gen or HP/HPE DL Gen7, or newer.
    • Prefer at least 8GB of RAM, included HDD Caddies, and Rail Kits
    • Best over 16GB RAM and Dual Intel Xeon Processors.
    • These are from 2010 or later.
  • Monitors, at least 1050px vertical resolution.

Engineering Wishlist

Below is a list of items our engineering staff would be interested in having donated. It is also non-exhaustive; you can contact the Chief Engineer at ce@wuvt.vt.edu.

  • Microphones
    • Small-diaphragm condenser Mics
    • Normal condenser Mics
    • Windscreens for SM57s
    • A Shure Beta 52A
  • Misc
    • Disc Washers (for vinyl)