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New Music Adds 4/19/23

written by Amir Lahoud on

Oh boy, have we got some new album reviews for you all! See you next week... right?

What's For Breakfast album cover. Dent May sitting at a table in the center of the frame with various breakfast foods sprawled out in front of him

Dent May- What's for Breakfast

Label: Carpark
Genre: Indie Pop
Reviewed by: Amir Lahoud
May's newest album airs on the side of whimsy with fun lyrics and quirky guitars. Although masked with sounds of whimsy, What's For Breakfast can't help but sound like an album begging you to get your shit together. Or maybe the first track It's Time For Breakfast really just means its time for breakfast. Later tracks in the album focus on giving different components time in the spotlight, back seating the drums and guitars to make space for May's vocals and maracas.

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Ratt, Sundara Karma, and Vampire Weekend Reviews

written by Amir Lahoud on

Hello, music lovers! We have another fine collection of in-depth album reviews, sourced from none other than WUVT DJs Neil Orandello, Jillian Krinsky, and Emelia Delaporte!

If I could describe Ratt in two words, it would be “criminally underrated.” Many are not accustomed to Ratt, as they were overshadowed by most of the metal and hard rock bands of the 80’s, however Ratt’s first two studio albums, Out of The Cellar and Invasion of Your Privacy, are pure hard rock classics that fail to disappoint...

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New Music Adds 4/11/23

written by Amir Lahoud on

We missed you, hopefully you missed us!

Bright Future album cover. Adrianne Lenker's face centered in the frame wearing a white cowboy hat

Adrianne Lenker- Bright Future

Label: 4AD
Genre: Indie Rock/Folk
For Fans Of: Big Thief, Diane Cluck
Reviewed by: Payton Williams
A consummate performance by one of the best songwriters working today. Not only does Adrianne Lenker have the poetic ability to write affecting lyrics, but her arrangements are constantly complex and powerful. A once-in-a-generation artist. Some of these songs are as close as art can come to conveying the pure feeling of love and longing. A real masterpiece.

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Meet WUVT Production Manager, Sebastain Giro-Martin!

written by Amir Lahoud on

Sebastian Giro-Martin is WUVT's resident audio-aficionado and production staffhead. If you've ever noticed how great our shows sound, this is the man to thank. Production is not only vital to WUVT's success, but also an art -- and there's no one better at it than Sebastian.

Sebastian Giro Martin crouched over a volume board, looking away from the camera.

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From Recovery to Radio: Exploring the Role of Music in Overcoming Addiction

written by Amir Lahoud on

Appalachian Vibes show cover." ROANOKE LOCAL AND LIFELONG MUSICIAN, AMANDA BOCCHI, tells her story of battling opioid addiction and navigating motherhood. As a fierce recovery advocate, Amanda has not allowed her traumatic experiences to consume her, but rather transformed her past into artwork that lends hope to the future. Her graceful lyrics provide insight into the tragedies of grief, the intricacies of falling in love, and both the pain and triumphs of overcoming an addiction.

An interview by Meredith Lane of Students for Sensible Drug Policy @ Virginia Tech

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