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The End is Near!

written by Eric C. Landgraf on

The end of Radiothon draws inexorably closer, and we still have yet to make our goal! Call in or hit donate now to make your pledge! We've made $11,180 thus far, and each dollar you send us puts us closer to our $15,000 goal.

Have You Donated Yet?

written by Eric C. Landgraf on

We've been begging for money for 4 days now, and still haven't reached our goal. That's why you need to click on donate right now and give us your money. Check out the nice premiums we have for you, only for the limited time that is Radiothon!

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Radio for Everyone: Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll!

written by Eric C. Landgraf on

Do I have your attention? Good. There are only 3 days left of Radiothon, so if you haven't donated yet, you should break out that piggy bank and start counting the pennies, because every bit helps! If piggy banks and rolls of coins aren't really your style, you can click on the link that says Donate Now in the top corner of the site, on the robot's speech bubble, on the side navigation bar, or right here in this article!

If you don't yet know what show to donate during (and decided you didn't want a gift of baby panda from The Don showing up on your doorstep), You can donate during Len's show, "Songs about sex that you didn't know were about sex" (the sequel to "Songs about drugs that you didn't know were about drugs"), and have your donation matched by an alum!

If you're in downtown Blacksburg today, you should go find this guy and hug him:


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Radiothon, Pt. 3: The Radiothon-a-thon

written by Emmet Hobgood on


Radiothon continues and the station is abuzz with excitement! We had a great day today in the studio and out on campus with the Remote. The weather was typical Blacksburg spring - warm and sunny! And then a bit rainy. But thankfully, the weather cleared up and was a pleasant, cool day for most of it. The airwaves were full of great tunes all day along, and is a great indication of what's to come.

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The Greatest Week in Radio Continues

written by Eric C. Landgraf on

Day one of the Greatest Week in Radio is winding to a close, and as it does, we here in the WUVT studios are jamming out to some smooth grooves from Cool DJ Cutty Sharp. If today wasn't enough to convince you that we have radio for everyone, we have the whole rest of the week with great themed shows for you!

If you're on campus, you should wander up to our remote (the big white box playing music) and spin this contraption:

Prize Wheel

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And as always, keep listening to WUVT-FM, The Greatest Radio Station in the World!

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