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Radiothon, Pt. 3: The Radiothon-a-thon

written by Emmet Hobgood on


Radiothon continues and the station is abuzz with excitement! We had a great day today in the studio and out on campus with the Remote. The weather was typical Blacksburg spring - warm and sunny! And then a bit rainy. But thankfully, the weather cleared up and was a pleasant, cool day for most of it. The airwaves were full of great tunes all day along, and is a great indication of what's to come.

Click Read More to see an update on Radiothon's progress from your General Manager (me!) and check out tomorrow's show lineup.

The Greatest Week in Radio Continues

written by Eric C. Landgraf on

Day one of the Greatest Week in Radio is winding to a close, and as it does, we here in the WUVT studios are jamming out to some smooth grooves from Cool DJ Cutty Sharp. If today wasn't enough to convince you that we have radio for everyone, we have the whole rest of the week with great themed shows for you!

If you're on campus, you should wander up to our remote (the big white box playing music) and spin this contraption:

Prize Wheel

Click Read More for a message from our General Manager, Emmet Hobgood, and Tuesday's Programming guide!

And as always, keep listening to WUVT-FM, The Greatest Radio Station in the World!

Radiothon Has Begun!!!

written by Eric C. Landgraf on

Radiothon has begun!!! Head over to our donate page or call in right now to make your donation or pledge to WUVT, and bag some nice premiums.

Here's a message from our general manager, Emmet Hobgood:

Hello, and warm regards:

As General Manager of WUVT, it's my pleasure to bring you this semester's edition of Radiothon! Beginning at 12AM sharp on Monday, March 27, WUVT-FM will be bringing you great tunes and personalities along the airwaves with 24 hours a day of live, themed programming in an effort to raise money to keep us going strong into the rest of 2017. My staff and our DJs have been working hard these past few weeks to bring Radiothon to you all, and I'm immensely proud of everyone who's spent the hours and energy necessary to make the year's greatest week of radio a possibility.

This year's theme is "The History of Woovit", highlighting how everyone's favorite radio station has changed and impacted our community over the decades in celebration of our 69th birthday. We have plenty of great premiums and plenty of shows for everyone to listen to, and everyone here hopes that you'll do your part by tuning in and helping us reach our $15,000 goal.

Check out our Facebook page, our Twitter feed, and of course, our website to keep track of the many updates we'll have for you throughout the week, and to see the program guide for the shows our DJs have been planning.

I want to thank all of you for your wonderful support, and as always: happy listening!


Emmet Hobgood

General Manager, WUVT-FM

Radio for Everyone

Click on Read more to see the programming we have planned for you today! In this list is a show by our very own General Manager, with today's songs about the Civil War. Also today are the great Motown hits, cover bands, great female artists, all followed by $plit Crate$ Radio with a DJ Thanksgiving Brown megamix!

We here at WUVT hope you enjoy!

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