Our Phones are Back Up!

written by Amir Lahoud on

WUVT phones are back up! Hooray!

If you'd like to reach the current DJ on air, you can call the FM studio directly at (540) 231-9888.

Looking to speak to a staffhead? Call our business office at (540) 231-9880. Office hours limited due to summer break, so please see our staff page for specific staffhead contact information. Thank you!

Major Mobile Website Overhaul

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WUVT is rolling out on Mobile!

Click Read more to see how the IT staff is continuously updating the WUVT site for you, our loyal listeners.

Spring '24 Radiothon Premiums Ready for Pickup

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Spring 2024 Radiothon premiums are ready!

If you supported WUVT by donating during our Spring 2024 Radiothon, your premiums are ready for pickup! Stop by the Squires Student Center on Virginia Tech's campus during regular business hours to receive our thanks to you for supporting the mission of WUVT. Staffhead office hours are under the Staff Tab section of the website.

Ratt, Sundara Karma, and Vampire Weekend Reviews

written by Amir Lahoud on

Hello, music lovers! We have another fine collection of in-depth album reviews, sourced from none other than WUVT DJs Neil Orandello, Jillian Krinsky, and Emelia Delaporte!

If I could describe Ratt in two words, it would be “criminally underrated.” Many are not accustomed to Ratt, as they were overshadowed by most of the metal and hard rock bands of the 80’s, however Ratt’s first two studio albums, Out of The Cellar and Invasion of Your Privacy, are pure hard rock classics that fail to disappoint...

Click Read more for Neil's FULL review of the Album, as well as reviews from Jillian and Emelia!

Meet WUVT Production Manager, Sebastain Giro-Martin!

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Sebastian Giro-Martin is WUVT's resident audio-aficionado and production staffhead. If you've ever noticed how great our shows sound, this is the man to thank. Production is not only vital to WUVT's success, but also an art -- and there's no one better at it than Sebastian.

Sebastian Giro Martin crouched over a volume board, looking away from the camera.

Click Read more to hear about all the things that Sebastian and the production staff have done for college radio!

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