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Radiothon Has Begun!!!

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Radiothon has begun!!! Head over to our donate page or call in right now to make your donation or pledge to WUVT, and bag some nice premiums.

Here's a message from our general manager, Emmet Hobgood:

Hello, and warm regards:

As General Manager of WUVT, it's my pleasure to bring you this semester's edition of Radiothon! Beginning at 12AM sharp on Monday, March 27, WUVT-FM will be bringing you great tunes and personalities along the airwaves with 24 hours a day of live, themed programming in an effort to raise money to keep us going strong into the rest of 2017. My staff and our DJs have been working hard these past few weeks to bring Radiothon to you all, and I'm immensely proud of everyone who's spent the hours and energy necessary to make the year's greatest week of radio a possibility.

This year's theme is "The History of Woovit", highlighting how everyone's favorite radio station has changed and impacted our community over the decades in celebration of our 69th birthday. We have plenty of great premiums and plenty of shows for everyone to listen to, and everyone here hopes that you'll do your part by tuning in and helping us reach our $15,000 goal.

Check out our Facebook page, our Twitter feed, and of course, our website to keep track of the many updates we'll have for you throughout the week, and to see the program guide for the shows our DJs have been planning.

I want to thank all of you for your wonderful support, and as always: happy listening!


Emmet Hobgood

General Manager, WUVT-FM

Radio for Everyone

Click on Read more to see the programming we have planned for you today! In this list is a show by our very own General Manager, with today's songs about the Civil War. Also today are the great Motown hits, cover bands, great female artists, all followed by $plit Crate$ Radio with a DJ Thanksgiving Brown megamix!

We here at WUVT hope you enjoy!

Local Spotlight: Cam Wheatley

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How did you get started writing music?

I started writing songs five or six years ago with my friend Dylan. We wrote these crass, crude acoustic diss tracks about the people we knew. My music was definitely fueled by fury back then (he said, as if his music wasn't still fueled by fury).

What has your Blacksburg music journey been like?

I am a meek person with an aversion to self-promotion, and I was lucky that I had supportive people who helped me get out and play. The first show I played was with Paper Anthem at XYZ and only the bands were there. I played twice as long as I should've and got very emotional and made the six person audience uncomfortable. I've come a long way since and I've opened for artists like St. Lenox and Mannequin Pussy—critically acclaimed acts. It's really cool that the Blacksburg DIY scene can attract those kinds of artists and the local artists like me are given the opportunity to develop and grow.

How have you transitioned between writing music and writing poetry?

I think there's a greater divide between poetry and songwriting than most people realize. With songwriting, you can patch together social observations, internal processing, and political commentary and still create something that's coherent to the listener. With poetry—or the type of poetry I write—you have to keep the through-line tighter. Each word is under more scrutiny. At the same time, you're not constrained by a sonic pattern and the audience isn't distracted by said pattern, so I find it easier to clearly represent an emotion or idea in poetry than it is in songwriting.

Did you name any of your instruments?

I named my acoustic guitar Abigail, after the actress Abigail Spencer (because we live in a culture where everything is a reference to something else). She plays a big role in Burning Love and is in a whole bunch of other disturbing TV shows I used to watch.

What's coming up next for Marble Berry Seeds?

At this time, we're incredibly busy. We just played a show at the Litterbox Friday. We've got the benefit show Thursday put together by the fine folks at WUVT. All the proceeds go to the Blacksburg Refugee Partnership. There's a pre-Progress Festival show in a couple weeks on Highland Farm and we're planning on going in to the studio soon, so we're keeping busy and trying to ride the wave of momentum we've built.

Premiums Are In

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Your beloved premiums have arrived! If you opted for pickup, come get 'em! Your premiums will be here until December 16th. During Thanksgiving Break between November 21st and 25th, please contact Cypress Beach at cypbeach@vt.edu to schedule a time to pick up your premiums. If you have any other questions, please contact Mari Thomas at maript@vt.edu or Andrew Barber at n7asb@vt.edu.

Radiothon Newsletter

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Next week is Radiothon! If you'd like information about what that means, check out the newsletter here! Click "Read more" below to see the full post.


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