WUVT: Radio for Everyone! 90.7 FM


WUVT's slogan is "radio for everyone," and true to this, we offer a wide variety of options to listen on whatever device you have whether you're on the Virginia Tech campus or on another continent. We've been running an Internet simulcast stream for two decades, so you can listen on your computer, your phone, or even your smart speaker.

If you'd like to listen in your browser, just press the play button on the little radio robot guy's face! He won't mind; he likes it.

Android and iOS

The stream works in most mobile browsers, but if you'd prefer an app, we have a few options:

  • For Android, our IT staff recommend RadioDroid 2. It is simple to use and has no ads; just find us in the catalog.
  • Many of our listeners use TuneIn and report that it works well for them. You can find us in the catalog. The free version has ads and none of that ad revenue goes to support the station, so we don't recommend it unless you have no other option.

Smart Speakers

You can now listen on your Amazon Echo or Google Home: just ask your assistant to play W-U-V-T!

Direct Stream Links

If you have an outdated web browser or would prefer to listen using a desktop application, we have a few other options you can use. The following streams are available:

Ogg Vorbis (recommended)

We recommend using VLC as a desktop player. VLC is cross-platform and supports nearly every popular audio and video codec imaginable. To play our stream, simply copy one of the links above, open VLC, go to Media -> Open Network Stream, and paste the stream URL.

Other players known to work well include MusicBee, WinAmp, Foobar2000, Rhythmbox, and mpv. We have also done cursory testing of several other applications, including xmms2 and audacious. Configuring these applications is left as an exercise for the reader. If you find another player that works well, send us an email at it@wuvt.vt.edu, and we'll add it to the list.

About the Stream

Our webstream is generated on donated hardware using 100% free software. WUVT uses Ogg Vorbis, an advanced audio codec built for streaming audio with better quality than most commercial codecs (MP3, Real, Windows Media, etc.) at comparable bitrates. We also provide an AAC stream so that we can better support a wide range of devices. All streams support TLS by default; however, they can be accessed using non-encrypted HTTP on port 80 or 8000, should your software or device not support TLS. Our stream is distributed using Icecast and generated with Liquidsoap.