Naiel (The Goobatron) Picks the Best Albums for your Memorial Day Cookout

written by Amir Lahoud on

Hey babes, I know you’re all sweating and stressing right now thinking: What music am I gonna play while grilling for my wife and kids!?. Fret not, sweet child, for I come to you today with the best albums for all of your memorial day grilling needs. To clarify, these albums don’t necessarily represent patriotism (or America, for that matter). These picks have more of an emphasis on the barbecue itself. I decided to focus on this subject to make it more inclusive to those who celebrate American holidays not for their history, but to exploit any instance to engage in the rare joy of throwing some shit on the grill.

Cats Under The Stars by Jerry Garcia Band

Recommended Songs: Rubin and Cherise, Rhapsody in Red, Rain

The sizzle of the grease is almost deafening, overshadowed only by the laughs of your nieces and nephews playing flag football with your teenage son who hasn’t looked this happy in a while. You see their joy and decide to put on this Garcia classic. Although this album is wall-to-wall with grilling hits, the real appeal is its versatility. You have more upbeat, motivating tunes, like Rubin and Cherise, that are perfect for when you seductively lay a slice of cheese onto a raw patty, while tracks like Palm Sunday are chock full of soulful, pensive harmonica that is the perfect backing to your post-barbecue clean up. All things considered, there are few ways to go wrong with this record; Tell your wife and kids I said you’re welcome.

Faithful by Todd Rundgren

Recommended Songs: Rain, Love of the Common Man, Boogies (Hamburger Hell)

Todd Rundgren’s covers are hit and miss, most notably his rendition of If Six was Nine, which strips away pretty much every redeemable quality of the original song. That being said, there are some real heaters on this album. Love of the Common Man will forever be one of the great grilling songs ever produced by human man. Rain is the song you play when Cousin Xavier pokes your upper back with his spatula, as he reminisces on the days before the kids and responsibilities took over your lives. When the two of you would shotgun natty light’s in the Shony’s parking lot after rugby practice. Back when you didn’t have to pay bills, back when you were young. Anyways, this albums great, you should listen to it.

Baby I'm a Want You by Bread

Recommended Songs: Mother Freedom, Everything I Own, Nobody Like You

OH YEAH!! THIS RIPS!!! Mother Freedom is a pretty self-explanatory Memorial Day tune. The groove, the fuzzed up guitars, god I love America. I LOVE MY COUNTRY!!! RAHHHH!!!! Sorry... I don’t know what came over me just then. You can do a ton with this record. There’s big hits like Everything I Own along with lesser knows like Daughter that are perfect for when you're breaking your back scrubbing away all the dried up gunk on your grill, while your in-laws (the ones you like enough to invite) are laying down a few bottles as the sun sets on your balcony. The nieces and nephews inside playing yahtzee with Uncle Grobundy, the ketchup from their hot dogs dirtying up the game pieces. What do you even play yahtzee with anyway? Dice? Pins? Isn’t there like a bowling ball or some shit?