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A Coronavirus Update

written by Justin Louie on

As Virginia Tech and Blacksburg change gears in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we at WUVT wanted to thank you, our loyal listeners, as we navigate the choppy and already very memorable 2020 spring semester.

First, please remember that WUVT is a student-run radio station. We depend on the talents and time of our student DJs to run the boards and play the music. WIth a serious drop in students in Blacksburg, along with recommended safety guidelines, we are going to be relying on automation more than we'd like. While we remain committed to keeping our airwaves and your radios filled, we must refrain from putting our staff at risk. Our health, both physically and mentally, and our studies, come first.

Secondly, wIth all this in mind, we are unfortunately cancelling this semester's Radiothon. In the face of our community's crisis, and with our lack of staff, we know half a Radiothon is just not good enough. Our "Donate" button is always active, but we know that this pandemic is going to involve economic challenges for many. Focus on your families and your local communities. We ask that you spend the dollars you would've donated to this spring's Radiothon on your local restaurants, markets, and bookstores. Get that extra gift certificate. Delivery is your friend. Tip hard, tip often. Just remember us this fall, after everything settles back down!

Again, we thank you for your ears, your hearts, and your minds. Stay safe, wash your hands, and never stop listening to the Greatest Radio Station in the World.