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Fall 2017 Radiothon Program Guide

written by Emmet Hobgood on

The Program Guide for Radiothon is out!

You can find a high-res fancy poster version of the schedule here: page 1 and page 2.

DJ Show Name Show Description
12 - 2am Audinne & Stephanie GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of WUVT Welcome to the world premier of the Gorgeous Ladies of WUVT! Tune in for 80s tracks inspired by the show GLOW and songs picked by your favorite WUVT ladies.
2 - 4 am Audinne & Stephanie Ti esrever dna ti pilf nwod gniht ym tup I Blasting some jams made by ladies to pump you up for this year's radiothon
4 - 7 am Eric Bach to the Future Influential and interesting composers and compositions from the Baroque era to present day, in chronological order.
7 - 9 am Emmet Bryan A Carolina Jubilee A celebration of Americana (and other) musicians from and related to the Old North State. Featuring acts such as Chatham County Line, Carolina Chocolate Drops, Doc Watson, and more!
9 am - Noon Winds of Change 1967 - 50 Years of Musical Winds - wide ranging look at all the different genres of music released in 1967.
12 - 2 pm Jammin' wid Joseph Fam Music by people I definitely love and that you probably love.
2 - 3:30 pm RLRO Radio Superhero Songs We will be playing Superhero songs as well as dressing up in costume.
3:30 - 5 pm Allie Ahn Myriad Because I have the new music slot, I'll just continue introducing a random assortment of new music as well as with the classics.
5 - 7 pm Jazz and Such The Third Stream - Is it Jazz or is it Classical or is it Memorex Third Stream was coined in the late fifties for "semi-composed" musical form falling between the jazz and classical traditions. From Ellington's Suites and Stan Kenton charts to mid-twentieth century cool and avant big band compositions of Gunther Schuller (who coined the term) and Gil Evans to today's Downtown/Bang on a Can sounds, we'll explore the "serious music" side of these traditions.
7 - 9 pm $plit Crate$ Radio Certified Bangers DJ C.$harp will play a selection of his most certified bangers.
9pm - Midnight Laura 2 Can Be as Good as 1 You know how some albums warm you up with the first track and then the second track is straight FIRE?? Join me as I explore songs that are #2 on their track listings but #1 in my heart.
12 - 2am Heather Hawley Songs for Moms Songs artists wrote for/about their mothers
2 - 4 am Emmet Bryan The Woovit Sampler Ever wondered just how varied WUVT's catalog is? This show will be an extravaganza truly living up to the our mission of celebrating the diversity of music where every track played will be from a different section of the library!
4 - 7 am Cypress Beach Catharsis Sad songs to make you feel better.
7 - 9 am Calvin Long Classic Gold I will be playing #1 country hits from the 50s and 60s; anything fifty years old or older.
9 am - Noon Have You Got It Yet? Dracula/Giant Leeches 2017 After five years of Election Day Radiothon shows, Horror Captain Deaf Jean and the Scary Squirrels FINALLY get a Radiothon show on a good holiday. Zoinks, Shaggy!
12 - 2 pm A1 Jake Sauce Scholarly Songwriters and Educated Entertainers I'll be playing musicians who have acquired a higher degree (primarily doctorates, but some masters degrees sprinkled in). I'll probably play two songs per artist to fill the time.
2 - 3:30 pm Maury and Laura Werewolf Bar Mitzvah Songs by Jewish musicians mixed in with songs about werewolves and some traditional Israeli tunes, in honor the classic 30 Rock "Werewolf Bar Mitzvah".
3:30 - 5 pm Stacks on Stacks Nostalgia Tunes Shows that give us the nostalgia feels.
5 - 7 pm JB3 Come C What You Can C in the Key of C Radiothon + a little music theory = one great Tuesday evening. C major gets a bad rep. You C, it's the easiest key to play/compose in, but it's given us an endless C-ries of lovable tunes — some famous, some long-kept C-crets. Tune in for an aesthetically pleasing, steady flow of C-major C-mphonies.
7 - 9 pm DJ MC Bagpipes and Banjos Rock music featuring bagpipes and banjos. These are both core instruments in folk music from different cultures. Their sounds are naturally nostalgic, even when they are in non-traditional music.
9pm - Midnight The Monster of Love The Return of GOTH PROM: A Radiothon Descent into the Inferno of Love The Monster has been practicing the spiderweb dance for MONTHS. Put on your stompy boots and Gothic formal attire for a most diabolical and danceable evening of agony and ecstasy.
12 - 2am Sam A Malltober 2007 Where were you 10 years ago today? Possibly at the strip mall? Yes, very possibly. Let's take a trip back in time to 2007 when life was simple. When we went to Blockbuster for movies and Borders for books. I'll be serving up some fantastic mall music that you would have heard from the era as we travel through the foodcourt, try the cologne samples at J.C. Penny, feel the uncomfortable edginess of Hot Topic, and visit many more stores we used to know and love.
2 - 4 am Mox Nox Talk To Me Mox Nox plays tracks that have spoken word audio samples, either of the artists themselves or from other sources
4 - 7 am The Night Watch Connections Between Songs Each song is connected to the next one in some way
7 - 9 am The Americana Trail Ladies First Featuring the leading ladies of Bluegrass, Classic Country, Indie Country, Blues and Rock 'N' Roll
9 am - Noon Emmet & Josh The Disorganized Disaster Josh and Emmet couldn't agree on what to make their theme, so they decided to build two separate playlists and play them, song by song and one after the other, on the same show. There was no coordination. This will be a mess.
12 - 2 pm Jammin with Ginger Video Killed the Radiothon Star 2: The Electric Boogaloo Ginger Spice is back rockin the airwaves with all your favourite movie and tv show soundtracks, but this time there's something new: video game soundtracks! Come jammmmm
2 - 3:30 pm Molly Graham The Life You Desire ~*~*~*~ A CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE GAME ~*~*~*~ call in and direct how the story will go--- you can choose paths, take action, or even change the character's names. even the music played will be affected by how the story progresses-- you control the fate of the show!
3:30 - 5 pm Katelyn Forbish Verbing Nouns Literally just a bunch of bands whose names are a gerund/verb and a noun, like the Rolling Stones, the Smashing Pumpkins, Flogging Molly, Counting Crows, Talking Heads, etc.
5 - 7 pm Ace Fever Ace Fever's Mystery Secret Theme Show The mystery theme won't be televised- it's on the radio!
7 - 9 pm Local Zone RadioActive Instead of a live musician on Local Zone, we are bringing in a live aerobic instructor that will be instructing us (and listeners at home) how to sweat in the coolest way possible. Will be live-streamed, so you can watch how out of shape we are while you listen to your favorite radio station!!
9pm - Midnight The Big Waste of Time The Begathon XIX:Santo & Blue Demon vs. Dracula & The Wolfman (featuring the Nurse With Wound list) It's time to destroy "The Don". He will beg for money for three hours while playing the weird, screwy avante-garde outsider music covered on the Nurse With Wound list. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nurse_with_Wound_list) This should surely mess with Don's brain.
12 - 2am DJ Promised Hero Grimy Bass Drops You know those songs were it drops and you're left speechless, get ready!
2 - 4 am Anime Lovers Anonymous otak(c)ould you pls donate to wuvt Audinne and Rachel explore everyone's favourite anime theme songs!
4 - 7 am The Night Watch Through the Years A song from each odd numbered year back to WUVT's founding
7 - 9 am Emmet Bryan Pensive Steeds and P.O.S. Birds Two hours of songs about the two greatest topics possible for musical expression - sad horses and mean avians. The horses will be dealing with stuff so heavy you'll want to give them a moment, and the birds will steal from you then taunt you from a tree.
9 am - Noon Super Groovy Delicious Roll Call songs with names in the title. in alphabetical order. find out who's present for radiothon.
12 - 2 pm The Frosty and Mr. Crackers Show You Are What You Eat We ask for donations in exchange for eating progressively more gross things on air
2 - 3:30 pm Heather Hawley The Ultimate Tribute Songs titled after other musicians
3:30 - 5 pm Laurel Thanks For the Memories Every song has a back story, and these ones are particularly relevant to my life. If you have ever wanted to know a little TOO much about a random Radio DJ, this is the show for you
5 - 7 pm DJ Mark The Remake is Always Better Everyone knows remakes are better than the original! Movies, music, doesn't matter. This show is comprised of original songs accompanied by a genre-bending cover.
7 - 9 pm Spencer Jenkins Circle of Musical Connections Each song is connected to the last (by a shared musician, label, festival appearance, etc.). The show will create a full circle of connections, ending with the same artist that started the show.
9pm - Midnight The Rare Groove Rock Around the Clock Beginning After Midnight and going around the clock, telling the time via song lyrics or titles and ending at Midnight.
12 - 2am The Vince Mazzola Show Producer(s) Section Celebrating influential producers.
2 - 4 am Lizzy & Abby Gays On Parade-io Music from LGBTQ+ artists from the beginning of recorded time through present day
4 - 7 am Michael Secrist Deep (Hair) Cuts Get your hairspray and ripped spandex leopard print pants ready, its all the classic glam metal bands you love, but the songs you've (probably) never heard!
7 - 9 am DJ MC Welcome To My Swamp SHREK?! Selected songs from three of the best soundtracks of all time: Shrek 1, Shrek 2, and Shrek the Third.
9 am - Noon Yunkmaster Yusuf Around the Word in 80 Songs Buckle up buckaroos because we're about to be roadtrippin from hemisphere to hemisphere! Lean back in your convertible Chevelle and let your hair loose as you cruise through Nevada, bundle up in your warmest clothing as you hot-air balloon over the Ural Mountains, and try to avoid the lazy eye of your creepy Dutch roommate in a Berlin hostel.
12 - 2 pm Jess Music Makes a Marriage It's my parents' 25th wedding anniversary so I'm playing songs that they were listening to when they met in 1990 ! It's gonna be good
2 - 3:30 pm Conor Cadra La Revolution Francaise French-language songs
3:30 - 5 pm David and Parisa It's a Sad, Sad Situation Curl up and cry with David and Parisa as we play songs to shed tears to
5 - 7 pm Marc Secrist Hellevator Music What plays over the elevator speakers as you take the plunge into the depths of hell? Classical, noise, metal, hi-fi test tones, sermons, and of course, some muzak.
7 - 9 pm Moxley Attack of the l o n g b o i s Moxley will play songs that have excessively long names, or that are from albums with excessively long names, or that are by artists with excessively long names.
9pm - Midnight Symphonies of the Night Saggweis Eisarnē A show dedicated to the love affair between metal and medieval culture. It will feature thematic, stylistic, and linguistics homages.
12 - 2am DJ Space Dad & Solo Dolo Middle School Jams We'll be exploring the best pop-hits of our middle school years, singing along, doing the weirdly specific dances, and cringing through the hits that aged terribly. Tune in for all the vibes of your awkward first kiss at your eight grade dance!
2 - 4 am Moxley Stole This Radio Show Sticker Shock Moxley plays music from bands that have band stickers stuck on the walls here in the station
4 - 7 am The Night Watch Major Lineup Changes Songs from bands that have had major lineup changes over the years
7 - 9 am Joey Ritenour Songs of the South Southern iconic tunes, new and old.
9 - 11 am Hickory Dickory Dock Once Upon a Time Playing some childhood tunes you (hopefully) remember dancing and singing to with no shame.
11 am - 1 pm DJ Blue Gender, or What is this wibbly wobbly stuff Songs by trans artists or screwing with the idea of heteronormative gender. Lotsa folk punk.
1 - 3pm KeysOpenDoors REMIX Playing remixes of songs.
3 - 5 pm DJ Hybrid Your Dad's Gonna Love This Stories of DJing in the 80s, funky throwback jams, and horribly cringey jokes. All recommended by my dad.
5 - 7 pm The Midnight Q Heard in Blacksburg Songs from DIY bands that have played shows in Blacksburg.
7 - 9 pm Linda & Laura 9s on the Mind We will be playing the best music from the ends of decades! Enjoy tunes from '69, '79, '89, '99, and '09 and DONATE to WUVT!
9pm - Midnight Zach For The Birdz Twitter is old news. Introducing the new bird call: Only music that includes or relates to birds in some way--in the song title, album, artist, or the music. All you lil birds tune in for my radio chirpin'!
12 - 2am Collin Caywood Playing Skateboards Skateboarding video parts offer some of the most diverse and .•*bEaUtIful*•. musical selections. These are some of the songs featured in my personal favorite parts.
2 - 4 am Mox Nox Kranky: A Label Showcase I play music from albums that were released through the Kranky label.
4 - 7 am Shanice Aga Manager's Special The General Manager plays signature songs that help narrate her life and rise to glory as supreme leader of WUVT.
7 - 9 am Josh Foelsch Slick Riffs It's going to be songs written about guitars.
9 - 11 am Hippie Funk and Indie Junk Spookshow Soundtrack I will only play songs featured in horror movies.
11 am - 1 pm Mika 90s hip-hop n' r&b party jams break out that windbreaker unironically and tilt that snapback sideways because we are traveling to the 90s. it's a hip hop hooray party. no scrubs allowed.
1 - 2:15 pm WUVT Sports Roundup WUVT Sports Roundup Get the latest news in Hokie sports.
2:15 - 3pm Synthesis
3 - 5pm A WUVT Special The Great Woovit Baking Show For a joint celebration of both the final day of WUVT's Fall 2017 Radiothon and Emmet's birthday, we will be attempting something never done before by any sane radio station- a baking show LIVE from Emmet's kitchen!
5 - 7 pm Lazarus Space Jams WUVT goes on a tour of the cosmos with the best space themed music around.
7 - 9 pm Billy Goat's Hoe-Down Find the Cost of Freedom! Songs that pertain to struggle of obtaining freedom and to live freely
9pm - Midnight Michael Secrist Riders of the Apocalypse Closing the week on a dark, but BRÜTAL note, here's 3 hours of metal tunes about four of the most terrifying figures that have captured humanity's attention for hundreds of years; the 4 horsemen. So join me for 3 hours of suffering as we explore Pestilence, War, Famine, and of course, Death.