Major Mobile Website Overhaul

written by Amir Lahoud on

Recently, there have been big changes to our website. If you're browsing on a PC, you might not notice anything unusual, but if you're on a tablet or phone, things will look considerably different from what you're used to. This is no coincidence: for the last month or so, the IT team has been hard at work redesigning the website to support different screen sizes. In the past, the website had one display size, and if your screen was too small, you would have to zoom out to see everything. Now, however, the website contents will shift to fit whatever device you're using. You can test this out right now on your computer by dragging the side of your browser window side to side. There are three different layouts for the site: desktop, which is what you're used to; tablet, which looks similar to desktop except the speech bubble is on a separate line; and mobile, which hides the sidebar. (Don't worry, you can still access the sidebar by tapping the three black lines in the top right.) Hopefully these changes make it easier for you to listen to our DJs and read our articles on any device.

Many thanks to the IT staff, and specifically Eric Kauppi for changing how the website content displays, Eric C. Landgraf and Jared Beller for code review, and James Schwinabart and Eric C. Landgraf for backend troubleshooting.