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New Music Adds 2/1/24

written by Amir Lahoud on

Hey everyone! WUVT is happy to announce the return of our weekly new music adds. Check back in every week to see what we've added to rotation!


Sleater-Kinney - Little Rope

Label: Loma Vista
Genre: Grrrl Alt Rock
For fans of: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Vivian Girls, Mannequin Pussy, Throwing Muses
Reviewed by: Kate Stanko
Any and all of these tracks should be played. Super cool guitar licks with entrancing, sorta warbly vocals from riot grrrl legends. Definitely prefer the grungier tracks on this album -- tracks 5 and 7 are reminiscent of their '90s style and other groups like Bikini Kill.


The Smile - Wall of Eyes

Label: XL
Genre: Alt Rock / Exp Alt Rock
For Fans Of: Radiohead, Ought, Steve Reich
Reviewed by: Payton Williams
The first three tracks really had me worried this was going to be boring, but man was I INCREDIBLY wrong. Apart from the slow start, this album is an improvement from their previous album, and a confirmation of all the things that have made Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood forces to be reckoned with in the world of rock for over 30 years. Incredible arrangements that are complex but still recognizably rock and pop. Bending Hectic is one of the coolest songs I've heard in forever.


William St. Hugh - High on the Serpent Mound

Label: Self
Genre: NCP / Ambient Tone Poems
For Fans Of: Max Richter, Richard Chartier
Reviewed by: Len Comaratta
10 instrumental tracks of slow moving, sparse, orchestral arrangements and ambient interludes; evoking melancholy, the sub level, and the unrecognized.


Eric Wayne Band - Eric Wayne Band

Label: Self
Genre: Country / Roots Rock / Southern Rock / Americana
Reviewed by: Len Comaratta
Regional artist; Honing a sound rooted in Country, Rock n Roll, and Southern Rock.


Catbells - Partly Cloudy

Label: Self
Genre: Bedroom Indie Pop
For Fans Of: Soap, The Mountain Goats, Rebecca Sugar
Reviewed by: Conner Arthur
Regional artist; Catbells joins the indie pop community with her debut album, Partly Cloudy! Catbells' soothing voice and catchy acoustic guitar licks alongside a great use of synths keep you finding new things to listen for within each track. It's an odd comparison, but I just can not stop thinking about this album, in some ways, sounds like Rebecca Sugar's early work, but more fresh and organic. Any song from this album could be played on-air, but make sure to abide by those delicious FCC rules. Great album by a great musician. I believe they have a great future in the indie pop scene. 8/10 would recommend.


Bill Ryder Jones- Iechyd Da

Label: Domino
Genre: Soft Indie Pop
For Fans Of: Radiohead, Steve Mason
Reviewed by: Conner Arthur
Bill Ryder Jones delivers his first album of 2024 and his sixth studio album with "lechyd Da." This album is very nice to listen to, almost angelic. The best way I can describe it is when your mother sang lullabies to you when you were a baby. This album is angel soft and very fun at the same time. Bill Ryder Jones' voice is pleasant when mixed with piano and soft drums. There are some FCC tracks on this record but almost any of the songs here can be played on-air and enjoyed by many! Very fun and enjoyable album.


Ethan Iverson- Technically Acceptable

Label: Blue Note
Genre: Jazz
For Fans Of: Thelonious Monk, Vince Guaraldi
Reviewed by: Payton Williams
Pushing a more experimental mode, this jazz album is really accomplished, and great to listen to. It sounds something like Thelonious Monk at its best, but wine bar chic at worst. The last three tracks go really wild. Also, there's theremin on this album, so how could you not like it?


Monsoon- Ghost Party

Label: Self
Genre: Alternative Rock / Post Punk
For Fans Of: The Planks, Twenty-One Pilots, III Intentions, Olivia Rodrigo
Reviewed by: Conner Arthur
Oh. My. God. This album is AWESOME! The little rocking boy in me is screaming. Coming into this record, I was expecting to be hearing soft indie pop but instead, I was SLAMMED with pure shock of how grungy and punky this album can be. Any song off this record could be played on-air and I completely encourage it! One of the best albums I have ever reviewed for WUVT. Enjoy some nice and fun punk alongside ANGELIC vocals from Sienna Chandler. It's so refreshing to listen to this album! 9/10 would recommend!

Big Sigh

Marika Hackman- Big Sigh

Label: Chrysalis
Genre: Soft Indie Pop
For Fans Of: Fenne Lily, Julia Jacklin
Reviewed by: Griffin Paddock
Relatively standard indie rock/pop/electro album, but has enough nuances and interesting crescendos to be cool. Soft vocals reminiscent of RIYL and (if being generous) Mitski. They're really nice in the mix, giving an intimate feel without being whispery and monotone. The other two major components are a soft strumming acoustic guitar and gently reverberating hats. A more orchestral grand piano also pops in on the later half adding some nice texture.