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New Music Adds 2/15/24

written by Amir Lahoud on

Grog album cover

Frog - Grog

Label: Tapewormies
Genre: Lo-Fi Indie Rock
For fans of: Fleet Foxes, Pinegrove, Field Medic, The Slaps
Reviewed by: Lane Robertson
Frog's new album, Grog, rocks if you're into whiny folk rock (in a good way). It starts off with an electronic, Elliot Smith-esque sound, but transitions towards a more folk-sounding rock towards the end. All the best songs have FCCs. Grog is the type of music that you'd listen to on a forest adventure / hike.

Only in Absolutes

Indigo Zebras - Only in Absolutes

Label: Self-Published
Genre: Post Hardcore
For fans of: Brand New, Cymbals Eat Guitars.
Reviewed by: Payton Williams
Only in Absolutes is a solid post hardcore album. Indigo Zebras was sure to include a lot of cool, passionate guitar parts, but they also weren't afraid to dip into emo territory. Despite its developed sound, the album is a little overproduced and compressed. Although it could do with more of a 'raw' sound, it's not hard to imagine how great they are live through this new album.

Flight Attendant album cover

Flight Attendant - Flight Attendant

Label: Moraine Music
Genre: Indie Pop Rock
For fans of: Love'n'Joy, PAWS, Wife Patrol.
Reviewed by: Ivan Savelyev
Flight Attendant's new, self-titled album has exceedingly satisfying instrumentals consisting of warm guitar tones and juicy basslines on many songs. This is a well-constructed album overall and showcases great emotional range through songwriting and mixing. With the lead singer's unique voice and talent, as well as the creation of something fresh / revitalizing for the genre, Flight Attendant's surge in popularity is imminent.

What an Enormous Room

Torres - What an Enormous Room

Label: Merge
Genre: Electronic Inspired Indie Rock
For fans of: Miya Folick, Bully
Reviewed by: Caroline Pickels
In the best way possible, I can only think of Spencer Shay (from iCarly) and tinyjewishgirl on TikTok when I listen to this album. It's funky (the adjective, not the music genre) in a way that makes you want to dance in the most ridiculous way possible. It is a perfect mix of fun and moody but also kind of god-complex-esque, in the sense that the electronic beats just make you feel something.

Speak to me album cover

Julian Lage - Speak to Me

Label: Blue Note
Genre: Post Pop / Guitar
Reviewed by: Len Comaratta
Another vivid and wondrously textured album; intimate in tone and capacious in intention, the music travels a wide range of American sound, and delights in the deliberate crossing of wires between gospel hymn and rural blues, California singer-songwriter sunshine and defiant jazz.

We Need The Wind album cover

Brian Scarborough - We Need the Wind

Label: Self-Published
Genre: Traditional Jazz
Reviewed by: Len Comaratta
An emotive, honest album steeped in earnest feelings, documenting Scarborough’s own healing process as we navigate through deeply troubling times. Roger Wilder’s Fender Rhodes and Jeff Harshbarger’s bass are the standouts.

Souenir album cover

Omni - Souvenir

Label: Sub Pop
Genre: Post Punk
For fans of: Parquet Courts, Gang of Four, Antidotes-era Foals
Reviewed by: Len Comaratta
Inactive during most of the pandemic, the Atlanta trio come out swinging faster and hitting harder than ever! There is a precision and clarity in the songs on Souvenir, making it sound sharp and fully charged. With Chris Yonker now a full-time member on drums, Omni's solidified lineup provides an immediacy throughout the entire album, adding to the creative fuel the trio has poured over this album. Feat. Izzy Glaudini (of Automatic).

Sinseerly yours album cover

Thee Sinseers - Sinseerly Yours

Label: Colemine
Genre: Soul / R&B
Reviewed by: Len Comaratta
Thee Sinseers has quietly chipped away at the sounds of R&B and soul for the last half-decade, creating a distinctive vibe that explores all aspects of a timeless genre, bringing together their interpretation of music through an unmistakable modern lens.

Tendencies album cover

Middle Sattre - Tendencies

Label: Sad Tree
Genre: Experimental Folk / Soft Indie
Reviewed by: Brody Toth
Middle Sattre's new album, Tendencies, sports soft nasally vocals and muted sounds that work well with lower energy tracks to discuss topics like coming out in a conservative environment. It would have been nice to see a bit more explorative instrumentation. In that same vein, tracks 4, 5, and 9 are a must-listen.