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For Those Who Cross the Seas album cover. Painting of a crashing wave flowing towards the left of the frame, with blue and purple undertones towards the ends of the frame. The names Alon Nechushtan, Roy Campbell, Daniel Carter, Sabir Mateen, William Parker, and Federicho Ughi are listed in the bottom left corner, and the words For Those Who Cross The Seas is written on the top center.

Alon Nechushtan - For Those Who Cross the Seas

Label: ESP
Genre: NCP / Avant Garde Jazz
Reviewed by: Len Comaratta
Alon Nechushtan, composer, improviser and a thriving presence in the NYC jazz scene brought together the late Roy Campbell, reed masters Daniel Carter and Sabir Mateen, mayor of the NYC avant-jazz scene William Parker, and versatile drummer Federico Ughi.

Scope Neglect album cover. Black screen with a purple circle that bleeds outwards.

Ben Frost - Scope Neglect

Label: Mute
Genre: Electronic / Experimental / Metal
Reviewed by: Jocelyn Browning
Scope Neglect demands your full attention. Ben Frost draws you into a world of pulsating, aggressive composition that works together in an unexpected way. If you're a fan of intense music that affects you to your core, this album is for you. The silence and echoes within this album are just as important as the strums of the guitar or thump of the bass, it makes you feel like you're on the edge of a black hole. Beware of noise complaints from neighbors if you put this one on full blast.

Trail of Flowers album cover. Ornate brown and dark red border around an illustration of an angelic figure, centered in the border. Centered in the top and bottom of the frame are the words Trail of Flowers and Sierra Ferrell

Sierra Ferrell - Trail of Flowers

Label: Concord / Rounder
Genre: Progressive Country / Alt Country / Country
Reviewed by: Len Comaratta
A journey through Ferrell's musical imagination, Trail of Flowers takes listeners from bluegrass to old-time music to honky-tonk and beyond. It's a record that is both nostalgic for the past and excited about the future of music.

Glasgow Eyes album cover. White silhouette of a face centered on the frame with a vague red streak for lips, and two splotches of black and blue for eyes. On each of the eyes, the words Glasgoweyes" and Thejesusandmarychain appear in colored lettering.

Jesus and Mary Chain - Glasgow Eyes

Label: Fuzz Club
Genre: Post Punk / Dream Pop / Noise Pop
Reviewed by: Len Comaratta
Jesus and Mary Chain's second album post-reunion sees the Reid brothers more emotionally invested, flipping their script to allow synths to take center stage, leaving guitars as either punctuation or texture.

A La Sala album cover. Reddish Pink wall with a large window on the top-right of the frame. Outside the window is a blue sky with clouds.

Khruangbin - A La Sala

Label: Dead Oceans
Genre: Neo Psychedelia / Instrumental Soul
Reviewed by: Len Comaratta
With their simmering, low-key rhythms and back-stepping the vocals to a minimal role, Khruangbin return to their essence. Easily the most stripped—down since The Universe Smiles Upon You, this is pure Khruangbin sounding like what you think of when you hear the name. And while it may not have as many ear worms as Mordechai or Con Todo el Mundo, it is filled with enticing, spacious grooves and gorgeous atmospherics.

Ohio Players album cover. Black and white bowling alley, with a middle aged woman facing away from the camera throwing a bowling ball down the lane. In the right of the frame, a blue and red colored bowling ball with the words The Black Keys.

The Black Keys - Ohio Players

Label: Nonesuch
Genre: Blues Rock / R&B / Alt Pop Rock / Soul
Reviewed by: Len Comaratta
Featuring guest spots w/ Lil Noid, Juicy J, Dan the Automator, Greg Cartwright, Noel Gallagher, and Beck (who has writing credits on half of the tracks, and you can tell pretty clearly which ones), the Keys manage to still sound like themselves, complete with tons of fuzz, funky rhythms, ear worm hooks. The Keys have always been rooted in soul and blues, but here it seems to be a bit more front and center than on their recent outings, even covering William Bell’s “I Forgot To Be Your Lover”.

I Am album cover. Grayscale background with Alice Russel's upper body centered in the frame. The words Alice Russell and I am are in the top left and right corners, respectively.

Alice Russell - I Am

Label: Tru Thoughts
Genre: Neo Soul / Soul
Reviewed by: Len Comaratta
Universally acclaimed as one of the best modern soul voices of our time, while her raw talent and charisma commands attention and affection, The much-loved British soulstress, Alice Russel, returns with the most personal album of her career, her first offering of new music in over a decade

Mood Swings album cover. Darkened skyline over an industrial dam, with the words Mood Swings centered in the frame in neon red lighting

Marcus King - Mood Swings

Label: Republic
Genre: Soul / American Trad Rock
Reviewed by: Len Comaratta
Working with Rick Rubin, King, fresh from a breakup, delves deep into his psyche and achieving some sense of grace. He intentionally and consciously has steered away from the blues-rock associated with his sound, preferring to settle into a more reflective, far mellower vibe that recalls both the stew-like soul of the Memphis with the bright, glistening groove of the Philly Sound.

Interplay album cover. A collection of mostly red and yellow lines scattered across the image. There is no composition or order, just splashes of red and yellow.

Ride - Interplay

Label: Witchita
Genre: Post Shoegaze / Alt Rock / Synth Rock
Reviewed by: Len Comaratta
On their third post-reunion album, Ride step even further away from the shoegaze sound they helped trailblaze, this time choosing to highlight the influence of 80s synth pop. There are hints of borrowing from Echo & the Bunnymen, the Cure, Duran Duran and the final track tips a nod to a collaboration b/w Pink Floyd and Gary Numan.

Bright Future album cover. Adrianne Lenker's face centered in the frame wearing a white cowboy hat

Adrianne Lenker- Bright Future

Label: 4AD
Genre: Indie Rock/Folk
For Fans Of: Big Thief, Diane Cluck
Reviewed by: Payton Williams
A consummate performance by one of the best songwriters working today. Not only does Adrianne Lenker have the poetic ability to write affecting lyrics, but her arrangements are constantly complex and powerful. A once-in-a-generation artist. Some of these songs are as close as art can come to conveying the pure feeling of love and longing. A real masterpiece.

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