New Music Adds 4/19/23

written by Amir Lahoud on

Oh boy, have we got some new album reviews for you all! See you next week... right?

What's For Breakfast album cover. Dent May sitting at a table in the center of the frame with various breakfast foods sprawled out in front of him

Dent May- What's for Breakfast

Label: Carpark
Genre: Indie Pop
Reviewed by: Amir Lahoud
May's newest album is all fun lyrics and quirky guitars. Although masked with sounds of whimsy, What's For Breakfast can't help but sound like an album begging you to get your shit together. Or maybe the first track It's Time For Breakfast really just means it's time for breakfast. Later tracks in the album focus on giving different components time in the spotlight, back seating the drums and guitars to make space for May's vocals and maracas.

Void - Seven Computer Music Pieces album cover. a faded red and orange tye-die-like spiral, with the words Void - Seven Computer Music Pieces displayed above it with red text on a black background.

Kari Väkevä- Void - Seven Computer Music Pieces

Label: Self
Genre: Computer-Generated Electroacoustic NCP
Reviewed by: Zane Kidwell
Finish composer Kari Väkevä has created seven pieces that span from bell overtones (2), buzzing sounds (6), and a four-part composition spanning the sonic spectrum. All seven are fantastic for contemplating, pondering, and considering.

Metz - Up On Gravity Hill album cover. A painted red rose takes up the entirety of the cover, with a small green pea tucked within its petals. The rose is in front of a faded blue background.

Metz- Up On Gravity Hill

Label: Sub Pop
Genre: Punk / Indie Rock / Noise Rock
Reviewed by: Len Comaratta
So much talk about Metz maturing and evolving…blah blah blah…it’s still Metz, and the music still bludgeons you with their pulverizing sound. Sure, they’ve matured and evolved a bit, but ‘adding atmospherics’ doesn’t mean they’ve gone all post rock, but rather, continuing their journey, they’re adding layers, and dynamics, and intricacies to the joyous rage they infuse throughout all their stuff. Stark black and white evolving to shades of nuanced greys.

Karate Boogaloo- Hold Your Horses album cover. Black background with yellow lettering of the album title and group name. The near entirety of the album cover is a hodge-podge of colors fading in and out of black.

Karate Boogaloo- Hold Your Horses

Label: Colemine
Genre: Soul / Inst Soul Funk
For Fans Of: Surprise Chef, Ikebe Shakedown, Calibro 35, Budos Band, Menahan Street Band
Reviewed by: Len Comaratta
From Melbourne, AUS, this album’s overall tone is spacious and introspective, allowing the dynamics room to build a moody, mesmerizing album of captivating cinematic instrumental soul. Stylistic links draw from the well of late 60s/early 70s deep funk, European film music (i.e. Italo cinema, French New Wave).

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