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New Music Adds 3/21/2024

written by Amir Lahoud on

Can you believe another Thursday is upon us! With that comes new music, and boy do we have some albums for you!


Faye Webster- Underdressed at the Symphony

Label: Secretly Canadian
Genre: Indie Pop Rock
For Fans Of: Men I trust, Strawberry Guy, Beabadoobe
Reviewed by: Colin Lewis
Although Faye Webster has honed and mastered her sound with her first two albums, Underdressed at the Symphony is a step in a different direction. While it still has some songs that are reminiscent of her previous Bedroom Pop style (tracks like Wanna Quit All the Time and Lifetime) she is now getting more into a rock-focused sound. Lego Ring is the highlight of the album with a buzzing distorted guitar and funky bassline. It comes out of left field with a great feature from Lil Yachty. He Loves Me Yeah! feels very much like a 90s rock song with fuzzy guitar riffs paired with Webster's vocals. She went all in on instrumentation in this album with ethereal points, like in But Not Kiss and Underdressed at the Symphony, which were absolutely beautiful. This might be Faye Webster best album yet, and it's exciting to see what comes next for her.


Charles Lloyd- The Sky Will Still Be There Tomorrow

Label: Blue Note
Genre: Post Bop
Reviewed by: Len Comaratta
The Sky Will Still Be There Tomorrow is the latest musical offering from a true legend in the genre and featuring a new band, a quartet that would be a first-time convening of four distinctive voices with the legendary saxophonist joined by pianist Jason Moran, bassist Larry Grenadier, and drummer Brian Blade. A majestic body of work that finds one of the most significant musicians of the 20th and 21st centuries still at the peak of his powers, this album presents a collection of Lloyd originals new, old, and reimagined.


Levitation Room- Strange Weather

Label: Greenway
Genre: Neo Psychedelia / Indie Rock / Garage Rock
Reviewed by: Len Comaratta
Strange Weather, Levitation Room's third album, trends the 60's psych down and the early 70's soft rock up. That isn’t to say that the psychedelic, buzzy, blissful vibe is gone, pitched out the window for easy listening AM radio. On the contrary, psychedelia is still high on their list of ingredients, and the album flows easily without feeling bland.


Cyrus & Oz- Ephemera: Collection

Label: Ramble Records
Genre: NCP / Drone / Experimental Guitar / Field Recording
Reviewed by: Len Comaratta
Blake Parker, a former WUVT DJ and Blacksburg local, has produced an incredible album, even if it may not be for everyone. This is found sound: including field recordings and bits and pieces of scraps from other works and incomplete pieces all pieced together, creating at times Branca-esque guitar-scapes (1), other times very akin to the likes of early Stars of the Lid (4) or Do Make Say Think (6).


Pissed Jeans- Half Divorced

Label: Sub Pop
Genre: Punk / Indie Rock
For Fans Of: IDLES, Big Black, Fucked Up
Reviewed by: Payton Williams
Half Divorced is a really fun punk album, even bordering on goofy territory, but not in a bad way. It's everything the most recent IDLES album should've been.


Molly Lewis- On the Lips

Label: Jagjaguwar
Genre: Gothic Indie
Reviewed by: Baile Liu
Molly Lewis' new album is a wonderful mix of Bossa nova, and tender indie. Her sound is sweet yet developed, which is surprising for her first album. Fun fact: She whistled a cover of Billie Eilish's What I Was Made For in the Barbie Movie.


SerpentWithFeet- GRIP

Label: Secretly Canadian
Genre: Electronic RnB
Reviewed by: Griffin Paddock
Although Grip has RnB vocals, it's firmly rooted in club and more electronic sounds in the instrumentation. The big theme lyrically throughout is definitely queer intimacy and desire. All of the production is excellent, with these punchy 808's and huge reverb filling up the space excellently while serpent's vocals float and glide over the top with artful runs and a nice amount of pitch effects. Only slight thing is that sometimes the club influence becomes a little generic, and while it never hinders anything I could've used a little more interesting beats on a few tracks. Note, pretty much everything on here is FCC.


Laura Jane Grace- Hole In My Head

Label: Polyvinyl
Genre: Alt Indie Rock / Punk
Reviewed by: Payton Williams
Hole In My Head is a surprisingly low-effort release from a usually tremendous songwriter. For every really hard-hitting song, there's two cliche ones that muddle the album. Songs this emotionally raw need to sound a little rougher around the edges. Still, for big fans of Laura Jane Grace and Against Me!, there's good stuff here.


Yard Act- Where's My Utopia

Label: Island
Genre: Indie Rock, Indie Pop
For Fans Of: The Murder Capital, IDLES
Reviewed by: Brody Toth
Where's My Utopia is all fun and fuzzy indie dance numbers. I think what sets it apart from other indie pop are the eccentric samples they use throughout coming from various tv/radio programs. The only thing that would stop me from playing this album in heavy rotation is how good the FCC tracks are in comparison to the others. If you've got a late-night show, this is the album for you!

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