New Music Adds 4/26/23

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I seriously can't believe that it's that time of the week again! Oh, how the time flies. I'll see you this time next week for more new music reviews!

Chrome Castle Future Fiction LP cover. Cover is a maroon / orangey background with the faces of the four Chrome Castle bandmates collaged in the center of the frame.

Chrome Castle- Future Fiction

Label: Black Cottage
Genre: Psych Rock
Reviewed by: Griffin Paddock
Instrumental psychedelic rock. Very cinematic, definitely reminds me of Applesauce Tears (who are also on the label). It's at its best when it's playing with L/R audio switches and swells, but sometimes it can fall into the trap of sounding like a pretty average jam band. Instrumentation is about what you would expect, standard drums, reverb-y guitar, little bass for texture. Definitely suffers from a lack of variety as a whole but makes up for it with being surprisingly interesting at points and nice to just space out to.

Kabutomushi EP cover. A colored pencil drawing of a girl with shoulder length black hear, wearing several earrings and a chain necklace. There are three brown heracles beetles crawling on her head.

Mei Semones- Kabutomushi

Label: Bayonet
Genre: Bossa Nova
Reviewed by: Griffin Paddock
DAMN! This is kind of like if Jockstrap made bossa nova with a touch more math rock. Gorgeous vocals mixed with a perfect cleanness that cuts through the huge amount of space occupied by the reverberating and atmospheric instrumental. This album feels textured in the best way possible, and every line falls into the next perfectly. There's also these really wonderful strings and plucks that give it an almost chamber orchestra feel. Super exciting musically and really great.

Mimi Album cover. The entire cover is a very detailed drawing of what appears to be a brown-furred cat. The cat looks like it is about to sneeze, with its eyes squinting at the camera and its mouth slightly ajar.

Corridor- Mimi

Label: Sub Pop
Genre: Indie Rock
Reviewed by: Griffin Paddock
Montreal indie rock with solid male vocals reminiscent of Tame Impala sung mostly in french. There's a heavier involvement of electronic inspired sounds in the forms of bleeps and stutters in this album as opposed to their previous stuff, and it's really refreshing. It leans semi-psych at points, especially in the guitar riffs and effects. Instrumentation has a slightly vintage sound, and everything sounds really warm and lush. My favorite part is definitely the drums and effects-- the album would have been good but generic without them.

The Light Up Waltz Album cover. The album cover is a mountain of warm colors. orange, red, and green splatches jump around over a speckled blue background.

Minor Moon- The Light Up Waltz

Label: Ruination Records
Genre: Indie Rock / Americana
Reviewed by: Brody Toth
Kinda weird all things considered. Minor Moon's vocals don't really match the melodies all that well; bedroom indie vocals with sandusky-esque instrumentation. His voice is very soothing, but the voice and melody just don't really match to me. Still neat to put on, but I think it fits much better with an indie show than a more folk/americana leaning one.

We Belong album cover. Neon and florescent colored tropical plants and people all gather around sinkane's face, which looks oil-painted. He is gently closing his eyes and his head is in an upward stance, almost in a position of power.

Sinkane- We Belong

Label: City Slang
For Fans Of: Michael Kiwanuka, John Legend, Adrian Younge, YG Marley, Cory Henry, Kali Ushis
Genre: Post Disco / R&B / Pop / Dance / Afrobeat
Reviewed by: Lane Robertson
Sinkane's We Belong blends Afrobeats and Post-Disco, using layered voices that touch on themes of revolution, change, and community. The use of various artists and voices creates a dynamic and engaging album, rallying for unity and urging individuals to join together and fight for change.

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