New Music Adds 4/4/23

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Friends Vol. 1 album cover. Green background with a medium sized frame in the center, with a cartoon rendition of Bob Junior holding both thumbs up at the camera.

Bob Junior - Friends Vol. 1

Label: 777
Genre: Indie Pop
For Fans Of: Mac DeMarco, Judah Just Kidding, GAL
Reviewed by: Conner Arthur
Bob Junior delivers us our first taste of his introduction to the indie pop scene with his debut album, Friends Vol. 1. This album provides artists an opportunity to shine, as well as hear some very fun production choices from Mr. Junior such as 8-bit drum patterns and slidewhistles. Overall, a very pleasant record to listen to!

Viola album cover. Purple background with a small cartoon of a woman crying, surrounded by purple flowers.

the Ian Fays - Viola

Label: WWNBB
Genre: Soft Folky Indie Pop
Reviewed by: Jocelyn Browning
The Fay sisters are back at it again. Viola comes 20 years after their first album, and their sound has developed into a perfect blend of folk and indie. Viola really shows how much the Ian Fays have grown as a band since 2003. The complex instrumentation combined with the unique vocals of Lizzie and Sara Fay make for a cozy listening experience. This album embraces that traditional indie guitar vibe, while adding lots of unique lyrics and generally good vibes. It reminds me of how it feels to sing karaoke and play cards with your childhood crush.

Deeper Well album cover. Kacey Musgraves centered in the frame cut off at the shoulders, holding up a not yet bloomed tulip.

Kacey Musgraves - Deeper Well

Label: Interscope
Genre: Alt Country / Country Pop / Americana
For Fans Of: First Aid Kit, Ben Rector. The Paper Kites
Reviewed by: Jocelyn Browning
In Deeper Well, Kacey finally returns to her country roots. It strips back from her usual lush country-pop production, leaving us with an intricate folk Americana album. Her lyricism is on full display here, and her vulnerability gives fans a window into the aspects of her life she chooses to display. Its a new direction for Kacey, but it still feels authentic to her original sound.

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