Meet WUVT Production Manager, Sebastain Giro-Martin!

written by Amir Lahoud on

What Does WUVT Production Do?

Dark photo of a venue. Sebastian is seen in the background "WUVT Productions oversees the management and insurance that all WUVT events run smoothly when it comes to production equipment (music and sound). The main purpose of this staff is to set up and run the sound equipment for any live shows that WUVT hosts, whether it be at the Milk Parlor or at someone’s house who wants to simply wants to host good music. As the Production Manager here at WUVT, my staff and I oversee and manage these shows. Weeks prior to an event, I communicate with the bands that the events staff booked for these shows to start coordinating what specific equipment they need to perform. This process allows me to make the “best case” scenario for sound with the given equipment that both WUVT and the bands have at their disposal. Only a few hours before doors open for a show, my staff and I are already in motion setting up the equipment. Once everything is set and in motion, I, or someone else in WUVT Productions, will operate the mixer to fine-tune the sound. This process takes place throughout the entire show as different bands have different sounds, requiring changes in levels and EQs. We operate when a WUVT Event takes place, so there could be weeks without anything and then some weeks where there are a multitude of events!"

What Kind of Equipment Does WUVT Have? Is it Expensive?

"WUVT productions runs a relatively simple sound system. The backbone of the sound is carried by two primary PAs and three secondary PAs that run as monitors for the bands. Additionally, we use an array of microphones, from standard SM57s and SM58s to more unique microphones that have literally no markings. To connect all this equipment, we have a good collection of XLR and TRS cables. With all these gadgets and doohickeys, we’re able to help host amazing shows. I would say that our equipment is expensive (Over $1000 in just microphones), but it is not top of the line. That said, you don’t need top of the line equipment to host a killer show!"

How Do You Make Live Music Sound Good? Does Production Only Set up Live Events?

Sebastian setting up audio in the milk parlor. Seen in the far background "It’s simple to make live music sound good: you just need a good ear and knowledge of what sounds good! Experience helps, but it all comes down to trial-and-error. Ultimately, sound mixing is guided by personal preference. I like a more bass-and-drum heavy sounding show, but others may like to hear loud guitar solos or have the vocalist either quiet or loud. Every show is different, just like how every band is different. The production staff has varying levels of experience, and it takes all of us to pull off a fantastic show. We build off each other, and honestly that’s what makes our shows sound good.

In the past, WUVT Productions has only helped with one live FM show, Local Zone. This was a show where local bands and acts would come into WUVT Studio C (Live Recording Studio) to play on air. Other than Local Zone, WUVT Productions does not help out with on-air shows. "

What Else Can You Say About Your Role? How Did You Get Into it?

Concert photo. Sebastian setting up audio. Seen in the far back right corner. I love my role at WUVT, and I think that everyone should have the opportunity to try out sound production at some point in their life. I don’t think it has a steep learning curve, but I also came into it with some music experience. Over time, I think anyone can learn everything there is about production. I was thrown into the role at Green Eggs & Jam my sophomore year. As an AM, I had joined the engineering staff and back then, engineering staff oversaw sound for shows. At this Green Eggs & Jam, the sound wasn’t coming out of the speakers. While everyone was scrambling back to the station to get replacement speakers, I simply looked at the Mackie Mixer and raised the buses (the buses need to be up for sound to pull through). Everyone thought I performed a miracle, and that I had extensive music knowledge. After that semester of staffhead interviews, I was made the Production Manager for WUVT."

If you’re interested in joining the production staff, you can contact Sebastian! If you’d like to support what WUVT does, you can check out our wishlist!