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Radiothon Fall 2020 Schedule

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DJ THEMEDescription
Monday 10/26
12:00am-2:00amJason MWUVT's Very OwnThe first show of my last radiothon. A nod to WUVT by going through our top played artists and tracks
2:00am-4:00amTruitt ElliottThe RemixA lot of different and fun remixes
4:00am-7:00amHip Nick's Haunted House Sewer Rave Relentless assault of dark industrial dance.
7:00am-9:00amTrevor PittsLounge Revival Easy Listening music from the 21st Century
9:00am-12:00pmLinda Devito1970Fifty Year Retrospective of Albums released at the start of the decade
12:00pm-2:00pmThe Louie AgendaTom-FooleryGroups/bands with a variant of Thomas in their name
2pm-3:30pmReedSpelling Bee All songs played will be one word in title length. Before each song I will spell out the word and define it along with other spelling bee type information. The point is to kinda think about how the song feels and compares to the words original definition
3:30pm - 5pmAlec Odd time signaturesfeaturing songs that are not written in the normal 4/4 or 3/4:
5:00pm-7:00pmStaring at SoundDusty Grooves of Future PastWe're dusting off the grooves and playing samples from the earliest jazz recordings that we have while forging ahead toward the future.
7:00pm-9:00pmSam & Ivy Porches & HorsesOur show will center around the dichotomy of Horses and Porches. We will play songs such as Stupid Horse by 100 gecs, Porsche by Charli XCX, Horse b4 Porsche by Tommy Cash, and High Horse by Kacey Musgraves
9:00pm-12:00amThe HoleTrade-OffFor three hours Jack and Jason will be going back and forth building a show based off of the song played previously. Its The Hole radio, the entire thing in one show.
Tuesday 10/27
12:00am-2:00amBryceHimbo Hyperpop HourListen to some music so loaded with FEELING that your brain will melt into delectable flan. Beware of speeding hazard should you listen while driving. He's gonna play Hyperpop, not much more to it.
2:00am-4:00amWill HeltzelFruit Songssongs named after fruit
4:00am-7:00amJason MGraduationsongs from my college experience
7:00am-9:00amGraysonWhat's all that Noise? All post rock all the time. Sleep Party People, This Will Destroy You , Hammok, Explosions in the Sky
9:00am-12:00pmHave You Got It Yet?Notes From the UndergroundAfter spending most of 2020 in his secret subterranean bunker, the Captain has worked out a way to communicate with the outside world, and all it took was a hastily-scribbled note and a $50 bill slipped through the food-delivery slot to the doordash driver. Godspeed, Jerry. If the message doesn't get through, the fate of Tuesday morning nonsense may be in your hands.
12:00pm-2:00pmMichael Haddad? ? ? ? ^ ^ % % ! ! ! ! $ $ &Only songs/artists with at least one character that is not A-Z or 1-9.
2pm-3:30pmMolly!Rearranging Deck Chairs on the TitanicSongs about keeping your head up, keeping yourself busy, in the face of hopelessness. Happy 2020! Heretic Pride - The Mountain Goats I Don't Want To - Mal Blum Spring Street - Dar Williams Spaceship - Art Sorority for Girls
3:30pm - 5pmStacks on StacksA Trip Around the Color WheelA rock & electronic show of songs with colors in the title. The Chemical Brothers, Orange Wedge; Merchandise, Green Lady; The Velvet Underground, White Light/White Heat
5:00pm-7:00pmDrive Time Jazz with LenUltra LoungeJazz Genre/Artist Spotlight
7:00pm-9:00pmDJ MCOut of SightThis Radiothon, DJ MC is climbing to the highest shelves and dusting off the forgotten albums. WUVT's music library has been growing non-stop since the 1940s, and the studio in Squires Student Center is home to all of it. Vinyl, compact discs, and cassette tapes line the walls, ceiling to floor, in hallways, closets, and studios. Some locations are harder to see and access, so the music there gets less play time. Tune in for two hours of these out-of-sight, out-of-mind tracks with DJ MC.
9:00pm-12:00amGarrettDebut albums Songs from our favorite artists' debut albums. Doors, The End. Eagles, Take it easy.
Weds 10/28
12:00am-2:00amAnaladies and gentlemen, we got emsongs about girls/young people who are specifically 17 years of age
2:00am-4:00amWumbohottest electronic singles of the '50sNothing beats the oldies. Tune in for a show of the best of early electronic music from Stockhausen to Cage and everything in between
4:00am-7:00amMolly! Gay People Wrote All Your Favorite Songsfamous / popular / recognizable songs written and performed by lgbtq artists! featuring tchaikovsky, freddie mercury, aaron copland, wham!, etc.
7:00am-9:00amAppalachia GrassBluegrass covers of pop/rock songscovers of pop tunes including Low, Pokerface, Superfreak, and more.
9:00am-12:00pmGrayson's HeadspaceContact TracingEach song is either a cover or, features, or samples the previous songs artist. "Oxford Town" Tim O'Brien -> "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall" Bob Dylan -> "All Along the Watchtower" Jimi Hendrix
12:00pm-2:00pmReganneSpooks and ScaresAny songs that's kinda spooky for October. Sex with a ghost, I Can't Decide, ect.
2pm-3:30pmBryce/It's 2am somewhereIt's 2am somewhereTime zones, dude. Imagine this: you're driving home at 2am, you accidentally graze the dial on your stereo system. By some miracle, it's tuned to WUVT-FM, which makes no sense because you're in the middle of a desert. The noise: ~ambient~, the vibe: ~impeccable~
3:30pm - 5pmRLRO NationFamily TraditionsWe would play artists songs and their sons and daughters songs. Examples: John and Julian Lennon, Hank Williams Jr. and Holly Williams etc....
5:00pm-7:00pmIsa DiazHymns for HereticsFor atheists and open-minded music lovers: songs that draw their names and inspiration from organized religion. (Examples: Only the Good Die Young by Billy Joel; Take Me to Church by Hozier; Faith by George Michael; Hallelujah by Panic! at the Disco)
7:00pm-9:00pmLocal ZoneSemi-Annual Shameless Self-Promotion featuring the Sine Wave SurfersThe Sine Wave Surfers descend on TLZ to provide a groovy, electronic backdrop (and occasional bass drop) to our community-themed Radiothon.
9:00pm-12:00amThe Big Waste of TimeThe Begathon XXIV: La Mansion de las Siete Momias (Mansion of The Seven Mummies), featuring The Nurse With Wound ListThe kidz have decided to send "The Don" into the abyss that IS the Nurse With Wound List one last time. Surely this go round, with a global pandemic and the worst election known to man also going on, their goal to drive that bird into his grave will finally succeed! Just in time for Halloween!
Thurs 10/29
12:00am-2:00amRLRO NationThe Late Night Show songs with late in the titles.
2:00am-4:00amEmilie2AM Coffee Shop Songs Everything you would want to hear if your local coffee shop was open at two in the morning. Enjoy.
4:00am-7:00amAbby Evans songs by ~dead people~ who's names start with a JIt's a little spooky and also fun: Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, Jerry Garcia, Janis Joplin
7:00am-9:00amChris KiserTimeline of Heavy Metal musicA chronological order of heavy metal songs like Fade to Black by Metallica and Them Bones by Alice in Chains
9:00am-12:00pmsuper groovy delicious / brother kendelisha tantalizing table set with tasty tunes: feel the fever of the flavor!
12:00pm-2:00pmsuper groovy delicious / brother kendelisha tantalizing table set with tasty tunes: feel the fever of the flavor!
3:30pm - 5pmKashEvery Song's under a minuteEvery Song's under a minute
5:00pm-7:00pmDrive Time Jazz with LenJazz Genre/Artist SpotlightJazz Genre/Artist Spotlight
7:00pm-9:00pmWumboMusic from CinemaRemember that song from that movie you love? Of course you do! I'll be playing songs made famous by movies and songs that made a movie or scene iconic. Tune in for an audible movie marathon!
9:00pm-12:00amThe Rare GrooveTriple Titles - Song Titled with the Same Word Three TimesLast year's Double Titles was such a success, I've upped the ante and this year we're goin' Three! Benny Goodman - Sing, Sing, Sing The Damned - Neat Neat Neat The Cure - Hot Hot Hot Queens of the Stone Age - Sick Sick Sick and six different Run, Run, Run!!!!
Friday 10/30
12:00am-2:00amHere, There, and EverywhereJeremy's Safely Harbored Songsmostly songs that I wouldn't be able to play during non-safe harbor hours, mostly rap, hip hop.
2:00am-4:00amTruitt ElliotTV show music music that's been in shows I like
4:00am-7:00amMichael HaddadSlooooooooooowAmbient and Slowcore.
7:00am-9:00amNo, Soap RadioJesus Was a CowboyCowboy ballads and Americana Hymns Eg. Sons of the Pioneers - The Touch of God's Hand, Marty Robbins - The Master's Call, Gene Autry - Ghost Riders in the Sky
9:00am-12:00pmKrisGirl's NamesSongs all titled a girl's name
12:00pm-2:00pmAna ZHippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobiaall songs with unnecessarily long titles (6 or more words)
2pm-3:30pmNew Sounds from the UndergroundThe Nightmare of ChristmasI'll be playing some of the most unusual Christmas music I can come up with (Hybrid Kids - We Three Kings, CAN - Silent Night)
3:30pm - 5pmRachel MirsenHalloweenSpooky & festive songs for Halloween! Eg. Somebody's Watching Me
5:00pm-7:00pmDrive Time Jazz with LenJazz Genre/Artist SpotlightJazz Genre/Artist Spotlight
7:00pm-9:00pmThe SoundSong titles that make a sentencethe sentence might not be grammatically correct, but it will create an awesome setlist for the night. Tune in!
9:00pm-12:00amThe WaveCelestial MagicThe theme focuses on music that references/mentions outer space in it's title. Ex. Saturn Song- Beach House, Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me- Elton John, Venus in Furs- The Velvet Underground, etc.
Saturday 10/31
12:00am-2:00amThe Buzz w/ DJ DeastInternal Soundtrack of a Serial KillerIt's Halloween and we'll be continuing a long standing tradition on The Buzz of celebrating with some of the darkest and most sinister Drum & Bass out there. Kick off the spookiest day of the year with the spookiest subgenre of electronic music, featuring some of the songs I imagine are playing in Jason Voorhees' head.
2:00am-4:00amKatherine M"The Witching Hour" . I songs that reference witchcraft, the devil, etc. Ex. Season of the Witch- Donavan, Black Magic Woman- Santana, Witchcraft- Frank Sinatra. Etc
4:00am-7:00amJustin50 State Tour playing songs from an artist from each state (hopefully 3 hrs)
7:00am-9:00amPetePolitical Strife, Marching in the Streets, WAIT... It's the 1960s!Great bands and sounds from the 1960s. The Turtles: It Ain't Me, Babe. The Kinks: I'm on an Island. The Rolling Stones: Miss Amanda Jones.
9:00am-11:00amJulia FallonImagine Helping children use their imagination for fun, fantasy, and enjoyment. Supercalifragalistic, Chim Chiminee, Over the Rainbow ??
11:00am-1:00pmHere, There, and EverywhereJeremy's Choice Classical ChoosingsI'll be playing only classical pieces (mostly my favorites) and giving a bit of background on the composers.
1pm-3:00pmAlandismantling white supremacy culture at WUVT Highlighting how the large majority of musicians played on WUVT are white males, and we can do better by prioritizing alternatives
3:00pm - 5pmDJ Will Vincent HeltzelThe Young Man and the CDsSongs that reference the high seas (On the sea - Beach House, Pink Ocean - The Voidz, March Into The Sea - Modest Mouse)
5:00pm-7:00pmSoundcheckTotally not creepy songsEssentially just popular songs from the last 60 ish years that are totally creepy/songs with creepy titles, etc. Ex. Sinatra -I've got you under my skin, hall & oates- maneater, beatles- maxwell's silver hammer
7:00pm-9:00pmHip Nick's Haunted HouseThe History of CorpsepaintA musical chronology of artists who painted their faces to appear dead, undead, or all too alive. Tracing this ghoulish practice, most associated today with Black Metal, back through Shock Rockers like Alice Cooper and Arthur Brown, to the foundational fiendishness of Screamin' Jay Hawkins, and perhaps to even more ancient and shrouded origins.
9:00pm-12:00amAlecPolitically-inspired musicSongs influenced, inspired, or related to politics or social issues in some way
Sun 11/1
12:00am-2:00amEmily DaltonThe Alternate Universe's Shrek SoundtrackThe show will be a mix of music from the early 2000s that have the same vibe of the Shrek Soundtrack.
2:00am-4:00amSam KashDoritos, Mountain Dew, and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3Fasten your seatbelts because I'm time traveling to 2012 for the most face melting, ear assaulting, neighbor annoying bass drops ever made. These dubstep, drum and bass, house, and trap bangers are going to be absolutely filthy.
4:00am-7:00amJack RossTrashy 2000s popTrashy pop music from my youth, songs such as California Girls, Payphone, I kissed a girl
7:00am-9:00amspell, shannaNot so bad 80sGood stuff from the 80s for all the 80s haters
9:00am-11:00amHeard2010 - the pinnacle of popsongs exclusively from 2010 ex: whatcha say by jason derulo, airplanes ft hayley williams by b.o.b., stereo hearts by gym class heroes
11:00am-1:00pmDr. SueRemote DJ Rocks OutRock is the theme. Rock in the song title, album title, or lyrics. Examples include Little Feat, Stones , Queen, R.E.M. , & more.
1pm-3:00pmMCJMusic of MichiganTheme picked by a donor from last Radiothon. Music from artists who started in Michigan. Nugent, Kiss, etc.
3:00pm - 5pmMCJMusic of MichiganTheme picked by a donor from last Radiothon. Music from artists who started in Michigan. Nugent, Kiss, etc.
5:00pm-7:00pmNo Soap, RadioHardcore HalloweenSpooky and Halloween themed punk and metal. Eg. Slayer - Raining Blood, Halloween - The Misfits, Black Sabbath - Children of the Grave
7:00pm-9:00pmBilly GoatScrew You, We're From Texas!Music spanning the decades and genres of Texas musicians. Out Here In The Middle, Robert Earl Keen, Young Dallas Cowboy, David Allan Coe, Wasted & Rollin' Amanda Shires
9:00pm-12:00amDJ LongarmsSchemes and shenanigans Groovy or sly sounding songs, the type that would play during a montage in a heist movie or have that kind of vibe like someone whose up to something Ex: many moons jenelle monae