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Fall 2018 Radiothon Program Guide

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Show timeDJ NameThemeDescription
Monday - 10/29
12 - 2amDJ Promised HeroSummer 2018Playing some of my favorite songs I heard over the summer, Includes songs from Mac Miller, With Confidence, Mayday Parade, Pusha T, and many more.
2 - 4amConor CadraLate Night OverdriveSynthwave,Electronica, Ambient, and Movie Soundtracks
4 - 7amStephaniePopular Songs That are CoversPopular songs that are actually covers of other less popular songs.
7 - 9amElyseMonday ScariesRadiothon is finally here!!! Are your Monday mornings dreary? Do you often find yourself pondering the great mystical entity that is time? Then you can tune to 90.7 FM (or listen online at wuvt.vt.edu) on Monday, Oct. 29th from 7 to 9 AM! Focusing on songs that mention "Monday" and "time", Elyse hopes to raise your spirits for the spookiest week of the year.
9am - NoonThe Winds of Change1968-2018 Where Did 50 Years Go?AS we look back on the last 50 pivotal years in music we'll explore the many artists still producing music today, those that left us too soon and honor some genre transforming lps celebrating their 50th golden anniversary.
12 - 2pmJB3Sock Hops and Bass Drops50s bops and modern tracks that either cover or sample them.
2 - 3:30pmRLRO NationTHE ELVISRLRONation celebrates the King of Rock with a plethora of Elvis music. Officers will dress up in Elvis costumes and share said pictures on social media during the show.
3:30 - 5pmHippie Funk & Indie JunkWitchy WUVTDouble double toil n trouble! DJ B Mom is cookin' up something spooktacular this Halloween season. Spells and potions and voodoo alike, expect to hear the most magical of hits during this very wicked special of Hippie Funk & Indie Junk!
5 - 7pmJazz and SuchThe Art Of The TrioThe jazz trio is a format for intimate interplay and expressiveness. Whether freeing the avant garde or a quiet salon mood, this is one of jazz's purest formats. We'll explore some classic trios and some artists who are less known for this setting.
7 - 9pmDJ RachCall Me MaybeCall into Radiothon while we listen to songs about calling people!
9pm - MidnightJasonThe Rap AlphabetRappers from A to Z - a mix of classic and modern hip hop.
Tuesday - 10/30
12 - 2amMaury/LizzyScary BadHappy pre-Halloween. You know what’s really scary? Reject music. Also ghost stories. Tune in for both.
2 - 4amJoshShitty Music for Shitty PeopleRead the theme name.
4 - 7amAllyson/JaneStaffhead ShowA show run by Allyson for half of the show and Jane for the other half.
7 - 9amAlexWWWWWHWho - Yall What - Should donate to WUVT Where - Blacksburg, VA When - During Radiothon Why - To support the radio station you love bringing you the songs you love How - Call in or go online
9am - NoonHave You Got it Yet?Spacerock WIith MeBlast off with Space Captain Deaf Jean, the 43rd Oort-Scouting Squirrel Squadron, and the ghost of Lemmy aboard a lightly pre-flown Falcon 9 in search of Planet X.
12 - 2pmElyseAshes to Ashes, Dust to DustOn Hallow's Eve, Elyse will be exploring songs related to dust and ash, inspired by this past year's wildfires. Burning creates ashes and dusty particulate matter, which subsequently generates growth and renewal. This show will focus on songs that mention "ash" and "dust" and/or pertain to fire. Stay tuned for some spooky, smokey jams that I will be dusting off!
2 - 3:30pmEast of EdenStripped Down Covered UpCovers of songs and the originals (the most original I can find like the oldest recordings if they exist)
3:30 - 5pmStacks on StacaksAngels in America(and in the Archive)Interviews discussing the historical context and the theatrical preparation behind the upcoming School of Performing Arts staging of Angels in America: Millennium Approaches, by Tony Kushner. Guests include the director, Daniel Bird Tobin, Anthony Wright de Hernandez from the Special Collections archive in the University Libraries, and some student actors and crew working on the play, which opens November 7th in the Studio Theater at Squires Student Center.
5 - 7pmSpencer Circle of Musical SeperationEach song will be connected to the last (common musician, label, etc.). The show will come full circle, starting and ending with the same artist.
7 - 9pmDJ MCHey, That Kinda Sounds Like...Do you ever hear a song and think, "Hey, that kinda sounds like ____." This show puts all of those together.
9pm - MidnightThe Monster of LoveGOTH PROMYou are an event horizon, and the light's growing scarcer, so better bring your deepest and darkest attires and desires, my pretties!
Wednesday - 10/31
12 - 2amIt's Wednesday My DudesYour Halloween Weather ForecastSongs that have anything to do with the weather.
2 - 4amMoxGrayscaleMox plays songs from albums that have grayscale album art.
4 - 7amJuJu SwannSpookyChildren songs with a spooky twist to it.
7 - 9amLaurelCozy Fall MorningWhether you're driving to work or walking to your 8am, the perfect fall tune will follow you through you ear holes. Think warm mugs of tea, fluffy blankets, and watching the sun rise.
9am - NoonKristenBaby KirchGrab your skateboard, load up on the Gushers and Scooby Snacks, turn on Cartoon Network, channel your teenage angst, and TURN UP THE RADIO. This show is all about 2000’s pop punk jams - from Green Day to Avril Lavigne, Blink-182 to Sum 41, you won’t be able to stop dancing along to these throwback bops.
12 - 2pmDoctor XDivas!Divas throughout the decades! Listen to the Big voices of the past and present!
2 - 3:30pmKrystalThere Will Never Be Another uwuJazz from my favorite animes and video games.
3:30 - 5pmFranco + FisherThe Wrong HolidayChristmas music on Halloween.
5 - 7pmCommodore Ace Fever & The Mystery Secret Theme ShowThe Mystery Secret Theme Show Will Not Be Televised: It's On The Air! Mystery Secret Theme Show
7 - 9pmStephanieSongs and SamplesA show full of songs and what they sampled.
9pm - MidnightThe Big Waste of Time Global Chemical Corporate Empire and Theme Park Industrial Complex Consortium Presents: The DoncastThe Begathon XXI: Blondie in the Dough (featuring...?) For over ten years, the kidz have tried to destroy "The Don" by making him play music by difficult artists while begging for money. This time, they went right for the jugular. They've scheduled his show on Halloween night.
Thursday - 11/1
12 - 2amJasonI KNOW I AM THE MOST INFLUENTIAL"This Generations Closest Thing To Einstein... So Dont Worry About Me Im Fine." A theme full of Kanye related songs, artists that he influenced, and all things related to Kanye West.
2 - 4amFranco + FisherFCC Wont Let Me BeAll songs with swear words in it (during safe harbor hours)
4 - 7amBen/MattShitmitationTwo of Woovits seminal DJs attempt to poorly mimic each other.
7 - 9amSymphonies of the NightSounds of Industry and WarA show full of "indie"(industrial) music.
9am - NoonSuper Groovy DeliciousSaintly SongsSongs by and about Saints for all Saints Day!
12 - 2pmEDJ JaneViva Guitar HeroAll of the greatest songs off of the best video game to exist other than pokemon. Tune-in as I take you on the grand tour of Guitar Hero, a journey filled with diverse artists and weird stage set-ups.
2 - 3:30pmJamieBack to the 80'sGoing back to the greatest decade, the 80s. Enjoy 80s smash hits and music from some of the best 80s movies!
3:30 - 5pmDJ HAPPY HOLLOWMEET ME AT THE GO-GO WITH DJ HAPPY HOLLOW Presenting D.C.'s true folk art - the syncopated, innovative music of Go-Go. Whether you've been "Doin Da Butt" since your "School Daze," you "Need Some Money," or it's the first time you'll "Drop The Bomb," DJ HAPPY HOLLOW has you covered.
5 - 7pmCornboyThe 80's CalledModern Electronic with a hint of 80's. .
7 - 9pmPeg & JamSongs To Listen To In The Dark But Also Jam Out To Very scary songs that make you want to dance kind of . ..
9pm - MidnightThe Rare GrooveThe Same But Different Songs That Share a Title and Little Else - completely different songs with the same name
Friday - 11/2
12-2amThe Vince Mazzola ShowWhere have we met??Songs prominently or obscurely featured somewhere in film or television
2-4amMoxCanis MajorMox plays songs from albums with canines on the cover.
4-7amThe Night WatchConnections ShowEach song is connected to the next in some way. We'll form a large chain of interconnected songs in 3 hrs!
7-9amCalebProtest ShowsProtest music from across decades - might go from old songs to new songs chronologically
9am-noonDJ Promised HeroRoad Trippin'Let's go on a road trip! Jam along with DJ Promised Hero as he plays songs with destinations in the name.
12-2pmDiscount JoeDiscount Joe's Bizarre Adventure Running since the 80's, the manga series "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" is touchstone of Japanese culture, and holds the title as the only manga to ever be exhibited at the Louvre. The culture-savvy writer of the series, Hirohiko Araki, filled his work with innumerable music references that range from prog-rock groups to rap acts. Join Discount Joe as he plays some of the tracks that inspired one of the most bizarre pieces of fiction to ever be committed to print.
2-330pmHeather & RaymondMovie GroviesWhen you hear these songs, you'll immediately begin seeing the movie that made them famous will start playing in your ~mind~
330-5pmConor CadraSmoke Gets in Your EyesSongs from the show Mad Men in chronological order, ranging from 50s pop to late 60s psychedelic rock
5-7pmMattAll Things SynthwaveExperience the 80's and get a preview of the future!
7-9pmGatesMaking Their Own Way We’ll be taking a closer look at children of legendary artists and their own music styles and journeys.
9pm-midnightJoshDivine InterventionSongs where Divine Intervention happens.
Saturday - 11/3
12 - 2amTyler BlankF***M Radio To keep things extra spooky, this will be an entire show of songs with the word "fuck" in the title. Cursing may not be inherently spooky, but I'll have to stay on edge the entire show to not accidentally slip up and get fired when reading back titles.
2 - 4amJasonThe Rap YearbookBased on The Rap Year Book written by Shea Serrano I will play the most impactful song from every year starting in the 70s.
4 - 7amMattDown on The Farm: Songs About AnimalsIts songs about animals.
7 - 9amPeteYippie ki-yay, Martha Focker! Cowboy Songs.
9 - 11amHeather/RaymondBrothers and Sisters Bands that have brothers and sisters. Bonus points if they have brother or sister in the name
11am - 1pmPete & Fred The Beatle GuyPaul McCartney a.k.a The Fireman and other McCa EccentricitiesSongs by the legend Paul Mccartney and other Paul related songs..
1 - 3pmAudinne+Stephanie20gaytunesOver 20 songs by QTPOC musicians in honor of LGBTQ+ History month
3 - 5pmSam FortierRandmom MusicRandom music in a suprise theme.
5 - 7pmMarc SecristHappy Bloops Sometimes you need some positive vibes for your Saturday. Let's listen to aggressively happy stuff and not be afraid of judgement
7 - 9pmDobb RuckSpooky/Ethereal Spooky tunes for spooky times
9pm - MidnightBen McdonaldIn Dreams: A Tribute to David Lynch Let's rock! Grab a cup of coffee and tune in to hear songs from and inspired by the films of iconic American director David Lynch.
Sunday - 11/4
12 - 2amTribal Flosp00ky season!! Get ready for the scariest part of the year with some classic spooky jams along with terrifying picks from your DJ
2 - 4amMoxTime Warp!Mox plays music that will make you feel like you're travelling back in time... and since this show falls on the daylight savings time switchover... maybe you will!
4 - 7amCollin/JanePlaying Skateboards Vol. 2 Songs from my favorite vide/video parts.
7 - 9amClare/MarcSunday ServiceGodly songs for the Godless.
9 - 11amKansco and PetersSongs and ConspiraciesListening to songs, and talking about associated conspiracy theories.
11am - 1pmEngineeringSongs and DrillsSongs from WUVT Engineering with an occasional drill.
1 - 230pmWUVT Sports RoundupWUVT Sports RoundupGet the latest news in Hokie sports
230 - 5pmMikaentomOradiOshOw A radio show where we really talk about The Birds and The Bees™. Every song, album, or artist will have an arthropod in the name. Inserted between the songs will be entomology related facts about the song titles and of course Radiothon dialogue. All bug lovers welcome.
5 - 7pmLizzyKiss My Brass Brass makes every song better, no matter the genre or the style. According to one study, all music is 150% better with brass. What study, you ask? Uhhhh you won’t need a source after you tune in to this show! Honk if you love honky tunes 🎺🎷
7 - 9pmBillyGoats Hoe DownRuffians, Grifters and Outlaws Tunes for the socially shunned with criminal intent.
9pm - MidnightMichael SecristThe Planetarium Take a trip with me from the Sun to the edge of the Kuiper Belt. Along the way we'll stop at each planet, and some other celestial bodies, and explore the mythological and astrological symbolism of each through music. Genre of choice? Metal of course.