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Fall 2019 Radiothon Program Guide

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DJ Name Theme Description
Monday 10/28
12-2am Jason Intros For The Intro The best hip hop album intros to introduce Radiothon
2-4am Mox Nox Return of the Vaporwave Moxley's first Radiothon show was in 2017, during which he played Vaporwave. Today, he's going to do it again, featuring all new artists and albums.
4-7am Molly! Music for Ironing One of my professors told a story about her mother, who once drunkenly exclaimed "Music is dead!" Her reasoning was that modern music was not suitable for ironing to. This theme will be music, both modern and old, that's good for ironing clothes.
7-9am DJ MC Welcome to My Swamp Soundtracks to Shrek, Shrek 2, and Shrek the Third
9-noon Winds of Change Women of the Winds Female artist spanning generations and genres
12-2pm EDJ Jane Bears, Beats, Bartenders Favorite songs from Blacksburg’s finest, the bartenders! There is nothing like industry choice. After going on the quest of a lifetime, this show will consist of sounds from local businesses, the stories that go with them, and more.
2-3.30pm Maxed-Out Mondays Surfs Up! It will be a show consisting of mostly traditional surf rock with some modern surf and garage band music mixed in. It will be very upbeat and I'll try to speak in surfer bro lingo. My bed music will be waves. The vibe is surfin.
3.30-5pm Meg & Jaysn M. The Parentheses Show (Assorted) Songs with parentheses in the titles.
5-7pm B-Rice Monastic Pop Tune in to some absolute bangers that all the monks turned up to in the monastery when they weren't fightin off the plague. Featuring popular artists like: the Catholic Church. Let's get Gregorian!
7-9pm The Monster of Love Monster's Choice It's a Request-o-Rama! Listener's Choice picks from callers and social media fans.
9-midnight The Hole Good Artists; Bad Songs Our least favorite songs from our favorite artists.
Tuesday 10/29
12-2am Em W Feature Tag Each song will have a feature, and the next song will be by the artist who was previously featured.
2-4am Slumberland Ultraviolet Songs named after shades of purple
4-7am The Night Watch Long Tracks Lengthy tracks are often underappreciated on the radio, but this show will be dedicated to tracks or suites clocking in longer than 10 minutes
7-9am Raymond Oceans Eleven Songs about the ocean/sea/beach. Anything water related, really.
9am-12:30pm Have You Got It Yet Transitions Sometimes it's what's in between the songs that matters
12:30-3:30pm The Louie Agenda Should I Stay or Should I Go The British are leaving! The British are leaving! Or are they? On this week's Brexit-inspired Agenda, I will spin tracks from artists who call the United Kingdom their home!
3.30-5pm Stacks on Stacks The Three L's Songs about libraries, learning, and literacy
5-7pm Clark Let's Get Hot with Cool Explore the sounds of fifties "Cool School" together, the true smooth jazz. Miles Davis, Stan Getz, Lee Konitz, Gerry Mulligan, and more. It's not just for smooches and cuddles, but you may want to listen with a partner... just in case.
7-9pm DJ MC Kat Stratford's Updated Playlist 10 Things I Hate About You (1999) gave us a lot to love, introducing the delightfully pissed-off Kat Statford and her raging music taste. In 1999, Kat was in the riotgrrrl era of alt-rock angry-girl music. 20 years later, pissed-off women and their feminist messages come in many different forms. Tune in for DJ MC's conception of Kat Stratford's playlist in 2019.
9-midnight Moxley A-Z Metal Moxley covers the alphabet in Metal, playing tracks from bands with names that start with each letter of the alphabet.
Wednesday 10/30
12-2am The Sound Songs of the Sea The sand, the waves, the seagulls, and anything and everything else that reminds you of the sea. The setlist will contain songs with sea/ocean in the title as well as songs that simply sing about this magical place. Might even get crazy and expand to other bodies of water besides the ocean...dive in by tuning in to find out.
2-4am Jason Diss Tracks The best diss tracks in hip hop history
4-7am Slumberland Squad Down on all Fours All songs 4 minutes long.
7-9am DJ Bacon Strip Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow These are all songs and artists that contain words around time.
9-noon Grayson It Rains, It Pours Weather theamed songs, rotating between types of weather
12-2pm Raymond What Year Is It? Travel through time with songs (or artists) that have years in the title.
2-3.30pm Jamie Who Did It Better? I will be exploring original songs and covers. I am also planning on having an interactive portion where I will gauge people's opinions through facebook votes and phone calls into the station (during my show) of which version of the song is "better."
3.30-5pm RLRO Radio Mullet Mayhem Artist who rocked the look
5-7pm Commodore Ace FEver The Mystery Secret Theme Show Will Not Be Televised Jazz Music On The Radio
7-9pm B-Rice B-Sides With B-Rice Remember when there was a front and a back to music? I don't - I was born in '99. That won't stop me from digging through the vinyl stacks to find some ludicrously weird B-sides
9-midnight The Big Waste of Time The Begathon XXIII - Kamen Rider Ryuki Special: 13 Riders (featuring more of the NWW List) Once again, the kidz think they can push "The Don" over the edge by requiring him to beg for money for three full hours, while also playing music from the decidedly weird and difficult Nurse With Wound list. Maybe he'll finally crack this time? They can’t do three hours of Merzbow anymore.
Thursday 10/31
12-2am Kangaroo Pouch Project Take a Trip Down Under We will be playing an assortment of Australian (& New Zealand) artists.
2-4am Mox Nox It's me, Q Since Moxley couldn't find any metal bands starting with "Q" in the station for the A-Z metal show, tonight he'll play music from bands of all genres that start with the letter Q.
4-7am The Night Watch Vinylthon Wake up to the crackle of vinyl as we explore WUVT's diverse and oftentimes ecclectic vinyl collection
7-8am The Louie Agenda Songs from the Stadium In this one hour special of the Louie Agenda, I will play stadium anthems that get fans and athletes alike ready for the big game!
8-noon Brother Ken / Super Groovy Delicious Samhain Festival songs that evoke celtic festival of the dead
12-2pm Kash Mood Swing Play one thrash, screamo, experimental, death metal, song and then one classical, opera, solo piano/violin song. I would go back and forth from each genre over and over.
2-3.30pm The Louie Agenda 80s New Wave Today's agenda will feature some music from Depeche Mode, New Order, and beyond. Thank you WUVT listeners for another great theme request!
3.30-5pm Val Alien Music Mainly electronic music themed or sounding like it is from outer space
5-7pm CornBoy Neon Big Band A bright display of the niche hybrid Jazz inspired Electronic Music.
7-9pm The Thomson Family Hour Creatures of the Night Thomson and Ms. Thomson present their favorite tunes about terrifying critters, ghosts, zombies, and the like.
9-midnight The Rare Groove Double Double Toil and Trouble Every song is about MacBeth!! Just kidding - everything played tonight has one thing in common - their titles. Each of the songs played are titled with a word repeated. What kind of theme is that? One that covers the gambit of genre and artist, that's what! You won't know what's coming but will love every minute of it!
Friday 11/1
12-2am Tyler Blank I Love Loosies A full show of the best songs that never made it onto an album.
2-4am Jason The Rap Yearbook The most pivotal songs in hip hop since the early 80s by year.
4-7am DJ MC Now That's What I Call Music! 2019 Now That's What I Call Music! has been compiling our most-played pop tracks since 1998, creating a time-capsule of the millennial childhood soundtrack. Bop out pre-dawn on Friday of Radiothon to the tunes of Now! 20 and Now! 19, both released in 2005.
7-9am Slumberland The Ryan Murphy Hate Show The originals of songs Glee ruined
9-noon Gates Take A Sample Popular samples that are used on rap songs
12-2pm DJ MC Banjos and Bagpipes Songs you wouldn't expect to hear them in.
2-3.30pm Isa Diaz Background Beats Songs where the background singers absolutely pop off.
3.30-5pm Bruh Moment Stop, wait, what's that sound? These songs sound suspiciously like these other songs...hmmmm. We are playing songs that have been heavily inspired by others.
5-7pm Raymond Real Sadboi Hours Sad songs for all the sadbois out there
7-9pm Slumberland Middusk The soundtrack to the Twilight Saga's hypothetical 6th movie
9-midnight Hi-Fi Riffs to Microwave Your Dinner By Early 2010s Indie I Hated to Love Relive peak chillwave, smooth saxophone solos, and delicate retro-pop in this 2010-2014 retrospective.
Saturday 11/2
12-2am DJ Longarms Riot Grrrl Music from the riot grrrl subculture of the 90s
2-4am Mox Nox "Bell Witch" by Mirror Reaper Moxley plays Mirror Reaper's "Bell Witch" in its entirety. Plus something else from Profound Lore Records, probably.
4-7am Ben M It Is A Mystery Who knows what "Ben" "M" will be playing during this graveyard slot? I don't, because they won't tell me.
7-9am Pete "It Was 60 Years Ago Today" Country Top 100 Hits from 1959
9-11am Hickory Dickory Dock Dancing Dancing Dancing! Dance music for kids
11am-1pm MCJ Fan Requests Showtime Past requests from the fans, A show for the listeners by the listeners!
1-3pm Mika Welcome to My Garden All the songs, artists, and album names are centered around things you may find in a garden setting which includes, but are not limited to: fruits, veggies, insects, and other critter friends.
3-5pm Alli Cults and Conspiracies Jam out to the sounds of infamous cult leaders and some of the craziest conspiracies surrounding the music industry. Ya dig?
5-7pm DJ MC Welcome to My Swamp Soundtracks to Shrek, Shrek 2, and Shrek the Third
7-9pm Kansco and Ayub Familial Relations We will focus on familial relations of rappers through playing a song from one artist ,and then playing a song from another artist related to them.
9-midnight Hip Nick's Haunted House Giallo Disco Dance, techno, electronica, specifically Italo Disco and soundtrack cuts from Giallo horror films. Spooky synth slowly gives way to joyous euro dance with mistranslated English lyrics.
Sunday 11/3
12-2am DJ Will Vincent Heltzel Will's Foreign Fun Fair! Songs that feature foreign languages
Daylight Savings Slot! B-Rice & Allyson TIME WARP!! Tune in for this magical and archaic daylight savings hour of time-themed tracks!
2-4am Jacob The Witching Hour Spooky music for the holidays.
4-7am Moxley General Manager's Secret Moxley plays songs that are connected in mysterious ways. Try to guess the theme!
7-9am Elyse A Day In the Life For my final Radiothon theme, I have decided that we will get intergalactic and interpersonal up in WUVT's sacred studio. Presenting... shows that I myself have ventured to and survived through, regardless of whether or not I remember the show itself! I will be documenting my musical journey from the womb til now, so things may get pretty nostalgic. Starting with the Grateful Dead (and venturing to punk, to bluegrass, to heavy bass, etc.), listeners will embark on the most memorable highlights of my musical voyage, circle back the omnipotent Dead. Join me as we revisit my past and voyage home together.
9-11am Dr. Sue So Long & Farewell so long to old equipment +more
11am-1pm DJ Reganne City Travelling All the songs will mention a big city/metropolitan area. Travel the world through artists!
1-5pm Talk Shows Talk Shows Sports, News, and assorted talk shows.
5-7pm B-Rice Music My Dad Would Listen To I learned how to play records when going through my Dad's collection. For this show, I'll be playing the things I would be able to find in his bin of music, or stuff that he would have listened to when he was my age.
7-9pm Rachel MD's Choice Music Director Rachel picks their favorites from the music added to the station this semester and discusses the artists and albums.
9-midnight B-Rice Who? Tracks named after or mentioning (extensively) another artist or famous person. This show may also be something completely different! It's the radiothon send-off!!