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Spring 2019 Radiothon Program Guide

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DJ NameThemeDescription
Monday - 4/1
12 - 2amThe Louie AgendaDouble DipTo kick off Radiothon, I will be playing some of my favorite artists, twice! The first song I play will be better-known one, while the second will be a deeper cut.
2 - 4amRaymond HallBangers OnlyAll songs that you turn up the dial for.
4 - 7amThe Night WatchViolinFrom David Cross's indispensable contributions to King Crimson to the swelling sounds Godspeed creates, the violin is an underappreciated musical instrument. Listen to some of the best songs incorporating violin to start off your Monday!
7 - 9amMiles GStarting Tracks to Start the WeekA collection of songs with one thing in common: being the first of an album.
9am - NoonWinds of ChangeHello, What’s Your Name?A full on journey through genres featured on the Winds of Change finding songs with names in them.
12 - 2pmEDJ JaneApril Funk Day No pranks here!! Tune in for a funky afternoon where we get brassy, sassy, and keep it classy.
2 - 3:30pmDJ Reganne Word Power HourEvery song played will contain the same single word in the lyrics.
3:30 - 5pmJeremy SloaneGarage MusicMusic that sounds raw and grungy like it was recorded in a garage with cheap equipment.
5 - 7pmClarkInto the HotAdvancing jazz, the avant garde jazz 1955-1965.
7 - 9pmRachEvolution of Girl GroupsJoin me as we explore the evolution of girl groups through the ages! We'll listen to everything from The Chordettes and The Supremes to Destiny's Child and TLC!
9pm - MidnightJasonHey MamaSongs from rappers about the most important person in their lives - their moms.
Tuesday - 4/2
12 - 2amEm WR&B DecadesExploring the R&B genre from its very beginnings to its resurgance today.
2 - 4amCollin CaywoodArt Director's PicksWhat is probably my last show at WUVT. Who needs a theme these are some of my favorite songs. Music selection does not reflect the values and opinions of my workplace, WUVT 90.7 FM Blacksburg
4 - 7amMox NoxOne-Track Albums for a One-Track MindMoxley playes albums (in their entirety) that are only broken into one track. Emphasis on long albums.
7 - 9amMauryEmotional RollercoasterTake a ride on the rollercoaster of emotions with DJ MC.
9am - NoonHave You Got it Yet?Fibonacci ClassicalThe WUVT Classical Stacks are organized by Label, Catalog Number, Composer Date of Birth, Bach Alignment Score, Allmusic Album Mustiness Rating, and Primary Soloist's Favorite Icecream Topping, in that order, and then that absolute position is modified by a hash system based on fractal ergonomics in order to establish final record location in the stacks. Not that any of this matters, because the Captain is just going to select classical pieces to play from those stacks using the golden ratio.
12 - 2pmTori Nostalgia at NineteenMusic that captures the essence of your last teenage year and letting go of your younger self.
2 - 3:30pmValGirl Power Girl artists only.
3:30 - 5pmStacks on StacksDenim Day 40th AnniversaryIn 1979 the Virginia Tech Gay Student Alliance staged an awareness week including a "Denim Day," when students were invited to wear denim to support gay rights. Very few did. Some of those GSA alumni have come together to partner with current LGBTQ+ campus organizations and the University Libraries to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the event. We will speak with several alumni about the commemoration, the 1979 event, that time in Blacksburg and on VT campus, as well as the reason why the event has been considered successful despite wide-spread resistance and a general lack of participation. We will also play songs from 1979 to support this look back at a very different time in Virginia Tech history and in the history of American society.
5 - 7pmCornBoyGame or Fame?Is it from a video game, or the purely musical world? Play along and guess where each of these songs come from! Featuring a selection of Jazz, orchestral, and rock music.
7 - 9pmDJ MCHappy Birthday Matador!Celebrate the 30th birthday of Matador Records this Radiothon for two hours with DJ MC. Matador started in a shoebox-sized NYC apartment in 1989 and is now one of the greatest independent record labels, operating internationally to bring eclectic rock and electronic artists into popularity. We’ll be rocking out to Matador’s current artists and alumni, mostly from WUVT’s own collection.
9pm - MidnightThe Monster of LoveThe Monster is Ready to RumbleYour faithful monster wrangler polled hundreds of eager listeners for their ultimate fantasy PRO WRESTLING WALK-ON THEMES. Who will walk away with the Belt?
Wednesday - 4/3
12 - 2amThe T-Shirt and Tie CombinationA Cascade of ColorsThese songs bring you the brightest colors of Spring, a celebration of hue or lack thereof.
2 - 4amJacob GrohmannJacob's First Radio ShowAfter a semester abroad listen to my first radio show ever on WUVT.
4 - 7amBen & MattHail to the MemeI wanted to name this show "Lick the Crack" but Ben wouldn't let me.
7 - 9amSister RayThe Rain Made A Door For Me And I Went Through ItSpring is the season for Folk Horror. After all, what better time to find strange bones in your fields, and be visited by flocks of ravens?
9am - NoonLaurelFirsts and LastsToday we will discuss the all important first and last tracks off albums as well as getting input about first and last experiences. For instance, this one is my last Radiothon, but my first 3 hour long show. Lets see how this last first goes!
12 - 2pmRLRO Nation90's Music Ain't The 80'sWe will play a plethora of 90's songs to prove that the 80's rocked! We will explore the cornucopia of reasons that the RLRO's should stay with our amazing 80's themed music! We know you listen!
2 - 3:30pmJamieKiller KameosSongs that you probably didn't know feature vocal and instrumental cameos from famous artists.
3:30 - 5pmFisher & FrancoTitle of Our Sex TapeSongs with titles that could represent the title of the sex tape Fisher and Franco are currently producing.
5 - 7pmCommodore Ace FeverIt's a mystery and a secret.Mystery Jazz Music.
7 - 9pmMollyChoose Your Own Adventure! SOUTHWEST VIRGINIA ADDITION!Donate to choose your fate!
9pm - MidnightThe Big Waste of Time Global Chemical Corporate Empire and Theme Park Industrial Complex Consortium Presents: The Doncast with Don "The Don" RastbergerThe Begathon XXII: Godzilla VS Destoroyah (featuring the Nurse With Wound List)The kidz are requiring "The Don" to beg for money for three hours while taking a third listening trip through the almost 300 artists on the Nurse With Wound List. This should surely destroy him this time!
Thursday - 4/4
12 - 2amMoxleyA Mystery Moxley ThemeMoxley plays tracks that are... related. Tune in and figure out the connection between them.
2 - 4amJasonHip Hop CircleA span of hip hop songs that all connect.
4 - 7amJoshMystery ThemeListen to find out!
7 - 9amDJ Bacon Strip / Wakin' Up to the Sound of BaconBreakfast With BaconYou like eggs? Bacon? Sausage? Waffles? Then you'll love waking up to the sweet sounds in your radio! This is Breakfast With Bacon.
9am - NoonSuper Groovy Deliciousgrooviest groove tunes part 1Heaven 17 - we don’t need this fascist groove thing, James Brown - ain’t that a groove, Deee lite - groove is in the heart
12 - 2pmSuper Groovy Deliciousgrooviest groove tunes par 2Heaven 17 - we don’t need this fascist groove thing, James Brown - ain’t that a groove, Deee lite - groove is in the heart
2 - 3:30pmHeather and RaymondPet SoundsGrab all of your fuzzy, scaly, or feathery friends and listen to your favorite artists sing about theirs. We're playing songs about animals!
3:30 - 5pmMoxleyCommercial MusicRequested Theme: Some great music has been used in the background for commercials, yet they rarely give credit to the musicians. This show will feature many examples of lesser-known music from those ads.
5 - 7pmKrystal and PegahEmo PromSongs that bring the inner emo kid out of you.
7 - 9pmThe Thomson FamilyHiding Songs: the roots of Nick Cave and the Bad SeedsThe work of artists who influenced Nick Cave (or whose work he heavily plaigerized)
9pm - MidnightThe Rare GrooveBands with Self-Titled SongsWe're all familiar with self-titled albums but what about bands that have self-titled songs?
Friday - 4/5
12 - 2amTyler BlankAs Heard At VTEvery song on this show will be from an artist that has performed at Virginia Tech in the past.
2 - 4amMox NoxThe Mox Nox Improvisational ExperienceMoxley improvises a two-hour-long drone track directly into the radio. Call in and donate to direct the flow of the hum.
4 - 7amThe Night WatchReader Meet AuthorReader, meet Author, with the hope of hearing sense. Literature has a major impact on us in a variety of ways, not least of all being the inspiration it provides to some of our favorite musical pieces! Tune in to see how the written word inspired artists such as Yes, Talk Talk, Kate Bush, David Bowie and much more!
7 - 9amCalebEnd of WinterThis show will be a sonic representation of the end of winter. It's supposed to feel like the long thaw that leads into spring. Songs will incrementally progress from dreary and slow to light and upbeat.
9am - NoonElyseWater is LifeJoin Elyse as she explores some of her favorite hydrological tunes. Enjoy jams ranging from Papadosio to Phish to CloZee to Bob Marley, as well as some fast facts about dihydrogen oxide and its growing importance as our climate warms. Her goal at the end of the show is to have each and every listener hyped on water, the compound that sustains life on this planet.
12 - 2pmReedBlack and WhiteSongs, artists, and albums with black or white in their names.
2 - 3:30pmIt is Wednesday My DudesHank Hill & ChillFire up your propane grill for this tour of music featured in King of the Hill.
3:30 - 5pmSpencer JenkinsCircle of ConnectionsEach song will be connected to the next (common artist, label, festival appearance, etc.). We’ll come full circle by ending the show with the same artist that started it.
5 - 7pmElyseMusic Your Mother LikesRequested Theme: Music your mother listened to during high school.
7 - 9pmKansco and PetersDad bodMusic from Kansco and Peters, as well as their fathers.
9pm - MidnightJosh Everything Including Butt RockRequested Theme: I was asked to play shitty rock from the 90s/2000s. Low key tho, might also just play the Fast and Furious Soundtracks for like 2 hours afterwards
Saturday - 4/6
12 - 2amDiscount JoeOPERATION: DOOMSDAYDaniel Dumile is a man of many projects. Since the release of "OPERATION: DOOMSDAY" in 1999, Dumile has released projects under several aliases, such as MF DOOM, JJ DOOM, Viktor Vaugnh, and more. These are those projects.
2 - 4amMaury-o and LizzardExplicitly BangersDJs Maury-o and Lizzard are comin to you live at 2am to bring you explicit(ly) bangers.
4 - 7amClare and Marc Sad Senior Disorder Clare’s a senior majoring in math, and Marc is a recent math major alum. This one goes out to all the dumb babies out there who know that it's hard getting through it, but it will get better. Probably no math rock, just math and senior year moods.
7 - 9amPete frenchKookie Kookie (Lend Me Your Comb)Novelty Songs Old and New.
9 - 11amHickory Dickory DockWuffWuffJuJu Swann will feature one of her favorite themes, dogs!
11am - 1pmMCJB-Sides-On Vinyl!!!Playing that song on vinyl that makes you think "I know who this is but never heard that song".
1 - 3pmJack BryantDarken the CurvesClassic ECM: Celebrating 50 Years of ECM Records.
3 - 5pmJB3Car RockCars and rock’n’roll have always gone hand in hand. Spend your Saturday afternoon appreciating your prized set of wheels with these songs about automobiles.
5 - 7pmMikaEntomOradiOshOw pt. IIA radio show where we really talk about the the birds, and more importantly, The Bees. All songs, artists, and albums include an insect in the name. Inserted between the songs are facts about "cute"-n-crawly friends. All bug lovers are welcome.
7 - 9pmDobb RuckEthereal WooshingAmbient sounds and songs
9pm - MidnightBen McdonaldBeginnings and EndingsI'll be playing some of my favorite first and last songs from some of my favorite albums. About half my show will consist of opening songs, half of concluding songs.
Sunday - 4/7
12 - 2amMatt Seamless Synthwave SoundsRelive the 80's or get a sample of the future with all things synthwave!
2 - 4amDJ Long ArmsWitchy Tunes Songs about or pertaining to witches and songs that radiate witchy vibes.
4 - 7amMichael SecristElectronic SadnessHave you ever wanted to dance and cry at the same time? Join me on this early Sunday morning for three hours of futurepop and EBM, and you might find yourself doing just that.
7 - 9amIsa DiazSoundtrack to Your AdolescenceTeen movies always have the best soundtracks, and we'll be drawing songs from the best of the best! From coming-of-age classics like The Breakfast Club to modern romantic comedies like Love Simon, these are the songs that should be on every teen's "soundtrack of my life."
9 - 11amDJ Will Vincent HeltzelColors of the Musical RainbowAlbums/Artists/Songs that have colors in their names.
11am - 1pmDJ BK/Your Sunday JoltP.S. I Love YouLoving, Lovely, Loved, Lover, Love - every song played on this show will has the word “love” somewhere in the song's title. Get into the Valentines feels that you probably don’t want to feel, as you listen to songs about desire, longing, and heartbreak. Whether you are a hopeless romantic or hopeful one, there will be something for you on this show, as it spans decades, with my handpicked songs from various genres. After all, love is love :)
1 - 230pmTalk ShowTalk ShowTalk Show
230 - 5pmTalk ShowTalk ShowTalk Show
5 - 7pmLizzy Street25 Cent WordsDizygotic, incorrigible, solipsistic... Have you ever learned a word from hearing it in a song? Tune in for a collection of songs featuring unique vocabulary words.
7 - 9pmThe Longest Running Music Director (in recent memory)MD LegacyThis one is super self serving as Music Director (MD). I will only play songs off of albums that were added when I've been music director or on music staff. Hope you liked the adds from the past 2 years, and blame Harrison if you hated the ones from the year before!
9pm - MidnightMichael SecristSymphonies of Enchanted LandsCome with me on a trip around the world, as we visit 30+ countries with unknown or underappreciated metal scenes, and dig up some hidden gems of power metal!