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Spring 2018 Radiothon Program Guide

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The Program Guide for Radiothon is out!

Follow these links for this schedule in poster form: page 1 and page 2.

DJ Show Name Show Description
Monday - 3/26
12 - 2am Audinne & Stephanie Lipsync for WUVT's Legacy Songs you can werk to.
2 - 4am Mary and Madi Wincing the Night Away with Mary and Madi Way back when in 2015, Madi Madrazo and I (Mary Desmond) were wee little AM DJs together. We learned the ropes from the upperclassmen WUVT FM DJs and we played a lot of indie pop. You will hear everything from The Shins to Vampire Weekend to Caribou to Mogwai to MGMT. Basically, we're coming full circle and we wanted to be cheesy and graduate from WUVT the way we came in :--)
4 - 7am Beef Wellington Under the Covers A collection of my favorite covers from across the board! Do you wanna know what your favorite industrial songs sound like through an Indie Pop or even Jazz filter?! This isn't like your local bar tribute act! Amazing covers from Jazz artists like John Zorn, to post-punk legends such as Jesus and Mary Chain and Feelies!
7 - 9am Miles Goodall Labor and Protest Songs Songs from labor movements, walk-outs, sit-ins, protests, you name it.
9am - Noon The Winds of Change 70 Years of Female Voices for WUVT's 70th A three hour genre skipping smorgasbord of female voices and instruments from 1948 - 2018
12 - 2pm EDJ Jane 1 Decade? What a Difference! 2008 vs. 2018 Featuring top hits from 2008 and 2018. This program will take you between middle school dances and awkward moments back to the reality of today. See how music has (or hasn't) changed in just one decade, jam out to some old hits, and hear what 2018 has already brought to the table.
2 - 3:30pm RLRO Nation RLRO's Going Country Country Music invades the airwaves of The WUVT!
3:30 - 5pm Hippie Funk & Indie Junk Woodstock on WUVT Hey man, don’t you miss the groovy jams of the late sixties!? Well, tune in to Hippie Funk & Indie Junk and enjoy a Woodstock recap hosted by DJ B Mom!! Be transported to the days of Jefferson Airplane, Iron Butterfly, Jimi Hendrix, and more!
5 - 7pm Clark New York Noise and Such Jazz and Such plays Naked City, Last Exit, and more noisy city sounds. Sound units happen.
7 - 9pm Sister Ray Illuminations: Lost Women of Folk Music From singing nuns to missing person, an exploration of lost or forgotten female folk singers with brief forays into private press albums, and oddities.
9pm - Midnight Brendan Quinn Best For Last The last songs on some amazing albums
Tuesday - 3/27
12 - 2am Heather and Raymond O Canada We will be playing our favorite tunes by artists that hail from our lovely northern neighbor, Canada!
2 - 4am Mitchell K Africa A-Z Funk, Jazz, Disco, Metal, Folk, Rap, Punk, Rock, Psychedelic, Calypso, Bellydance, Soul, R&B, Reggae, and of course Afrobeat. Africa has it all and more. Join me as I showcase the musical diversity of the birthplace of humanity. I’ll be playing a song from all 54 UN recognized countries in Africa. Starting with Algerian funk and continuing to the Chimurenga music of Zimbabwe with stops in every country in between.
4 - 7am Mitchell K Africa A-Z Part 2 All the wonderfulness of Africa A to Z continued.
7 - 9am Calvin Long The Self-Indulgent Show I'll be taking a look back through my years at WUVT by putting together a show of some of my favorite tracks from albums I was fortunate enough to be able review.
9am - Noon Have You Got It Yet? The Greatest Song Ever Recorded For WUVT's 70th Anniversary Radiothon, Captain Deaf Christgau and the 43rd Superlative-Declaring Squirrel Squadron will be spinning all the tunes that the Captain has declared over the years to be the Greatest Song Ever Recorded [tm]. For a donation, he'll play your Greatest of All Time too!
12 - 2pm DJ Mark Trip to the Movies I'll be playing music from movies! That includes original scores, songs that were made famous from a particular movie, and even some music about movies.
2 - 3:30pm The Frosty and Mr. Crackers Show Afternoon in the Field We play field recordings and for every 10 dollars donated we'll play "real" music
3:30 - 5pm Stacks on Stacks Summertime in the Libraries 1.5 hours of the Gershwin/Dubose standard "Summertime." Library news, views, & reviews too!
5 - 7pm Taylor Dank Maymays perfect to listen to while snacking on tide pods
7 - 9pm DJ MC Songs We Loved These songs are on the list of top 50 most-played songs at WUVT in the past decade. The show will include history on when the song was first played and the DJs involved.
9pm - Midnight The Monster of Love Wash That Wicker Man Outta my Hair It's springtime, and thoughts turn lightly to love, outdoor frolic, and the occasional human sacrifice. Dance, my Children of the Corn, Dance!
Wednesday - 3/28
12 - 2am Just Joe Misery and Melancholy The saddest of the sad! Tune in to feel bummed out
2 - 4am Mox Nox In the Year of My Birth I will be playing tracks from albums that were released in 1997
4 - 7am Lord Farquaad and Noble Steed Welcome Back to the Swamp According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly.
7 - 9am The Americana Trail Trail to the Jungle Americana animal tunes of all kinds, not just from the farm.
9am - Noon Jess Songs for Ascending Music that makes me feel like I'm floating/soaring above the ground
12 - 2pm Jammin' with Ginger Sentimentality and Songs Join me as I look back over my musical evolution since joining WUVT as a bb freshman for my final Radiothon!
2 - 3:30pm Evan Keys & Ben Shtuhl DMV Featuring artists from DC, Maryland, and Virginia
3:30 - 5pm DJ Promised Hero Break Out the Black Eyeliner Emo Anthems that you can't help but scream at the top of your lungs when you hear them.
5 - 7pm Commodore Ace Fever The mystery secret theme show will not be televised, it's on the radio
Mystery secret theme show
7 - 9pm Local Zone BATTLE OF THE BANDS ten staff heads got together and formed two opposing bands that will battle for historic championship and their honorable prevalence. who will win??? vote with ur $$$ and decide who is a winner and who should never play music again!!
9pm - Midnight The Big Waste of Time Global Chemical Corporate Empire and Theme Park Industrial Complex Consortium Presents: The Doncast The Begathon XX: Santo y Blue Demon en "¡Las Bestias del Terror!" (featuring the Nurse With Wound List) The twentieth installment of The Begathon forces "The Don" to once again beg for money for three full hours while spotlighting the more than 290 artists on the Nurse With Wound list. ¿Maybe he'll completely break down this time? ¡Tune in to find out!
Thursday - 3/29
12 - 2am It is Wednesday My Dudes Closet Full of Songs Spend some time helping us organize our closet! There's some interesting stuff hidden between those coat racks and sneaker boxes!
2 - 4am Laurel and Heather The Unruly Hours A collection of our favorite songs that we are unfortunately forbidden to play during our normal shows outside of safe harbor hours
4 - 7am The Night Watch Connections Between Songs Each song is connected to the next in some way
7 - 9am DJ Bacon Strip Nighthawks Evoking feelings from Ed Hopper's painting, "Nighthawks"
9am - Noon Super Groovy Delicious Superlatives! a super-theme filled with super-songs
12 - 2pm Laurel The Four Seasons Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter? Songs for each season as we saunter into spring. Guess which season for a shout out!
2 - 3:30pm DJ HAPPY HOLLOW Kanye West: The Greatest Story Never Told Do you miss the old Kanye? The chop up the soul Kanye? Join DJ HAPPY HOLLOW for “Kanye West: The Greatest Story Never Told“ collection of the best g.o.o.d music produced solely by Kanye West. It's Kanye minus Kanye, for all of us who invented Kanye. Remember, it's never too late to love yourself like Kanye loves Kanye.
3:30 - 5pm DJ Peg Leg Soundtrack to Save the Apocalypse All the songs I love from movies (and tv shows) I've watched all compiled into one playlist which would be the playlist that could effectively end World War IV, or even better, the literal apocalypse. I mean, what did you expect. Pegah Shirazi talking about movies again. When will she ever shut up?
5 - 7pm Jazz is Not Dead Sketches of Spain Enjoy some jazzy hip hop and soul and get custom portraits drawn by Jameson and Krystal as a thanks for donating.
7 - 9pm James Wood Self Help Songs Weirdo songs that have explicitly uplifting messages
9pm - Midnight The Rare Groove Midnight to Midnight Part 2 Continuing from the Midnight to Noon portion in the Fall, we move around the clock from Noon back to Midnight using times mentioned in the lyrics of the songs
Friday - 3/30
12 - 2am Vince Mazzola Friend of a Friend Each artist is associated with the next one
2 - 4am DJ Blue For the Aimless College Student As a radio DJ, I am prohibited from commanding you to do anything while on air. My songs, however, are NOT--so tune in for two hours of song titles that want to tell you what to do with your life. In the mix will be titles asking you intrusive questions and making sweeping claims, just for some variety.
4 - 7am Hey Look, It's Marc and Virginia! The Fly on the Wall Mix We're making "question" playlists for each other, and then making "answer" playlists in response to them. You get to listen in on the whole conversation.
7 - 9am Thomson, Mother Thomson, and Brother Thomson Go "Way From My Window: Appalachian Folk Songs And Ballads Folk music from Appalachia and its influence
9am - Noon HarteBeats From City to City Music named after or pertaining to cities/places across the globe
12 - 2pm Brandon Cobbs Building Tension Songs that spend their entirety building up to no resolve.
2 - 3:30pm Conor Cadra Homage to Catalonia It’s been eighty years since Spain was embroiled in a war that would determine much of the conflict and political discourse of the twentieth century. Follow along as I play folk songs from the soldiers and volunteers who fought in the Spanish Civil War, as well as modern popular music inspired by the conflict and other songs that celebrate democracy. I’ll also be giving some historical context to frame the music during the show.
3:30 - 5pm The David and Parisa Show Your Desert Island Songs If you were stranded on a desert island what songs would you bring with you??? WELL HERE ARE OURS
5 - 7pm Madison Hill it's my party i can cry if i want to Nothing in this life lasts forever so we might as well have a good time. Here are some songs to listen to while you're dancing at party and then you remember nothing matters but it's like cool.
7 - 9pm Moxley Music For Floating Over the Waste Land Take a journey with me across the waste land through dark ambient and poetry
9pm - Midnight J Reed 80/90s pop wave the goooood stuff
Saturday - 3/31
12 - 2am Tyler Blank Ticking Time Bomb Starting with a 2 minute song, this show will continue with each song being one second shorter than the one before it, going all the way down to a one second long song! With length being the only factor in song selection, strap in for a rollercoaster of 120 songs that just keep moving faster!
2 - 4am East of Eden Tumbleweeds Songs that make you think of the West before Hollywood. Dusty plains, jagged sun burnt mountains, heat shimmers and horses.
4 - 7am Michael Secrist Origin of the (Metal) Species Ever wondered where heavy metal first came from? Tune in for an exploration of the bands that paved the way for metal back in the 60s and 70s, and helped the genre become what it is today.
7 - 9am Pete Keep Your Wheels Between the Ditches and the Bears off Your Britches Famous trucking songs.
9 - 11am Hickory Dickory Dock Disney Enough said
11am - 1pm Post-Communist Russia Songs Your Mom Worked Out to in the 90s Throwback country and pop jams inspired by the workout mixtape I grew up listening to.
1 - 3pm Jason Maguire Rock In Rap From the very beginning of hip hop, sampling has been one of the main tools for producers to create great works of music. One popular sampling technique is to take a rock song and use it inside of a hip hop track. In this show I will be playing the original rock song first, followed by the rap song that samples it.
3 - 5pm JB3 Radio by Request Got a track you haven't heard on the air in awhile and are just aching to hear? Enjoy a block of radio entirely tailored to you, our listeners. Fill out JB3's online survey to let him know a song you'd like to hear during his Radiothon block. Selections will be made on a first-come basis: if you submit a request after the full two-hour block has been filled, you're out of luck! (Serious requests ONLY! JB3 reserves the right to reject seemingly facetious requests. Songs longer than 6 minutes will not be played. Otherwise, anything goes!)
5 - 7pm Spencer Circle of Separation Each song will be connected to the last (via common artist, label, etc.). The show will come full circle, so we will end the show with the same artist that started it.
7 - 9pm Laura Kevin's Famous Chili: A Radiothon Event "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. -Wayne Gretzky" -Michael Scott That's right folks. For my last Radiothon, I will be paying tribute to The Office, the greatest sitcom of all time. Join me as I play selections from uncomfortable dinner parties, Christmas karaoke events, and Dundie Award ceremonies.
9pm - Midnight Collin Caywood Mom Songs Moms have pretty great taste in music. Considering that I exclusively drive my moms car when I'm home only to listen to her Steely Dan and CHIC CD's secures my opinion that mom music will forever be the best. Hopefully my mom will help me curate this playlist!
Sunday - 4/1
12 - 2am Adam B Study-core Ambient music to soundtrack all your Sunday cramming
2 - 4am TribalFlo Story Time Songs that tell a story.
4 - 7am Josh Nu-Metal's Not Dead! Exploring the indisputably greatest genre of music to come out of the 90s and early 2000s
7 - 9am Shanice Triforce Lifeforce I pretty much don't listen to anything other than Grace Jones, Princess Nokia, and The Cure anymore, because i'm getting old, set in my ways, just trying to feel ok. They all have worked together to give me the strength to keep living. May they be of use to you in you attempts at waking up.
9 - 11am DJ Death Gripz Dad Party Like it's Y2K Lets get it started in here!!!!! Tune in for your favorite 2000s bops and throwbacks this Radiothon!
11am - 1pm Mika + Kathleen + Leah / 3 Gal Pals ~ASM Radio~ lo-fi, ambient music that rips open the void and reminds you how to feel alive. music you would hear in your headphones while on a dissociative bike ride in a strip mall at 1pm.
1 - 3pm WUVT Sports Roundup WUVT Sports Roundup Get the latest news in Hokie sports
3 - 4pm Obscurious Talk Show Listen in to the radiothon premiere of Obscurious, a show based around randomly generated content from wikipedia.
4 - 5pm Around the World with Lips Talk Show Listen in to the radiothon premiere of Around The World With Lips -- A show about Lipa's experiences as an international student.
5 - 7pm Lizzy and Abby Not to Get Political, But... We're getting political in this last Lizzy/Abby Radiothon co-hostmanship. Playing songs related to any and all things political. Vive la révolution!
7 - 9pm Billy Goat's Hoe-Down Agnostic Hyms and Joker Tunes Celebrating Easter, April Fools Day, and WUVT's Birthday!
9pm - Midnight Michael Secrist Battle of the Fake Genres: Pirate Metal vs. Aliencore Which made up genre is the best made up genre? In one corner, we have power and folk metal with lyrics about sailing and conquest; in the other we have deathcore and tech death with lyrics about outer space and alien invasion!