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Have You Donated Yet?

written by Eric C. Landgraf on

We've been begging for money for 4 days now, and still haven't reached our goal. That's why you need to click on donate right now and give us your money. Check out the nice premiums we have for you, only for the limited time that is Radiothon!

Here's The GM's update:

Glad tidings to all-

I'm sitting here manning the phones in Len's show as I write this, thinking back on the last few days of Radiothon. As general manager, the days sort of start to blur together after a while. Almost every moment I'm awake (and asleep) is spent thinking about the station. Such is the life of WUVT"s GM, but I do it because I love it. And I know that you listen because you love it, too! WUVT provides an invaluable service to the New River Valley, and we put Radiothon on so we can all share our love of college radio and help keep us broadcasting.

Let's take a sneak preview of tomorrow's programming:

  • 7-9AM: James puts on a soundtrack suitable for the apocalypse, playing "Songs for Living in the End Times" (but we all know that radio will live forever!)
  • 12-2PM: Our promotions director DJ Ginger Spice will be playing an assortment of music featured in television shows and movies with "Video Killed the Radiothon Star"
  • 3:30-5PM: Sarah Phippen is keeping it in the family during her show by playing music from her recently acquired collection of her mom's old vinyl records
  • 7-9PM: Marc Secrist somehow finds a way to make his show even more strange by playing two songs at once for the entire show. He spent a long time in the studio doing proper research for this, so we know it's going to be good.

Our current Radiothon total is $8,734.74. Now that is an impressive number. We're over halfway to our goal! With the weekend coming up, we're bound to get some really creative stuff going out over the airwaves. Be sure to donate, spread the word, and help fund the greatest radio station in the world!

See you soon,

Emmet Hobgood

General Manager, WUVT-FM

Radio for Everyone


DJ Show Name Show Description
00:00-02:00 Vince Mazolla Bearded Bassist's Bassics of Bass Basically Vince's favorite basslines
02:00-04:00 DJ SpaceDad & Solo Dolo Outer Space
04:00-07:00 Jess The Witching Hour! Female artists that I think might be witches
07:00-09:00 James Wood Songs for Living in the End Times
09:00-12:00 Divita & Amanda Nasty Women Showcasing our favorite female artists who have cool stories and are bad ass women at heart
12:00-14:00 DJ Ginger Spice Video Killed the Radiothon Star Songs with some of our favorite TV shows, like Milski's "Francis Forever", which was featured on Adventure Time!
14:00-15:30 Ellie Muraca Rollin' with the Homies
15:30-17:00 Sarah Phippen Hey Mom, What's Your Favorite Song?
17:00-19:00 The David and Parisa Show TV Show Theme Songs
19:00-21:00 Marc Secrist Double Tracked A show so nice, I'm doing it twice. It's two shows layered on top of one another.
21:00-24:00 Symphonies of the Night Metal Reimagining Metal Renditions of Songs