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Upcoming WUVT Show - Nnamdi Ogbonnaya, Newman, and Benny Okoto!

written by Emmet Hobgood on

You like good music, right? What a silly question. You listen to Woovit, so of course you do!

Next Monday, October 9, we're partnering with Virginia Tech's Students of Hip-Hop Legacy to bring you what's sure to be an absolutely killer show. We have Nnamdi Ogbonnaya, Newman, and Benny Okoto swinging by town to bring you aural sensations the likes of which the New River Valley sees but once in an aeon of this world. In other words - it's going to be really good.

The show is at Sycamore Deli in downtown Blacksburg. Doors at 8:30, show at 9:00. It's 18+ (but 21+ only admitted after 11PM). Tickets can be purchased at this link. They're $10 presale online, but $12 for folks 21 and over and $13 for those under 21 at the door, so be sure to buy them early! And be sure to mark that you're going on our Facebook event!

Here's a fun overview of the artists, from WUVT's very own Molly Graham:

NNAMDI OGBONNAYA // CHICAGO, IL http://nnamdiogbonnaya.bandcamp.com

do you remember that windows screensaver where it drags you around a maze in some sort of cyber-brick-labryinth-concrete-hellscape? listening to Nnamdi Ogbonnaya feels like that-- the magnitude of the different sounds he creates is so vast that every one of those lil brick corners has a whole new feeling and set of noises, and i cant bring myself out of wanting to hear every little thing that he makes-- it's always brand spankin' new. this music will definitely be revered whenever future sound scientists dissect all music into a base-sound-by-base-sound basis. heartfelt, goofy at times, drips right into the valves of your lil heart. the sonic equivalent of a high-quality potluck.

NEWMAN // RALEIGH, NC http://soundcloud.com/NEWMANTSA

one of Blacksburg's favorites!!! Newman's percussion mixed in with the dreamy, ghostly voices in a lot of his songs make me wanna industrial-tap-dance in a church with a lot of sunbeams. can go anywhere from vague d'angelo to the redeemable aspects of sugar ray.

BENNY OKOTO // RALEIGH, NC http://soundcloud.com/bennyokoto

another shining, pure gem from nc!!! Benny Okoto's voice has the ability to make everything feel ssoooo sllowwww, like whenever you are sleeping and are trying to run but you cant make your legs move, swimming through a vat of dark blue shower gel, would probably be the kind of music played in cryogenic morgues