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Charts: Top Tracks by DJ


Artist Track Album Spins
1 Kid 606 If My Heart Ran Away it Would be Looking for the Day When Right Beside You it Could Forever Stay Wanna Buy a Craprak? 1
1 Richard Devine Sigstop Cautella 1
1 Foetus Is That a Line? Deaf 1
1 Sir Richard Bishop Canned Goods and Firearms Polytheistic Fragments 1
1 The Flying Luttenbachers thrumm'd HTE (for M) Systems Emerge From Complete Disorder 1
1 Pu22L3 I was Born with Hands and no forearms, So It's really Hard to Scratch My Scrotum Falling to Pieces 1
1 Faust Krautrock Faust IV 1
1 Au Death Au 1
1 Black Dice Kokomo Load Blown 1
1 Neurosis & Jarboe Taker Neurosis & Jarboe 1
1 Neu! Leb' Wohl Neu! 75 1
1 Basement Jaxx Jump and Shout Remedy 1
1 Kid 606 Luke Vibert Can Kiss My Indie-Punk Whiteboy Ass Down With the Scene 1
1 Sunn0))) It Took the Night to Believe Black One 1
1 Casino Versus Japan Aquarium Wanna Buy a Craprak? 1