Charts: Top Tracks by DJ

Big Colassal Waste of TIme

Artist Track Album Spins
1 The Melvins Dog Island Nude With Boots 3
2 Sloan I am the Cancer Smeared 2
2 Gary Wilson Linda Wants to Be Alone Mary Had Brown Hair 2
2 Man Man Top Drawer Rabbit Habits 2
2 The Modern Lovers I'm Straight s/t 2
2 Tom Waits Baby Gonna Leave Me Real Gone 2
2 Faraquet Cut Self Not The View From this Tower 2
8 residents give it to someone else commercial album 1
8 Shudder To Think X-French Tee Shirt Pony Express Record 1
8 William Shatner You'll Have Time Has Been 1
8 Black-Eyed Snakes Foresight Rise Up 1
8 Bill Cosby Chicken Heart Wonderfulness 1
8 R Stevie Moore Pop Music Pop Music 7" 1
8 Supernova Boo! Ages 3 and Up 1
8 Servotron All Robots Report to the Dance Floor Spare Parts 1
8 Devotchka We're Leaving How It Ends 1
8 The Sword Maiden, Mother, and Crone Gods of the Earth 1
8 R. Stevie Moore The Residents Has Beens and Never Weres 1
8 Ruins Progressive Rock Medley Pallaschtom 1
8 Dub Marcotic Sound System Belly Warmer Out of Your Mind 1
8 doug cheatwood 24 hrs special star road 1
8 Climax Golden Twins Solid Gold Microphone Highly Bred and Sweetly Tempered 1
8 Hunting Lodge Silver Prince Energy Czar 1
8 Conversa-Phone Modern Greek ROund-the-World Language Record Course 1
8 Sesame Street Name the Animal Havin Fun with Ernie & Bert 1
8 Cy Coben Overture and Introduction/Chihuahua A Golden Treasury of Dog Songs 1
8 John F. Kennedy JFK On Cuban Crisis John Fitzgerald Kennedy Tribute 1
8 Neutral Milk Hotel Naomi/April8th/Pree-Sisters Swallowing a Donkey's Eye On Avery Island 1
8 Yeah Yeah Yeahs Date With the Night (live) Future Soundtrack of America 1
8 Ken Nordine Yellow Colors 1
8 Steve Martin Grandmother's Song Let's Get Small 1
8 Jan & Dean The Beatles Part of Our Portion Jan & Dean Anthology Album 1
8 Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Bellbottoms Orange 1
8 brainiac transmissions after zero/juicy (on a cadillac) bonsai superstar 1
8 Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Leave Me Alone So I Can Rock Again Xtra-Acme USA 1
8 Halo Benders Bikini Version Canned Oxygen 7" 1
8 ET Mensah & His Tempos Band Abebe Stars of West Africa Vol. 2 1
8 Flat Earth Society Funeral & Binche Isms 1
8 Jello Biafra and The Melvins The Lighter Side of Global Terrorism Never Breathe What You Can't See 1
8 Merzbow In Tight Disorder Rectal Anarchy Rectal Anarchy 1
8 polvo the drill vibracobra 7" 1
8 Man Man Hurly/Burly Rabbit Habits 1
8 Acid Mothers Temple Lao Chant from the Cosmic Inferno Lao Chant from the Cosmic Inferno 1
8 Stelvio Cipriani Happiness is Having Two Killer Whales as Friends (bed) Tentacles! 1
8 RL Burnside Go to Jail A Bothered Mind 1
8 Man...Or Astroman? Destination Venus Your Weight on the Moon 1
8 The Hives Here We Go Again Barely Legal 1
8 Sealed Power Group It's Good Business to go After Ring Jobs It's Good Business to go After Ring Jobs 1
8 Earman Ali Whatcha Done Done 7 Foot Speakeasy Diva 1
8 Eyvind Kang Marriage of Days Virginal Coordinates 1
8 Sun Ra And His Cosmic Arkestra Thoughts Under A Dark Blue Light Cymbals 1
8 polvo when will you die for the last time in my dreams exploded drawing 1
8 Queen Another One Bites The Dust Spun Gold 7" 1
8 Monty Python Side One The Album of the Soundtrack of the Trailer of the Film of Monty Python and the Holy Grail (Executive Version) 1
8 Evolution Control Committee I Want a Cookie Plaigarhythm Nation 1
8 Neutral Milk Hotel King of Carrot Flowers Pts 1,2 &3 In the Aeroplane Over the Sea 1
8 Europe The Final Countdown The Final Countdown 1
8 Brian Wilson Vege-Tables Smile 1
8 Jolly Mortals Judy Quadruped - whirled records starter kit 1
8 Dave Rudolf Perry the Petrified Pirate Oasis Childrens: Vol 1 Radio Sampler 1
8 Sun Ra and His Arkestra The Outer Darkness (part one) The Outer Darkness 1
8 Enoch Light and The Light Brigade The Girl From Ipanema (bed) Discotheque Vol. 2 1
8 BJ Snowden America Songs in the Key of Z, Vol. 2 1
8 billy and the boingers u stink but I love you dunno 1
8 mongo santamaria satisfaction (i can't get no) hey! let's party 1
8 Refused New Noise The New Noise Theology EP 1
8 The marbles rather be a scarecrow pyramid landing and other favorites 1
8 Slim Cessna's Auto Club Shady Lane Bloudy, Tenant, Truth & Peace 1
8 Jello Biafra and NoMeansNo The Myth is Real - Let's Eat! The Sky is Falling and I Want My Mommy 1
8 Pacman and those Frickin' Ghosts The Adventures of Pacman and Friends The Adventures of Pacman and Friends 1
8 The Mono Men Waste O'Time Sin & Tonic 1
8 Ween Hey There Fancypants Quebec 1
8 Stephen Colbert Sports I Am America (And So Can You!) 1
8 Laibach Final Countdown Anthems 1
8 Georges Garvarentz Les Temps des Loups Shake Sauvage 1
8 Robert Pollard Psychic Pilot Clocks Out Not In My Airforce 1
8 Gold Sparkle Band Motor City Fugue Fugues and Flowers 1
8 Bonk Waiting in the Car Western Soul 1
8 Guitar Wolf LoveRock LoveRock 1
8 The Swans Blood Promise Swans Are Dead 1
8 Dismemberment Plan The Dismemberment Plan Gets Rich Juno/Dismemberment Plan Split 1
8 Negativland Cats, In Between Frequencies, etc/(More) Weatherman Vs. The Monkees, HOME CLEANING CORNER, etc./A Rash of Rabid Skunks The Willsaphone Stupid Show 1
8 Man Crap Machine 1
8 Mr. Bungle Platypus Disco Volante 1
8 The Who Mary Anne With the Shakey Hand The Who Sell Out 1
8 Ringling Bros. & Barnum & Bailey Circus Band Entry of the Gladiators s/t 1
8 Tom Waits Metropolitan Glide Real Gone 1
8 Flossin Track One Lead Singer 1
8 Tomahawk Birdsong Mit Gas 1
8 The Moan No Fun s/t 1
8 Popeye Skindivers Popeye the Sailor Man: Musical Stories from Original TV Scripts 1
8 The Soft Boys The Pigworker A Can of Bees 1
8 Stephen Ettinger, DVM Variations in Heart Sounds Canine Heart Sounds 1
8 Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Afro Mo' Width 1
8 Funkadelic You and Your Folks, Me and My Folks Maggot Brain 1
8 Sonic Youth The Diamond Sea Washing Machine 1
8 butch willis Falling In Love Teenbeat 100 1
8 Evolution Control Committee I Don't Care Plagiarhythm Nation 1
8 Daniel Johnston Love Me Do Happy Time 7" 1
8 The Starvations An American Funeral Get Well Soon 1
8 Stanley Schumacher Ways to View Sputnik Stanley Schumacher 1
8 John Coltrane Om The Major Works of John Coltrane 1
8 The Soft Boys Leppo and the Jooves A Can of Bees 1
8 Strapping Fieldhands Tickled with Olive Branch Wattle & Daub 1
8 The Cure Close to Me The Head on the Door 1
8 Terry Snyder and the All Stars Misirlou (bed) Persuasive Percussion 1
8 Pieces of Peace Peace & Blessings Pieces of Peace 1
8 William Shatner What is a Bozo The Only Clown NOT Running for GOvernor of California 1
8 Dynamite Club New York Kung Fu Society The Legend of Tiger Masko 1
8 Gustav Holst Mars, Bringer of War Holst: The Planets 1
8 Mando Diao To China With Love Bring 'Em In 1
8 The Woggles Bleedin' Me Down Live at the Star Bar 1
8 Ween Woman and Man La Cucaracha 1
8 Gary Wilson Debbie Debbie Mary Had Brown Hair 1
8 The Soft Boys Do The Chisel Can of Bees 1
8 juliana hatfield raisins forever baby ep 1
8 Richard Pinhas & Merzbow Rhizome 2 Rhizome 1
8 Superdrag Do the Vampire Head Trip in Every Key 1
8 rocket from the crypt glazed circa:now! 1
8 The Mooney Suzuki Everytime People Get Ready 1
8 Lights Out Murder Castle Muder Castle: Exactly as Heard on CBS, August 3, 1943 1
8 Enoch Light and The Light Brigade Oh Lady Be Good (bed) Command Performances 1
8 Nougzar Sharia Soviet Easter Song Songs of the Soviet Underground 1
8 Cassius Clay Round 1: I Am the Greatest I Am the Greatest 1
8 Zach Hill Necromancer Astrological Straits 1
8 Carcass Rot n Roll Wake Up and Smell the Carcass 1
8 Brainiac I Could Own You (live) split 7" with bratmobile 1
8 James Chance Designed To Kill Sax Education 1
8 Dynamite Club It's Amazing What Drink Can Do The Legend of Tiger Masko 1
8 Stelvio Cipriani Happiness Is Having Two Killer Whales As Friends (bed) Tentacles soundtrack 1
8 Black Dice Scavenger Load Blown 1
8 Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Water Main Jon Spencer Blues Explosion 1
8 Negativland Edited Special Radio Mix - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For These Guys Are From England and Who Gives a Shit 1
8 The Gits Second Skin Frenching the Bully 1
8 killdozer unbelievable the pig was cool 7" 1
8 Gumball Depression Wisconsin Hayride 1
8 The Advantage Batman 2 The Advantage 1
8 Stelvio Cipriani Too Risky A Day For A Regatta (bed) Tentacles soundtrack 1
8 Man Or Astroman Taser Guns Mean Big Fun Your Weight On The Moon 1
8 The Melvins With Yo Heart, Not Yo Hands WYHNYH 7" 1
8 Sloan Gimme That Action Pact 1
8 Devotchka Comrade Z A Mad & Faithful Telling 1
8 Trumans Water Long End Of A Firearm Godspeed The Punchline 1
8 Tomahawk God Hates a Coward Tomahawk 1
8 XTC Life Is Good In The Greenhouse Go 2 1
8 Uncle Jon A Trip to the Zoo Fun For Children 1
8 The Gits Second Skin Frenching the Bully 1
8 Gary Wilson I Wanna Take You On A Sea Cruise Forgotten Lovers 1
8 Servotron People Mover (Hartsfield Central Routing Electro Mix) Spare Parts 1
8 The Residents Hello Skinny/Constantinople 13th Anniversary Show Live In Tokyo 1
8 The Gits Twisting Frenching the Bully 1
8 Killdozer Hamburger Martyr Burl EP 1
8 Pelt Big Walker Mountain Tunnel Techeod 1
8 Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers Caravan The Big Beat 1
8 Weird Al Yankovic I'll Be Mellow When I'm Dead Weird Al Yankovic 1
8 Andre Ethier Let Me Put My Suitcase Down With Christopher Sandes featuring Pickles and Price 1
8 Mr. Bungle Everyone I Went To High School With Is Dead Disco Volante 1
8 Ecstatic Sunshine b Way 1
8 Man Fired Machine 1
8 Taraf de Haidouks Briu s/t 1
8 Big Black Kerosene Atomizer 1
8 My Life With The Thrill Kill Cult 13 Above The Night 13 Above The Night 1
8 Andy The Doorbum Love Song for Cigarettes Art Is Shit 1
8 The Woggles Green Fly Live at the Star Bar 1
8 sBach Track 8 sBach 1
8 Leonard Emmanuel Freckle-Faced Liza Jane Hollerin' 1
8 Hugo Montenegro The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (bed) The Good, The Bad and The Ugly 1
8 Generation X The Ballad of Kenny SIlvers Kiss Me Deadly 1
8 Devotchka Basso Profundo A Mad & Faithful Telling 1
8 Statler Brothers Flowers on the Wall Big Country Hits 1
8 The Visitations Talkin' Hate Radio Blues Propaganda 1
8 RL Burnside Snake Drive A Ass Pocket of Whiskey 1
8 I.K. Dairo & His Blue Spots Omo Alaro Stars of West Africa, Vol. 2 1
8 Steroid Maximus Tarmac a Gris-Gris Ectopia 1
8 Las Pesadillas Drinking Games Quantum Immortality 1
8 Calypso Mama Don't TOuch Me Tomato Cruise Party 1
8 Man Man Mister Jung Stuffed Rabbit Habits 1
8 Devotchka The Enemy Guns How It Ends 1
8 The Cure Fascination Street (extended remix) Fascination Street promo single 1
8 OutKast B.O.B. Stankonia 1
8 Valentino, Inc Volume Six Sound Effects 1
8 dinosaur jr (that's so gay!!!) in a jar live at the bbc 1
8 Monty Python Side Two The Album of the Soundtrack of the Trailer of the Film of Monty Python and the Holy Grail (Executive Version) 1
8 Minibosses Ninja Gaiden Live at the Middle East 4.02.04 1
8 Melody Aces Emase Puro O Stars of West Africa Volume 2 1
8 Rocket From The Crypt Glazed Circa Now! +4 1
8 his name is alive sick mouth by mouth 1
8 Mudhoney You Got It (Keep It Out Of My Face) here comes the sickness - the best of the bbc recordings 1
8 CW McCall VS Tommy Hill Music Festival (The Battle of) CONVOY Movin' On/"16 Greatest Truck Driver Hits" 1
8 Pine Valley Cosmonauts Roly Poly Pine Valley Cosmonauts Salute the Majesty of Bob Wills, the King of Western Swing 1
8 Black Dice Toka Toka load blown 1
8 Nomo Busy Nomo 1
8 The Daktaris Eltsuhg Ibal Lasiti Soul Explosion 1
8 Sugar The Act We Act Copper Blue 1
8 Killdozer Knuckles the Dog (Who Helps People) Uncompromising War on Art Under the Dictatorship of the Proletariat 1
8 squeeze hourglass hourglass 7" 1
8 Shonen Knife Cycling is Fun Let's Knife 1
8 The Dead Milkmen I Tripped Over The Ottoman Metaphysical Graffiti 1
8 Various Toddlers Shake It Baby Toddlers Sing Rock n ROll 1
8 Firesign Theatre Don't Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me the Pliers Don't Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me the Pliers 1
8 jucifer to earth l'autrichienne 1
8 Steve Gunn The Lurker Extended Not The Spaces You Know, But Between Them 1
8 Unknown Jimmy Carter Says Yes unknown 1
8 (International) Noise Conspiracy (I've Got) Survival Sickness Survival Sickness 1
8 Doug Cheatwood Digging Up Dinosaurs More Than a Dozen Songs 1
8 Polvo Tragic Carpet Ride Celebrate the New Dark Age 1
8 Stelvio Cipriani Happiness is Having Two Killer Whales As Friends (bed) Tentacles 1
8 Mooney Suzuki Do It People Get Ready 1
8 The Cure the blood the head on the door 1
8 Black Flag TV Party Damaged 1
8 Rev. Jesse Jackson Reverend Jesse Jackson's Speech Delivered at the Democratic National Convention on July 17, 1984 Our Time Has Come 1
8 Shrimp Boat Speckly Speckly 1
8 Mando Diao Mr. Moon Bring 'Em In 1
8 MC 900 ft Jesus Adventures in Failure Welcome to My Dream 1
8 The Revalaires Intoxica Kinky Star Collection 1
8 Chromelodeon Mysteriousness: Outer Space In the Year 20XX 1
8 The Woggles Mad Dog 20/20 Live at the Star Bar 1
8 Flat Earth Society Zonk Isms 1
8 Pink Grease Susie All Over You 1
8 enon count sheep high society 1
8 Gogol Bordello Strange Uncles from Abroad East Infection 1
8 Tiny Tim Another Brick in the Wall (Pt 2) I Love You 1
8 Minibosses Castlevania 2 Live at the Middle East 4.02.04 1
8 man or astro man war of the satellites little five inch record 1
8 The Cows Heave Ho Cunning Stunts 1
8 Mikaela's Fiend Burning Brown Split with TWIN 1
8 Man Man Against the Peruvian Monster Man Man 1
8 Cheech and Chong Basketball Jones Cheech & Chong's Greatest Hit 1
8 Bill Cosby The Neanderthal Man I Started Out as a Child 1
8 Enoch Light and the Light Brigade Green Eyes (bed) Vibrations 1
8 Keith Frank Boogie Woogie Zydeco Movin On Up! 1
8 MC Honky A Good Day to Be You I Am the Messiah 1
8 gregg turkington hot dog on a stick sounds of great fast food restaurants ep 1
8 Polysics Coelakanth is Android Polysics or DIE! Vista 1
8 TV on the Radio New Health Rock New Health Rock 1
8 Jack Rose & Black Twig Pickers Shooting Creek (half speed) Shooting Creek 7" 1
8 Ed Gilmore Fiddle Faddle Square Dance Party 1
8 Bill Cosby The Story of the Chicken More Songs About Chickens 1
8 The Sword Fire Lances of the Ancient Hyperzephyrians Gods of the Earth 1
8 The Last of England Bombers Original Motion Soundtrack 1
8 The Cure The Kiss Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me 1
8 Miles Davis Right Off Tribute to Jack Johnson 1
8 Richard Pinhas & Merzbow Rhizome 1 Rhizome 1
8 Jello Biafra & NoMeansNo The Myth is Real - Let's Eat! The Sky is Falling and I Want My Mommy 1
8 The Dukes of Hamburg Greensleeves Some Folks 1
8 Raffi Yellow Submarine All You Need is Love: Beatles Songs for Kids 1
8 Rev Horton Heat Eat Steak smoke em if you got em 1
8 Guided by Voices Redmen And Their Wives Under The Bushes, Under The Stars 1
8 Tanner Guard Dog 7 1
8 flipper sex bomb baby generic flipper 1