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Charts: Top Tracks by DJ


Artist Track Album Spins
1 Robert Plant Somebody There lullaby and...the Ceaseless Roar 2
2 Joy Kills Sorrow When I Grow Up This Unknown Science 1
2 Justin Vernon Bruised Orange Broken Hearts & Dirty Windows-Songs of John Prine 1
2 Michael Hedges Point A Taproot 1
2 Daniel Martin Moore In the Cool of the Day In the Cool of the Day 1
2 Kelley McRae When the Evening Comes Brighter than the Blues 1
2 Brian Molnar & the Naked Hearts Some Dreams of the fall 1
2 Bill Fay The Healing Day Life Is People 1
2 Gwyyneth Moreland Camera Ceilings, Floors, and Open Doors 1
2 Heartless Bastards Parted Ways Arrow 1
2 Dylan LeBlanc Brother Cast the Same Old Shadow 1
2 The Avett Brothers Spanish Pipedream Broken Hearts & Dirty Windows-Songs of John Prine 1
2 Ben Sollee & Daniel Martin Moore Dear Companion Dear Companion 1
2 The Avett Brothers Talk on Indolence Four Thieves Gone 1
2 Alexa Woodward Window Speck 1
2 Madeline MacNeil Heart's Ease/Lillibulero Heart's Ease 1
2 Alicia McGovern I'll Keep Tryin' Words Through the Seasons 1
2 J. Wagner We've Danced Here Before Disappear 1
2 Bill Hudson When I Call You Up Liberty Street 1
2 Putnam Smith Far Out to Sea We Could Be Beekeepers 1
2 Langhorne Slim & the Law Fire The Way We Move 1
2 Tony Holt and the Wildwood Valley Boys North of the Carolinas Daylight's Burnin' 1
2 Or, the Whale Call and Response Light Poles and Pines 1
2 The Leavers Stick To The Plan Once Upon a Time 1
2 Mumford & Sons Hopeless Wanderer Babel 1
2 Ken and Brad Kolodner John Brown's March Skipping Rocks 1
2 Jordan Hull O Brother Who's Gonna Teach you how to Live? 1
2 Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys My Side of the Mountain Release Your Shrouds 1
2 Sara Hamilton Better Than I Used To Be Call My Name 1