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Charts: Top Tracks by DJ

DJ Yurio and Sailor Mars

Artist Track Album Spins
1 Hiromi Dearrest (From InuYasha) Japan Animesong Collection, Vol. 25 1
1 Trevor Morris Main Title Castlevania OST 1
1 Tsuko G. The Hero (from "One-Punch Man") The Hero Single 1
1 Joe Hisaishi One Summer's Day Spirited Away OST 1
1 Miku-tan History Maker History Maker (YURI! on ICE) 1
1 Hiroyuki Sawano & Mika Kobayashi Attack on Titan Attack on Titan OST 1
1 Yumiko Together (from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Series) Japan Animesong Collection, Vol. 16 1
1 AmaLee Aoki Tsuki Michite (Black Butler: Book of Circus) Total Coverage, Vol. 2 1
1 The Evolved Moonlight Legend Moonlight Legends (The Sailor Moon Themes) 1
1 Pokemon Pokemon Theme Pokemon 1
1 Joe Hisaishi The Legend of Ashitaka - Ending Princess Mononoke OST 1
1 Marina and the Diamonds How To Be a Heartbreaker Electra Heart 1
1 Plume Jajauma Ni Sasenaide (Ranma 1/2 Opening) Japan Animesong Collection, Vol. 17 1
1 MAN WITH A MISSION Seven Deadly Sins Dead End in Tokyo (World Edition) 1
1 Martin Garrix .feat Bebe Rexha In The Name Of Love Found Life After Life Mixtape 1
1 Katsumori Asano The World (from "Death Note") Japan Animesong Collection, Vol. 8 1
1 Yu Asakura Joint (From Shakugan No Shana) Japan Animesong Collection, Vol. 17 1
1 Jyousei Nagatomo Merissa (from "Fullmetal Alchemist") Japan Animesong Collection, Vol. 20 1
1 Joe Hisaishi Opening Song - Merry-Go Round of Life Howl's Moving Castle OST 1
1 AmaLee Sakura Kiss (Ouron High School Host Club) Nostalgia 11 1
1 Beat Dominator Go Speed Racer Go Cars That Go Boom! 1
1 Ayano Tsuji Kaze Ni Naru (Like the Breeze) The Cat Returns OST 1