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Time Artist Track Album
Skinny Puppy Past Present Greater Wrong of the Right
Rotersand Lost 10.23
The Fall My New House This Nation's Saving Grace
In The Nursery At First Sight L'Espirit
Serena Maneesh Ayisha abyss SM2 Abyss in B Minor
Veil Veil Vanish The WIlderness Change In The Neon Light
X Mal Deutschland Derwisch Toscin
Killing Joke Love Like Blood Night Time
Coil The Anal Staircase Horse Rotorvator
Bhopal Anderson's Dream Virgil Moorefield
Hooverphonic Dictionary Blue Wonder Power Milk
Swans Beautiful Child Children of God
Hooverphonic This Strange Effect Blue Wonder Power Milk
Swans Blackmail Children of God
The Legendary Pink Dots Pain Bubbles A Perfect Mystery
The 3D Invisibles Creature from Outer Space They Won't Stay Dead
Voltaire Cannibal Buffet Oooky Spooky
Peter Murphy Cuts You Up Deep
Univers Zero Parade Uzed
Unto Ashes In Memory D Drennan Grave Blessings
Nitzer Ebb Captivate Belief
For Against Broke My Back Echelons