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Symphonies of the Night /

Time Artist Track Album
Evenoire Season of Decay Herons
Damnation Angels Shadow Symphony Bringer of Light
After Forever Inimical Chimera Prison of Desire
Amberian Dawn Circus Black Circus Black
Lyriel The Regret (Machin8 remix) Paranoid Circus
Diablo Swing Orchestra Poetic Pitbull Revolutions The Butcher's Ballroom
Nightiwsh Edema Ruh Endless Forms Most Beautiful
Unexpect Chromatic chimera In a Flesh Aquarium
At the Gates Unto Others Slaughter of the Soul
Eluveitie The Nameless Origins
Ewan Dobson Jester's Dance Acoustic Metal
Coronatus Geisterkirche Fabula Magna
Elysion Killing My Dreams (acoustic version) Killing My Dreams EP
Delain Stay Forever April Rain
Sirenia Insania The Seventh Life Path
Saltatio Mortis Prometheus Aus der Asche
UnSun The Lost Way Clinic For Dolls
Mechina On the Wings of Nefeli Acheron
Epica Monopoly on Truth Requiem for the Indifferent
Emerald Sun Planet Metal Regeneration
Eluveitie Primordial Breath Slania
Indica A Way Away A Way Away
Epica Serenade of Self-Destruction Requiem for the Indifferent
Arven Rainsong Black is the Colour
Diablo Swing Orchestra Exit Strategy of a Wrecking Ball Pandora's Piñata
Nightwish She is My Sin Wishmaster
Orphaned Land Let the Truce Be Known All is One
Echoterra Say, Try, Lie, Die The Law of One
Alestorm Keelhauled Black Sails at Midnight
Aqua Calling You Aquarium
Aperion Ocean Act of Hybris
Aqua Barbie Girl Aquarium