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Guida /

Time Artist Track Album
Sinners Burn Summon the Wicked Lust Mortuary Rendezvous
Grave Obsessed You'll never see...
Dismember Sickening Art Like an Everflowing Stream
Death Misanthrope Symbolic
Decrepitaph Barbaric Autopsy Beyond the Cursed Tombs
Killing Addiction Equating the Trinity Omega Factor
Gorod Diverted Logic Process of a New Decline
Origin Antithesis Antithesis
Nasum Just Another Hog Helvete
Zao Pudgy Young Blondes with Lobotomy Eyes The Fear Is What Keeps Us Here
Pig Destroyer Girl In The Slayer Jacket Phantom Limb
At the Gates Under a Serpent Sun Slaughter of the Soul
Pestilience Personal Energy Spheres
Hammer Horde In the Name of Winter's Wrath Under the Mighty Oath
Manowar Sons of Odin Gods of War
Thyrfing Storms of Asgard Valor Galga
Amon Amarth The Pursuit of Vikings Fate of Norns
Methadone Abortion Clinic Dildozer Screaming Afterbirth/Methadone Abortion Clinic
Equilibrium Verrat Sagas
Eluveitie Inis Mona Slania
Iron Maiden Flight of Icarus Piece of Mind
Judas Priest Free Wheel Burning Defenders of the Faith
Motorhead Rock N Roll Rock N Roll
Metallica Motorbreath Kill 'Em All
Lawnmower Deth Motorhead Ooh Crikey it's Lawnmower Deth
Probot Red War Probot
M.O.D. Resist Devolution
Celtic Frost Wine in my Hand Vanity Nemesis
Death Angel Sonic Beatdown Killing Season
Black Label Society Mother Mary Sonic Brew
Dark Angel Death is Certain (Life is Not) Darkness Descends
Kreator The Pestilence Pleasure to Kill
Venom Pandemonium Resurrection
Vader True Names Black to the Blind
Summon Blood Red Skies Fallen
Infernaeon March of Death A Symphony of Suffering