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Time Artist Track Album
Gorguts Obscura Obscura
Cryptopsy Back to the Worms And then you'll beg
The Berzerker Forever The Berzerker
Nasum Hets Shift
Nasum Closer to the End Shift
Necrophagist Seven Epitaph
Malignancy Motivated by Hunger Motivated by Hunger
Malignancy Vaginal Incisors Motivated by Hunger
Deicide Once upon the Cross Once upon the Cross
Sulaco Bonus Tearing through the Roots
Suffocation Torn Into Enthrallment Pierced From Within
Skinless Affirmation of Hatred Foreshadowing our Demise
Meshuggah Closed Eye Visuals Nothing (Re-Release)
Origin Antithesis Antithesis
Cannibal Corpse Chambers of Blood Gallery of Suicide
Nile Lashed to the Slave Stick Annihilation of the Wicked
Obituary I Don't Care World Demise
Methadone Abortion Clinic Colon Cannon Split
Human Excoriation Inexorable Defilement Virulent Infestation
Crowbar Like Broken Glass Broken Glass
Divine Eve Grievous Ascendance Vengeful and Obstruction
The Chasm VAult to the Voyage Farseeing the Paranormal Abysm
Death Scream Bloody Gore Scream Bloody Gore
Unwound All Souls Day New Plastic Ideas
Pavor Inconsisten Claxblood Totemist Furioso
Screaming Afterbirth High on STD's Split
Screaming Afterbirth Sphincteral Medusa of Tapeworms Split
Eyehategod 0.001% Confederacy of Ruined Lives