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Ryan Broughman /

Time Artist Track Album
The Kids Sesame Street Theme Sesame Street Platinum All time Favorites
Pig Destroyer Gravedancer Terrifyer
Mister Rogers Won't You Be My Neighbor? Won't You Be Neighbor?
Dying Fetus Destroy The Opposition Destroy The Opposition
COOOOOOOOOOOOKIE MONSTER!!!!!!!! "C" is for Cookie Sesame Street Platinum All Time Favorites
Pig Destroyer Rotten Yellow Phantom Limb
Various Artists Jesus Loves ME Toddlers Sing Sunday School
Vader Creation (Intro)/Dark Age The Ultimate Incantation
Mister Rogers Some Things I don't Understand Won't You Be Neighbor?
Mr. Bungle Desert Search for Techno Allah Disco Volante
Elvis Unchained Melody Elvis 50th Anniversary
Meshuggah Combustion obZen
Broughman trains and aliens Not Available
Mister Rogers Everybody's Fancy Won't You Be Neighbor?
Broughman more trains and scary shit with the help of Open City, Mr. Bungle and some others Not Available
Manu Chao Bongo Bongo World Playground
Kermit The FROG Bein' Green Sesame Street Platinum All Time Favorites
Isis and Mike Patton Maritime Oceanic Remixes/Reinterpretations
Ernie I Don't Want to Live on the Moon Sesame Street Platinum All Time Favorites
Mister Rogers Going to Marry Mom Won't You Be Neighbor?
Mister Rogers I Like To Take My Time Won't You Be Neighbor?
Neurosis Burn Neurot
Frank Zappa Transylvania Boogie Chunga's Revenge
Prince When Doves Cry Purple Rain
Frank Zappa Cosmik Debris Apostrophe (')
Anything People Goin' For A Ride Ride & Trash
Frank Zappa Excentrifugal Forz Apostrophe (')
The Anything Muppets It's Funny Elmo's Lowdown Hoedown
Elvis Presley The Elvis Medley The Elvis Medley
Nina Hagen Born in XIXAX Nun Sex Monk Rock
Kermit the Frog Rainbow Connection The Muppet Movie
Pig Destroyer Terrifyer Terrifyer
The Aristocats Everybody Wants to be a Cat The Story of the Aristocats
Isis Hand of the Host Wavering Radiant
Ghost Masttillah Lama Rabi Rabi
Excepter One More Try Sunbomber
Forever Einstein Everybody Here is Broke So Stop Complaining, OK? Opportunity Crosss the Bridge
Blast Wire Stitched Wire Stiched Ears
Diamanda Galas Skotoseme Diamanda Galas with John Paul Jones
Pinocchio Sea Horses Pinocchio
Neurosis & Jarboe Erase Neurosis & Jarboe
Pinocchio The Whale Chase Pinocchio
Black Dice Miles of Smiles Miles of Smiles/Trip Dude Delay
Black Dice Trip Dude Delay/ Pinocchio "Turn on the Old Music Box"/ Elvis Miles of Smiles/Trip Dude Delay
Neurosis Locust Star Official Bootleg '02 Sweden
Black Dice and Mister Rodgers Medley of 4 albums none
Two Monsters Up and Down Shapes & Up and Down