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whitney & todd waller & stafford /

Time Artist Track Album
The Tear garden Hyperform The Last Man to Fly
James Plotkin/ Mick Harris collision collapse
Mauricio Kagel Transition 1 Panorama Electronique
Heretics in the Lab The Nothings Intelligent Design
Pigface Tapeworm Gub
Smegma Proning Nose Glam Girl 1941
Frontline Assembly Prayer Gashed Senses and Crossfire
Oval lens-flared capital dik
Zs Acres of Skin New Slaves
Fuck Buttons Ribs Out Street Horrrsing
Doris Hays reads a poem by Ilhan Mimaroglu Immolation Scene Musiques Noires
Abiku Mimic Right
Nurse with Wound lonely poisonous mushroom Automating volume two
DAF ostenwahrt am langsten Die Kleinen und Die Bosen
Deral Fenderson Death March of the Robot Chickens Coming Clean
Experimental Audio Research In the Cold Light of Day Beyond the Pale
Throbbing Gristle Slug Bait- ICA The Second Annual Report of...
Doubting Thomas Fourteen or Maybe 8 Another Way of Knowing
Pop Will Eat Itself X Y and Zee (Electric Sunshine Mix) X Y and Z Remixes
Agent Side Grinder Ricocheting Memories Agent Side Grinder
Alice Shields Farewell to a Hill Columbia-Princeton Music Center
Mariko Sugawara Minoru 2 Mariko-Sugawara
Charles Dodge The Story of Our Lives Synthesized Voices
Black Dice Rollup Load Blown
Neptune Red Sea Gong Lake
Wolf Eyes Stabbed in the Burned Mind
GRUUTHAAGY Survival in a Harsh Environment Survival in a Harsh Environment
Portion Control Chew You To Bits (version) Hit the Pulse
Keith Fullerton Whitman feedback zwei Playthoughts
Xela Savage Ritual The Dead Sea
The Sky Does Not Care About Me Honest Abe Mysterious Place
Bengt Emil Johnson Disappearances International Electronic Music
Gordon Mumma The Dresden Interleaf (3 Feb 1945) An Anthology of Noise and Electronic Music, vol 1
Judy Dunaway Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime Balloon Music
My Life With the Thrill Kill Cult Nervous Xians Some Have to Dance , Some Have to Kill
+ Ana + Ana + Ana/ Gas Satori split
The McLean Mix Dance of Dawn The Golden Age of Electronic Music
Mose Giganticus Clones (we're all) the Invisible Hand
Cabaret Voltaire Don't Argue Code
Negativland Don't Fool Me Deathsentences of the Polished and Structurally Weak
KMFDM Die Now, Live Later Naive
Merzbow Punks Note Dead Kennedys Rectal Anarchy Merzbow and Gore Beyond Necropsy present Rectal Anarchy
Dearraindrop Bubblegum Phoenix Bubblegum Phoenix
Einsturzende Neubauten Halb Mensch Halb Mensch
Meat Beat Manifesto dog star man dog star man
Ministry I'm Falling Ministry
Severed Heads All Saints Day All Saints Day Single
The Birthday Party Big Jesus Trash Can Junk Yard
Health remixed by Tobacco Die Slow (Tobaccor Remix) Disco2
Nancy and the two Meteors Respirator Live from Studio C: The Best of the Local Zone, Vol 1