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Time Artist Track Album
Sarcasm You Bleed (I Enjoy) A Touch of the Burning Red Sunset
Eucharist Floating A Velvet Creation
Ton My Need Plague
Tombs Filed with Secrets Winterhours
Obituary Final Thoughts World Demise
Type O Negative The Profit of Doom Dead Again
Sons of Azrael Trail of Flesh The Conjuration of Vengeance
Chthonic Where the Utux Ancestors Wait self titled
Profanity The Battleroar / Gangathr Stronger than Steel
Pig Destroyer Piss Angel Prowler in the Yard
Thou Shalt Suffer Spectral Prophecy Into the Woods of Belial
Swarm of the Lotus Strength of Inner Eyes When White Becomes Black
Neurosis Souls at Zero Souls at Zero
Sorrow Insatiable Hatred and Disgust
Disincarnate Confine of Shadows Dream of the Carrion Kind
Earth Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine Earth 2
Eyehategod Dopesick Jam Southern Discomfort
Eyehategod .001% Confederacy of Ruined Lives
Shitmat Let's Leave the rave now I'm bored and hungry Vomit
Necrophagist Stabwound / Stillborn One Epitaph
Grief When Rotten Ideas Break Free ...And Man Will Become The Hunted
God Dethroned A View of Ages Bloody Blasphemy
Dead Congregation Feasting Angelcunts Purifying Consecrated Ground