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Richard Todd /

Time Artist Track Album
Jack Rose Red Horse two originals of...
james Plotkin/ Brent Gutzeit wires mosquito dream
Bulent Arel Stereo Electronic Music No 2 Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center
James Plotkin/ Mick Harris Drench collapse
Pousseur Scambi Panorama Electronique
John Fahey Sharks Womblife
Uke of Spaces Corners Spring Pulls the Albumen/ Ovum
Godfrey Winham N P Computer Generations
Allan Bryant Space Guitars Space Guitars
Dearraindrop Bubblegum Phoenix Bubblegum Phoenix
Laetitia Sonami What Happened Imaginary Landscapes: New Electronic Music
+Ana +Ana +Ana/ Gas Satori split
Ani Difranco Trickle Down up up up up up up
Howard Rovics What Grandma Knew ACA Recording Award
Movietone 3AM Walking Smoking Talking Movietone
Alvin Lucier Music For Alpha Waves, Assorted Percussion and Automated coded Relays Imaginary Landscapes: New Electronic Music
Agent Ribbons Ars Moriandi On Time Trave and Romance
Priscilla McLean Night Images The McLean Mix & The Golden Age of Electronic Music
L'Ocelle Mare untitled track 5 L'Ocell Mare
Rainer Maria Artificial Light a better version of me
Cat Power American Flag Moon Pix
Deep Listening Band Trog Arena Troglodyte's Dream
Ilhan Mimaroglu The Offering Musiques Noires
TV on the Radio Blind Young Liars
Tommorowland butterflies sequence of the negative space changes
Maggi Payne Lunar Earthrise (exerpt) Lovely Little Records sampler
Paper Crocodiles Rock in my Shoe Paper Crocodiles
Beware the Blunted Needle Angelina the Hunted
Terrestrial Tones Plowman Dead Drunk
Oval do while 94 diskont.
Edgard Varese Ionisation The Varese Record
Neutral Milk Hotel Two Headed Boy part 2 In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
Negativland Ain't No Baby Deathsentences of the Polished and Structurally Weak
Martin and Viki Bisi Battle Hymn Voices Notes Noise
Konrad Bohmer Aspekt An Anthology of Noise and Electronic Music
Black Dice Gore Load Blown
Fuck Buttons Bright Tomorrow Street Horrrsing
Growing Reconstruction All the Way
Aemae Walking Along Edges The Helical World
James Tenney Saxony Composers Award Record: Melba, Tenney
Badly Drawn Boy The Shining The Hour of Bewilderbeast
Christian Marclay and Otomo Yoshide Derailment Moving Parts
Phil Kline Premonition Glow in the Dark
The Visitations Tune Out the Day The Visitations
Nobekazu Takemura Assembler Mix Ikebana: Merzbow's Amlux Rebulit, Reused and Recycled
Jeff Buckley Hallelujah Grace
Eric Qin Construction Et Demolition Rough Assemblage Construction and demolition
Ilhan Mimaroglu Wings of the Delirious Demon Criminal Record
The Places Miners Lie Songs for Creeps