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Richard Todd /

Time Artist Track Album
Godspeed You! Black Emperor The Dead Flag Blues F♯ A♯ ∞
Bengt Emil Johnson Disappearances International Electronics
Pril Smiley Eclipse Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center
The Deep Listening Band Quarry Quarry Troglodytes Delight
Nobukazu Takemura sign sign
Maurice Kagel Transition 1 Panorama Electronique
Art of Noise Beat Box Into the Battle
Ruth White Litanies of Satan Flowers of Evil
Diamanda Galas Litanies of Satan Litanies of Satan 12"
Fuck Buttons Phantom Limb Tarot Sport
Ilhan Mimaroglu Immolation Scene Musiques Noires
Kid Camaro Drop Kid Camaro/Abiku Split 7"
Flakmask These Landscaping Enhancements These Landscaping Enhancements
Critters Buggin Flouride Bumpa
Edgard Varese Interpolations The Varese Record
The Tuss Synthacon 9 Rushup Edge
Dearraindrop Dearraindrop Dearraindrop
+ Ana + Ana + Ana/ Gas satori split
Peter Todd Lewis Signs and Circuts: String Quartet No. 2 ACA Recording Award
Polygon Window Surfing on Sine Waves Polygon Window
Barton McLean Etunytude The McLean Mix and The Golden Age of Electronic Music
Jeffery Kreiger plays the music of John Cage Ryonaji Electronic Cello
Squarepusher Coopers World Hard Normal Daddy
James Dashow Second Voyage Computer Directions
Ken Valitsky Meaning - Less New York Guitars
Maggie Payne Lunar Earthrise Lovely Little Records Sampler
Main Corona Hz
Console 14 Zero Zero Rocket in the Pocket
Richard Devine Sigstop Cautella
Hakim Bey Chaos TAZ
Barnacle Accelerator Track 2 Barnacle Accelerator
Rachel's First Self-portrait Series Music for Egon Schiele
El Mapi Pulsate Pop Up
Oval untitled ovalcommers
Glenn Branca So that Each Person is in charge of himself Indeterminate Activity of Resultant Masses
Glenn Branca The Blood The Ascension: The Sequal
Ratatat Bilar LP4
Kieth Fullerton Whitman ACGTR SVP Playthoughts
Devo S.I.B. Duty Now For The Future
James Plotkin/ Brent Gutzeit cloud cover Mosquito Dream
Lowfish things fall apart Frozen & Broken
Gordon Mumma The Dresden Interleaf 13 February 1945 An anthology of noise and electronic music
Matmos Lipostudio...and so on A Chance to Cut is a Chance to Cure
Merzbow Snowblind the Japanese/ American Noise Treaty
Autechre dael tri repetae
Venetian Snares Miss Balaton Detrimentalist
Carl Sagan A Glorious Dawn A Glorious Dawn