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Guida /

Time Artist Track Album
Decapitated The Eye of Horus Winds of Creation
Necrophagist Stabwound Epitaph
Extol Ember Undeceived
Death Evil Dead Scream Bloody Gore
Deicide Dead by Dawn Deicide
Cancer Back From the Dead Death Shall Rise
Cannibal Corpse Monolith Vile
Fleshcrawl Flesh Bloody Flesh Made of Flesh
Monstrosity Horror Infinity Imperial Doom
Deathevokation Rites of Desecration The Chalice of Ages
Melechesh Tablets of Fate Sphynx
Morbid Angel Angel of Disease Covenant
Thorr's Hammer Norge Dommedagsnatt
The Chasm Entering a Superior Dimension Farseeing the Paranormal Abysm
Insect Warfare Human Trafficking World Extermination
Phobia Full of Hate Cruel
Circle of Dead Children Extreme Cannibal Smoke The Genocide Machine
Brutal Truth Pork Farms Sounds of the Animal Kingdom
Misery Index Ruling Class Canceled Traitors
Pig Destroyer Sheet Metal Girl Prowler in the Yard
!T.O.O.H.! Abu-Hassan Rad a Trest
Abominable Putridity Skin Removal In the End of Human of Existence
Devourment Crucify the Impure Unleash the Carnivore
Defeated Sanity Artifacts of Desolation Psalms of the Moribund
Equilibrium Blut im Auge Sagas
Finntroll En Maktig Har Ur Jordens Djup
Falkenbach Heralder Heralding: The Fireblade
Hammer Horde Of Legends and Lore Under the Mighty Oath
Iron Savior Titans of Our Time Condition Red
Masterplan Spirit Never Die Masterplan
Dream Evil Fire! Battle! In Metal! United
Black Sabbath Neon Knights Heaven and Hell
Saxon Let Me Feel Your Power The Inner Santctum
Suicidal Tendencies Suicidal Maniac Join the Army
Cryptopsy SLIT YOUR GUTS!!!!!!!!!!!! None So Vile
Carcass Exhume To Consume Symphonies of Sickness
Cannibal Corpse Evisceration Plague Evisceration Plague
The County Medical Examiners Blunt Force Flight Olidous Operettas
General Surgery Grotesque Maceration of Ulcerous Facial Tissue Necrology
Demolition Hammer Pyroclastic Annihilation Epidemic of Violence