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Time Artist Track Album
Diamonda Galas Double-Barrel Prayer You Must Be Certain of the Devil
Kermit The Frizzog Bein' Green Sesame Street Platinum All Time Hits
Lucia Pamela Indian Alphabet Chant Into Outer Space with Lucia Pamela
A Boy and The Anything Muppet Animals We are All Earthlings Sesame Street Platinum All Time Hits
Lucia Pamela In the Year 2,000 Into Outer Space with Lucia Pamela
Big Bird ABC-DEF-GHI Sesame Street Platinum All Time Hits
Brutal Truth Dementia Sounds of the Animal Kingdom
Bob Mcgrath Hi Friend Bob's Favorite Street Songs
Brutal Truth K.A.P. Sounds of the Animal Kingdom
Bob Mcgrath Right in the Middle of Face Bob's Favorite Street Songs
Pig Destroyer Cheerleader Corpses Prowler in the Yard
Teletubbies Puddle Dance Teletubbies
Pig Destroyer Scatology Homework Prowler in the Yard
George Clinton with Pepe Flashlight (Spaceflight) Muppets From Space
Pig Destroyer Trojan Whore Prowler in the Yard
Sebastian Kiss the Girl Classic Disney Vol. No. 2
Candiria Observing Highways Surrealistic Madness
Candiria Pages Surrealistic Madness
Cliff Edwards When You Wish Upon a Star Pinocchio
Behold... The Arctopus Exospacial Pstonic Aura Nano-Nucleonic Cyborg Summoning
Siamese Kittays The Siamese Cat Song The Disney COllection Vol. No. 2
Meshuggah Rational Gaze Nothing
Mack David, Al Hoffman and Jerry Livingston Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo Story and Songs From Cinderella
Behold... The Arctopus Estrogen/Pathogen Exchange Program Nano-Nucleonic Cyborg Summoning
Gong A Sprinkling of Clouds You
Welcome to Dreamland After Dinner Another Japan
Fred Frith Sadness, Its Bones Bleached Behind Us The Technology of Tears
Laurie Anderson O Superman Big Science
King Crimson Trio Starless and Bible Black
King Crimson The Mincer Starless and Bible Black
Heldon Marie Virginia C. A Dream Without Reason
Foetus (Not adam) Love
Sentient Amethyst/Chris Cutter Aushwitz/Babel Sirens and Silences
Phantomsmasher Bishop Hopping Phantomsmasher
Phantomsmasher Anubis Innertube Phantomsmasher
Behold... The Arctopus Alcoholocaust Nano-Nucleonic Cyborg Summoning
Behold... The Arctopus You Will Be Reincarnated as an Imperial Attack Space Turtle Nano-Nucleonic Cyborg Summoning
Achoo! Achoo! Cranky Pants Singable Songs for health, hygeine and having fun
Bert and Ernie I Refuse to Sing Along Sing-Along
Various Artists Jack and the Beanstalk The Three Little Pigs and Other Fairy Tales read by Boris Karloff
Achoo! Achoo! I Like Me Achoo! Achoo!
Mothers of Invention Wowie Zowie Freak Out!
Various Artists Everyone Likes Icecream Sing-Along
Foetus Outside of Time The Squad Dick
Hole Dicknail 45
Various Artists Today's the Big Day Blue's Big Musical Movie Sountrack
Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band Frying Pan The Legendary A&M Sessions
Primus Frizzle Fry Frizzle Fry
The King Khan & BBQ Show Zombies What's For Dinner
Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention Concentration Moon We're Only In It for the Money
Brian Wilson Nigh Time Brian Wilson
Brian Wilson Wind Chimes Smile :)
Brainwashed Greater Than One Bloodstream 003
Zen Frisbee A Kaunji Kaunji Christmas Zen Frisbee
Space Streakings Sexual Aesthetic Salon After School Big Echo
Zen Frisbee Action Slacks Zen Frisbee
John Cale Hungry for Love Carribean Sunset
Jaill Baby I That's How We Burn
Underworld vs. The Misterons Moodyman Rectify Athens
Heldon Perspective I Heldon Is A Musical Experience
Panty Christ Overture Panty Christ
Zelienople Sea Bastards Sleeper Coach
Various Artists collage of some of the above none