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Symphonies of the Night /

Time Artist Track Album
Diabulus In Musica Ex Nihilio The Wanderer
Aperion Ocean Act of Hybris
Epica Sancta Terra The Divine Conspiracy
Amberian Dawn Circus Black Circus Black
Within Temptation Paradise (What About Us?) Hydra
Arkona Serbia Yav
Mechina Earth-Born Axiom Acheron
Eluveitie The Nameless Origins
The Fall of Eve Calls from the Horizon Calls from the Horizon
Bal-Sagoth The Voyages Beneath The Mate Imbrium The Power Cosmic
Delain Stay Forever April Rain
Epica Tides of Time Design Your Universe
Theatre of Tragedy Siren Aégis
Sirenia Sirens of the Seven Seas The 13th Floor
Tristania Sirens Rubicon
Therion The Siren of the Woods Theli
Timo Tolkki's Avalon Neon Sirens Angels of the Apocalypse
Nightwish The Siren Once
Last Days of Eden A Siren's Song Paradise
Tristania Sirene Midwintertears / Angina
Unexpect Mechanical Pheonix Fables of the Sleepless Empire
Lyriel Memoria Autumntales
Diablo Swing Orchestra Balrog Boogie The Butcher's Ballroom
Eluveitie Scorched Earth Helvetios
Jupiter ARCADIA The History of Genesis
Leaves' Eyes Hell to the Heavens Symphonies of the Night
Visions of Atlantis Lemuria Cast Away
Nox Arcana The Nameless City Necronomicon
Everlasting Dawn Demon and the Whore Of Frozen Hearts and Bloody Whores
Evenoire Season of Decay Herons
Unexpect Psychic Jugglers In a Flesh Aquarium
Equilibrium Uns'rer Flöten Klang Erdentempel
Isis Not in Rivers, But in Drops In the Absence of Truth
Dragonforce Through the Fire and Flames Inhuman Rampage
Leaves' Eyes Elegy Vinland Saga
Leaves' Eyes To France Meredead
Conversa-Phone Institute French Language Record Course French Language Record Course
In Flames Bullet Ride Clayman
Brizbomb 090909FT38 0909
Brizbomb 090909FT30 0909
Angtoria Suicide on my Mind God Has a Plan for Us All
Krypteria Victoria All Beauty Must Die
Epica Deconstruct Design Your Universe
Elysion The Rules Silent Scream
Linkin Park Session Meteora
Haggard Eppur si mouve Eppur si mouve
Within Temptation And We Run Hydra
Eluveitie Helvetios Helvetios
Saltatio Mortis Wachstum über alles Das Schwarze IXI
Epica Canvas of Life The Quantum Enigma
Arven Rainsong Black is the Colour
UnSun Time Clinic for Dolls
Wildpath Outcast Disclosure
Within Temptation Aquarius The Silent Force