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Guida /

Time Artist Track Album
Isaac Hayes Theme From Shaft Shaft
Scorpions Dynamite Blackout
Men at Work Who Can It Be Now? Business As Usual
Strauss Blue Danubue(?) 2001 soundtrack
Autopsy Dead Mental Funeral
Blood Freak The Theme From Multiplex Massacre Multiplex Massacre
Blood Freak Cleavage Cleaver Multiplex Massacre
Repulsion Horrified Horrified
Gospel of the Horns Trial by Power HHR Sample
Decrepitaph Barbaric Autopsy Beyond the Cursed Tombs
Cannibal Corpse The Pick Ax Murders The Bleeding
Obituary Find Arise Anthology
Cancer Back From the Dead Death Shall Rise
Fondle Corpse Halloween Blood and Popcorn
Ghoul Ghoul Hunter Maniaxe
Repulsion Eaten Alive Horrified
Bloodbath Ominous Bloodvomit Breeding Death
Die Die Die Demuirgic Dissolution Birth of Evil
Slayer Haunting the Chapel Haunting the Chapel
Morbid Angel Chapel of Ghouls Altars of Madness
Dismember Beyond the Unholy Grave Indecent and Obscene
Death Zombie Ritual Scream Bloody Gore
Autopsy Service for a Vacant Coffin Severed Survival
Scaremaker Intro/Demonic Infestation What Evil They Have Summoned...
Mortician Deranged Insanity Hacked Up For Barbecue
Mortician Dr. Gore Domain of Death
Fondle Corpse Feral Mutant Attack Popcorn and Blood
Fleshcrawl Made of Flesh Made of Flesh
Revolting Heads in the Fridge The Terror Threshold
Sinner's Burn There Will be Blood Mortuary Rendezvous
Ghoul As Your Casket Closes Splatterthrash
Macabre Temple of Bones Dahmer
Autopsy Gasping for Air Severed Survival
Death Evil Dead Scream Bloody Gore
Deicide Dead by Dawn Deicide
Dismember Dismembered Like an Everflowing Stream